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  2. It would be amazing if they name a movie "Mary" and its about mary and her little lamb...
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  4. Tokyo-style subway malls at Woodlands North MRT At least 3 swanky Woodlands MRT shopping complexes that invoke Tokyo’s famous subway malls are in the works — a potential draw for travellers. Thanks to JR East’s successful bid in Aug, Woodlands North MRT looks set to be a shopping haven for commuters who want to grab a quick bite or get in line for a cup of bubble tea. Source We expect the new connection to JB’s line to be similarly linked to Woodlands North MRT’s offerings, for seamless commutes. Train fares still up for discussion Ticket prices are still up for debate. An initial proposed one-way fare of S$4.90 (RM15) was deemed too expensive for daily commutes. Considering an average Malaysian working in Singapore requires a 2-way trip, that does seem unattainable on a reasonable budget. Hopefully, fair pricing will be settled within the next 2 weeks so the project can be approved by 31 Oct.
  5. Singapore-Johor Bahru Train Line Via Woodlands North MRT May Be Green-Lit Soon Singaporeans collectively heaved a sigh of disappointment when the long-anticipated Singapore to Kuala Lumpur high-speed rail plans were derailed. Source This resulted in a messy compensation situation with Singapore, as the project was postponed till 2020. In a miraculous turnaround, Prime Minister (PM) Mahathir recently confirmed that Malaysia “will proceed” with a more achievable rail project, requesting for 2 more weeks to iron out the details by Thursday (31 Oct), reports The Straits Times. If all goes well, here’s what we know so far about the upcoming train link between Woodlands North and Johor Bahru. RTS links Woodlands North MRT to Johor Bahru The line will be dubbed, Rapid Transit System (RTS), acting as a direct link to Woodlands North MRT from Bukit Chagar Station in Johor Bahru. Source With an alternative mode of transport, both countries hope to ease congestion across the Causeway & JB checkpoints. Long-term way to ease Causeway jams more here: https://mustsharenews.com/woodlands-north-mrt-johor/
  6. I be nice n help u all untiong I know that I am very abnormal, but I always think that this is not my fault. I don't know when I started. I have a very strange idea. I want to eat a woman's cockroach. It is better just Pulled out, and always imagined that a beautiful woman can be pulled directly into my mouth on my head. In my memory, the earliest idea was in my first day, but there was no way. Realized, but peeked through the women's toilet many times. At that time, the men's and women's toilets were together, separated by a partition. Because of the long-term disrepair, there were some small seams on the partition, so I basically sneaked there at noon. It’s 2 hours, and after the last class, I’ll stand still. Because the desire to eat girls’ shackles is so strong that I think of ways every day, I finally thought of a way to go to the women’s toilet in the middle of the night. At that time, the toilets were pits, so many girls The stool was on the side of the pit. I picked it up with my fingers. Because it was the first time, it was so tight, the appearance of the stool was dry, and it was quite fresh inside. I just had the hand with the stool. When I sent it to my mouth, a strong smell came out, my stomach twitched and I wanted to vomit, so I didn’t send it to my mouth. After a while, I was awake, wiped my hands with paper, and left the woman. WC I didn't remember how many times I went to the women's toilet until high school. How many times have I peeked? In order to peek, I racked my brain and climbed to the top beam of the toilet. It was stinking, but I didn't