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  2. Yamato

    Chiwit Thai

    Today cooked lor bak so used the soup to make lormee
  3. He was “normal” enough to go through the same school system we went through. So cant be as bad as he claims
  4. https://danielfooddiary.com/2019/03/10/huakee/ Chiu prefer dis or the other one?
  5. u went to tabao char kway teow or wantan mee?
  6. likely blood clotting complications. As reported in other cases as well... COVID19 is not only a lung disease, it is also a blood disease.
  7. Wahaha jin satki gps Chiu shd werk for Raytheon's pew pew dept
  8. is this real? i sympathize with him now.
  9. taken from block 99 Old Airport Road. in front is Block 62 Dakota Crescent and covered walkway for Dakota MRT Taken from Block 93 Jalan Dua In front is open air carpark for Old Airport Hawker Center
  10. I just find whatsapp call unreliable. But what to do? Wfh is very sian. Work and home shouldnt mix
  11. Can ma. Use wifi save ur phone bills. But hor i dun like is when i outside off my data then they call using whatsapp
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