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  2. always will have kgks believe in smlj 'common prosperity', limpeh alrdy told all u pappy serfs that communism never work becos of these 2 equations but u all still so kumgong to believe. wahahahahahahahahah subject to
  3. wah, where this auntie disappear to?????? havent hear from her for at least 15 yrs.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/hong_zhao_rong/ this auntie kym? @socrates469bc @The_King @HarrisY @HarrisY1 @ManOfTheHour
  5. wenzhao is too kind in his words at times and tends to be onto altruism. jiang feng is more cynical and hard-hitting. limpeh prefers jiang feng's cynicisms. on the whole, their commentaries r more on-the-spot and accurate vs the mass media.
  6. hahahahahaha.... i thought u got craving to fried rice... your ah lao happy
  7. dont worry. at the rate tiongland is ruled, it will be back to 1959 soon. wahahahahahahaha
  8. i been following wenzhao for a while now. his videos not bad. he got another channel talk about supernatural and religion, also good
  9. anyone know what is the latest update on this case involving ah goh's son?????
  10. Watch a bit here and there The previous army drama one i got watch. See 帅哥 inside
  11. SINGAPORE - Ninety-nine domain names belonging to websites illegally streaming sports and Korean drama content are among the latest to be blocked under a recent Singapore court order. The 99 Web addresses are linked to 30 websites - including SportsBay, 123Movies and KissAsian - that allow users to illegally stream movies, TV shows and sports channels belonging to copyright holders BBC Studios, Discovery Communications, LaLiga, the Premier League and TVB International. All major Internet service providers (ISPs) here - MyRepublic, Singtel, ViewQwest, M1 and StarHub - were informed at the end of August to block the Web addresses, said the Asia Video Industry Association (Avia), which represents the copyright holders. When contacted, MyRepublic, Singtel, StarHub and ViewQwest said they have complied. M1 declined to confirm whether it has done so. "Tools such as site blocking, when used efficiently and effectively, are very powerful in combating online piracy and countering the damage and harm it causes," said Mr Matthew Cheetham, general manager of Avia's Coalition Against Piracy group. Close to 150 Web addresses linked to the same websites were blocked earlier this year following a High Court order in February that ruled in favour of the same copyright holders. The February court order provided for "dynamic site blocking", which allows the copyright holders to notify the ISPs to block other Web addresses that point users to the same illegal websites. The 99 Web domains were added to the 150 Web addresses in August under the February court order. Dynamic site blocking targets the use of alternative Web addresses to let users sidestep blocked content. For instance, if "socceronline.com" is blocked, new alternatives such as "socceronline.me" or "socceronline.info" would pop up to provide access to the same content, rendering the original site blocking ineffective. The first court order for dynamic site blocking was issued here in 2018, against 53 piracy websites, including The Pirate Bay and Solarmovie.sc The ruling by the High Court then abolished the need at the time for copyright holders to make separate court applications to block each alternative Web address. More than one-third of 1,000 respondents in Singapore in a survey, conducted in December 2021 by research firm YouGov and commissioned by Avia, said that site blocking changed their content viewing habits, such as by subscribing to paid legitimate services instead. In a similar survey by YouGov in Indonesia, more than half of about 2,300 respondents said they had stopped or rarely access pirate services after piracy sites were blocked. As at April, the Indonesian government has blocked about 3,500 illegal websites since it started such enforcement action in the middle of 2019. Court orders for site blocking were also issued in Australia in December 2021 and February, in favour of copyright holders such as Netflix and Disney. They targeted a total of about 100 illegal websites, including 123series and Vumoo.
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  13. To me its all hereditary. So all decided by your family. Cannot escape
  14. Heng Jo Teo no longer at MOM. Wait ask them to request for apology
  15. This kind you post for nk ok? 😂😂😂😂
  16. Looks like got yoga sweats trapped
  17. SINGAPORE - A 45-year-old man who was cleared in 2020 of raping his former girlfriend was on Tuesday sentenced to 13 years' jail and 12 strokes of the cane after his acquittal was reversed by the Court of Appeal. The prosecution had appealed against the acquittal, arguing that the High Court had cleared the man in the face of overwhelming evidence against the accused. Prosecutors argued that they had presented a plethora of evidence to corroborate the victim's compelling account, including witnesses who attested to the woman's trauma and distress immediately after the assault and medical experts who testified about the bruises on her neck. The man's own conduct immediately after the incident spoke volumes about his guilt, said Deputy Public Prosecutors Ng Yiwen, Yvonne Poon and Selene Yap in written submissions. He had sent her a flurry of messages, including 19 where he said "sorry", and begged her to withdraw her police report. The Court of Appeal overturned the acquittal on Sept 13 and sentenced the man on Tuesday. The apex court, which comprised Justices Judith Prakash, Tay Yong Kwang and Woo Bih Li, will set out its reasons for reversing the acquittal as well as the sentence in a written judgment at a later date. The man was accused of raping the woman, then 29, in a rented HDB flat on Aug 6, 2017, while trying to strangle her. He faced a charge of aggravated rape but was acquitted in June 2020 by Justice Pang Khang Chau, who said reasonable doubt had been raised over the guilt of the accused and that it was unsafe to convict him. The man, who was defended by Ms Megan Chia, contended that they had consensual sex. He denied trying to strangle the victim, saying that he had given her love bites on her neck. The man and the woman, now 34, were Malaysians working in Singapore who got into a relationship in 2012 and lived together in a rented three-room flat. Their relationship soured in 2017, after the man was retrenched, and they broke up but he continued to stay in a separate room in the flat when he returned to Singapore to look for work. He was on one such trip on Aug 2, 2017. The woman testified that she avoided contact with him over the next four days and stayed at her aunt's place on Aug 4 and Aug 5. On Aug 6, when she returned to the flat, he repeatedly questioned her decision to terminate the lease on the flat and move out by the end of month. As they were talking, he slapped her, tore off her T-shirt and bra, and pinned her down on the bed. He tried to strangle her with both hands and then raped her. After the assault, he took her to a nearby clinic, where she told the doctor that the man had sexually assaulted her. The doctor told the clinic assistant to call the police and the victim told the accused to leave. After the man beseeched her to withdraw the police report, the victim reconsidered reporting him for the rape. However, when she and her godmother returned to the flat and found him there, they called the police.
  18. naise..... finally her golden armpigs can breathe freely
  19. fwah ran ehs moi ish instant stimmed hard hard for her armpits!!!!!
  20. ish keyi!!!!! need to check her armpits thou
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