I feel very uncomfortable, but I feel very refreshed and still suck a few mouthfuls. When I was in the third year of high school, I even skipped classes to go to the women's toilet. I fled for more than half a day. I stayed on the ceiling for half a day. I even took the mock exam papers and counseling books to the women's toilet. I went to the toilet. Peeking, when I was no one, I was reading a book. It was really a matter of learning and entertainment. Of course, I almost ate the cockroaches there, especially when I saw a class of flowers in my class, Li XX, bowing under my eyes. It took 10 minutes to go. After she left, I went down immediately. I saw that the cute stool was still hot, and I used to pick up the smoke. I didn’t want to grab the big toad with my hand and tried to go to my mouth. Stopped, until the stopper did not enter, but I did not swallow it. Because of the tension, my taste seemed to be out of order. After calming for a few minutes, I felt the taste of the stool in my mouth. Bitter, very bitter, the bitterness and odor of the vitamin metabolism has always reached my brain, I really can't swallow. I’m vomiting, so I still haven’t eaten this time, but the desire to eat stool has always been a dream, and there’s really no way. I’ve been going to the college entrance exam for the day, and I’ve been peeked at the college entrance examination. I am crazy about the toilet, as long as my brain flashes like a thought. The next day, the college entrance examination was completed. After a few days of evaluation, 564 points, just over the key line, I was basically satisfied with the results. The result of the admission of the school is also my first choice, but also the 211 engineering university, but the poor 211 . When I arrived at the university, I stopped for a year without thinking, freshman, everything is very fresh, there are many things, I am too busy to come, no time to pay attention to the evil thoughts in my heart, but the sophomore begins, the school is fresh After a hard time, my old mistakes have been committed, looking for women's toilets that can be peeked, teaching buildings, libraries, computer rooms, almost all the women's toilets I have gone in, but also peeked, but can only look at pretty girls Stool, can not eat, very annoyed, because the school's toilet is flushed at this time, washed out after the pull, root My long-term thinking, let me find that the Xth teaching building is a study room, the toilet is ditch, the water is put in the water tank for 1 minute, but it will stop after 9:00, that is, after 9 o'clock. The stools are all left in the ditch, and it will not be released until the next day, so I will squat all night, do not sleep, wait until after 12 o'clock in the evening to enter the female toilet to pick up the stool inside to eat, but because inside The stool is not fresh, plus the inside is still mixed
  7. 我知道我很变态,但是我 始终认为这不是我的错,我也不知道从什么时候开始,我就有一种很奇怪的想法,-----想吃女人拉的屎,最好是刚刚拉出来的,而且一直幻想着一个漂亮的女人能蹲在我头上直接拉到我的嘴巴里,在我的记忆里,最早出现这种想法是在我初一的时候,但是一直都没有办法实现,但是偷窥过很多次女厕所,那时的男女厕所是在一起的,中间用隔板隔开,由于年久失修,隔板上有些小缝,于是我中午就基本蹲在那里偷看,一蹲就2个小时,最后打了上课铃后站都站不 由于想吃女生的屎的愿望是如此的强烈,以至于天天想办法,终于有天晚上想到了一个办法,那就是半夜起来进到女厕所,那时的厕所是一个个的坑,所以很多女生的大便都沾在粪坑的边上,我就用手指挑起来吃,由于是第一次,好紧张啊,大便的外表都干了,里面到是还挺新鲜的,刚刚把沾了大便的手送到嘴边,一股强烈的臭味就扑鼻而来,胃部一阵翻腾,想吐,所以就没有送到嘴巴,经过一阵折腾,我也清醒了些,用纸擦干净手,离开了女厕所 一直到高中我都不记得我去过多少次女厕所了,偷看过多少次了,为了偷看,我绞尽了脑汁,爬到厕所的顶梁上看,里面恶臭熏天,但是我却不觉得难闻,反而觉得很提神,还使劲的吸上几口。到了高三,我甚至都逃课去女厕所,一逃就半天以上,在吊顶上一呆就是半天,我还甚至把高考的模拟试卷和辅导书带到女厕去看,有女生来上厕所我就偷看,没人的时候我就是看书,真是学习娱乐两不误啊,当然我曾差点吃了那里面的屎,特别是看到一个我班上的班花李XX在我眼皮底下大便,拉了10分钟才走,她离开后我马上下去,看到那可爱的大便还冒着热气,腾起屡屡青烟,我想都没有想就用手抓起那大陀屎,拼命的往嘴巴里塞,直到塞不进了为止,但是我没有吞下去,因为紧张,我的味觉好像失灵了,冷静了几分钟后才认真的感觉了一下嘴里大便的味道。苦,很苦,那种维生素代谢后的苦和臭味一直顶到我的脑门,我实在没有办法下咽。狂吐,所以这次还是没有吃成,但是那种想吃大便的欲望一直魂牵梦绕着我,真是没有办法,这样的日子一直到高考,高考考玩化学后我还到偷窥了一下女厕,我真是疯狂,只要脑子一闪现一样一个念头 第二天高考完毕,过了几天估分,564分,刚刚过重点线,我对成绩基本满意,结果录取的学校也是自己的第一志愿,也算是211工程的大学,不过比较差的211。 