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  2. His jaw can fight The Great Khali ..
  3. Guessed correctly. Leftist libtard
  4. Knn .. moi will suggest these old men to fug off and play golf, lim wine, teh saggy nnp Let slightly younger siaolangs take up the presidency and other political posts
  5. SHOOTER DISTANCE CALCULATION BASED ON SOUND: The speed of sound, give or take based on ambient conditions, is 1,125 fps (feet per second). The speed of a 5.56 rifle round, give or take, is around 2,500 fps from a typical 16" rifle barrel, although it slows immediately after leaving the barrel and gets slower the farther it travels. We could hear from the reports that this was a semi-automatic rifle, not a bolt-action, so the barrel length was likely 16" or 18" at most. If we are recording the event very close to the point of impact, then we will hear the impact of the bullet first, followed by the report of the rifle shot. The time between these two audio events gives us a fairly accurate answer of the distance of the shooter. In the case of the audio analysis reveals 0.22 seconds between the impact and the rifle report. Doing the math (algebra), this comes out to about 450 feet of distance for the shooter, at which distance: 1) The bullets would take 0.18 seconds to arrive, and 2) The sound would take 0.4 seconds to arrive. The difference is 0.22 seconds, which is what we find in the audio file. CONCLUSION: Shooter was roughly 450 feet away, give or take, which is about 1.5 football fields away. Hence the difficulty of the shot.
  6. He is butler a member of the antifa
  7. Looks like a hippie cult meth addict types
  8. I will say this as nicely as i can if you choose to be become more than friends. her special needs brother will be your burden if u get married. glad you made a friend (keep it that way) and you are right, progress no matter the size is a win. Jiayou 🤘🏼
  9. Doesn’t sound nice leh! Maybe her parents entrusted her to take care of him. Who are we to judge? I’m happy because i made a friend today. If not really go there feels like a waste of time. I focus on the small wins
  10. Nvm lah! Make friends mah! Her family unit seems very close. One of her bro appeared to have special needs and she’s by his side. I see something in her. tons of boomers at the event. I’m not going to this shit event anymore if not for my gian png mum some boomers push here and there. One boomer even threatened to record video. LOL making a mockery
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  12. @noobmaster why man utd players past & present like to abandon family/cheat on wife/rape/beat women Rio Evra Greenwood Giggs Yorke Antony Martial Ronaldo I predict Wan Bissaka or Rashford next is messiah Ten Hag doing anything to improve this culture?
  13. I wouldnt bother with any girl who goes for a Jack Neo event.
  14. look like those type of face dat kgk fancy
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