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Harris sit bas n jiak ATB/cai png journeys


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On 1/20/2023 at 2:06 PM, noobmaster said:

Shoot until weak and tired 


On 1/20/2023 at 2:38 PM, classyNfabulous said:

sista at own bed at home. atb room oso sista




On 1/20/2023 at 3:08 PM, Homelander said:


he is one with the sista


thats why limpeh suspects kgk xdd @HarrisY1 has weak kidney and recommend he lim this.


but kgk xdd dont listen.




強腎酒- Top 500件強腎酒- 2023年1月更新- Taobao

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57 minutes ago, HarrisY1 said:

Wassup my loyal kgk fans, juz woke up from 3 owl sista. Jin song to sista in dis weather whhh


After see hee jiak char png at cina restoran










Order something that is harder to cook like The eight treasure duck

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22 minutes ago, The_King said:

Egg 40cent+rice 40cent + 10 peanut with 1 ikan billis ( I can even count it) + coconut milk 40cent


Will also not pay over 1.60cents.



The rice should be ok ok cause can see the coconut

Yes about there. I think ard 4 RM

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