到了大学,我停了一年没有胡思乱想,大一嘛,一切都很新鲜,有很多事情,我忙都忙不过来,没有时间理会我那心中那邪恶的念头,但是大二开始,学校的新鲜劲一过,我的老毛病又犯了,到处寻找可以偷窥的女厕所,教学楼,图书馆,机房,几乎所有的女厕所我都进去过,也偷窥过,但是只能看着漂亮女生们大便,不能吃到,很烦恼,因为这时的学校的厕所都是冲水的,一拉完就冲掉了,根 我长期的思考,让我发现,第X栋教学楼是自习室,那的厕所是沟的,由水箱1分钟放一次水,但是晚上9点后就会停水,也就是说9点钟后的大便都是留在那沟里,一直要到第二天才会放水冲掉,于是我就熬通宵,不睡觉,等到晚上12点后就进女厕捞起里面的大便来吃,但是因为里面的大便不新鲜,加上里面还混 http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:GJ2z11n6l8YJ:zhidao.baidu.com/question/874076300420923612.html+&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=sg&client=ms-android-samsung-gj-rev1 @HarrisY u can consider eating da bian 1 day
  8. Will have crocodile or sharks anot
  9. either double fried or oil not hot enough
  10. Yamato

    Chiwit Thai

    Went back to Mei Ling Street Market for breakfast again today as its not far from home is Tanglin Halt all within Queenstown. Sunday crowd Queue for fishball noodles famous stall from Margaret Drive Food Centre Meepok and Meekia dry Meepok flat yellow noodle Meekia round yellow noodle Fishball soup This stall had been here for at least 40 years, a Michelin Star stall famous for the chicken legs horfun Chicken legs horfun
  11. underground good or bad, just follow where the ultra rich and elite stay . i am pretty sure they will stay above ground
  12. jin kg sia... the oily fish worst than Long John
  13. moi tried this and found it nice. The soup also good. https://goo.gl/maps/H2ijFKm9mr2dw1pk6
  14. think i should take up golfing
  15. Six people have been sentenced to prison time in China’s southern region of Guangxi in a parable of the perils of using middlemen. Back in 2013, a local real estate company owner named Tan Youhui in the provincial capital of Nanning decided that he wanted to bump off a competitor, surnamed Wei, who had filed a civil court case against his enterprises. Tan sought out the services of a man named Xi Guangan, paying him 2 million yuan ($282,000) in cash to do the deed and providing him with a copy of Wei’s identity card as well as his cell phone and license plate numbers. Xi took that money and handed half of it over to another man named Mo Tianxiang, telling him to kill Wei and passing along the relevant materials. Xi then went back to Tan and asked for an additional 1 million yuan. Tan agreed but said he would only give him the money after Wei was dead. Meanwhile, Mo went out and hired a man named Yang Kangsheng to carry out the killing, giving him 270,000 yuan and promising another 500,000 yuan after the job was done. Yang, however, turned around and handed off the assignment to yet another man named Yang Guangsheng, giving him 200,000 yuan upfront and promising an additional 500,000 yuan once he murdered Wei. Continuing the change, Yang Guangsheng hired a man named Ling Xiansi to kill Wei, telling him that he would be paid 100,000 yuan ($14,000) after the deed was done. If you had trouble keeping track of all that, here’s a chart: Ling, however, thought that earning 100,000 yuan wasn’t really worth murdering someone. Instead, he hatched a plan, contacting Wei and meeting his “victim” at a coffee shop in April 2014 where he tried to convince him to help fake his own death. Rather than go through all that trouble, Wei appears to have gone to the cops. The court case against the six people involved in the murder plot wrapped up on Friday with the final judgment in the case being as follows: Tan: 5 years in prison, Xi: 3 years and six months, both Yangs: 3 years and 3 months, Mo: 3 years, Ling: 2 years and 7 months. It really just goes to show you, if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. https://shanghai.ist/2019/10/19/man-pays-hitman-2-million-yuan-to-kill-competitor-gets-busted-after-job-is-passed-along-four-times/
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