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  3. @noobmaster @ExTreMisTxxx @classyNfabulous @CannotTahanLiao @canot_lidat_lah
  4. waaaa her lilac jkt & wht tube top, wear until liddat ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  5. He smell her hair? Huai notch just drag the wife away?
  6. this is the most kumgong part. from arrival hall to carpark is at least a 100m sprint from exit of main building to carpark. if sprint from arrival hall, add another 300m. total sprint distance is a 400m sprint, more than enough time for a airport mata to quickly response unless shooter can run world record of 43.03s. this slow response is slow until limpeh bo words liao.
  7. @noobmaster @ExTreMisTxxx @classyNfabulous @CannotTahanLiao @canot_lidat_lah
  8. @noobmaster @ExTreMisTxxx @classyNfabulous @CannotTahanLiao @canot_lidat_lah
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  10. correct headline shld be klia mata unable to apprehend shooter.
  11. what is even more kumgong is how slow klia airport security is. didnt catch the shooter and even let him escape from the airport carpark. then the nearby mata station also slow response. shooter escape from highway but no mata honda managed to chase down shooter. really is slow response until limpeh at lost for words.
  12. @noobmaster @ExTreMisTxxx @classyNfabulous @CannotTahanLiao @canot_lidat_lah
  13. @noobmaster @ExTreMisTxxx @classyNfabulous @CannotTahanLiao @canot_lidat_lah
  14. @noobmaster @ExTreMisTxxx @classyNfabulous @CannotTahanLiao @canot_lidat_lah
  15. @noobmaster @ExTreMisTxxx @classyNfabulous @CannotTahanLiao @canot_lidat_lah
  16. Another game Liverpool would have easily scored 2-3. Salah and Nunez need to look at themselves. Arsenal fuck up once Odegaard injured. Guess Bayern is on Artetaโ€™s mind
  17. Both arsenal and liverpool bottled for this end home matches. So many chances created but missing conversion. On to the next set of matches
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  19. https://www.facebook.com/groups/penangtalk/permalink/3308356542805302/
  20. maybe watch too much MF Ghost, think he can corner without looking.
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