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  2. Haha 2nd pic is like me. All my rl frens quit liao i still playing
  3. Had quite a number of friends whom i met online never log on liao. Maybe they no longer interested in gaming anymore.
  4. You steal one is it? Or you buy and cross dress
  5. Today
  6. Ya if it inconvenience you, it mean it also inconvenience scammers
  7. kgb aunty, I jiak 2 servings kym? wahaha
  8. Best keep all important bank accounts from having atm,online banking function. Old school banking is the best despite the trouble of going to bank for withdrawal/desposit.
  9. Portion looks small. Enough to fill your stomach ma????
  10. already say many many time treat your account that link to ecom or payment etc... like a top up card. you need to buy something then transfer or go deposit at atm which i did, so there no other way or weakness to transfer out or in , and the other account is standalone without any card or 2 in1 card etc............. aka old school
  11. Hi everyone sorry my post will be a bit too long. Admin pls delete if inappropriate. I just would like to share and let out my frustration. On end of may this year, My husband ibanking from POSB account was hacked. he wanted to bought something from 7E that morning but the card was declined. When he check the ibanking he was shocked because he was only left with a few dollars. It stated there he made transaction using our joint account and made payNow transfer to Coda Payments Pte.Ltd (9 payNOW transfer $75 each, total $657) which he didn’t. We already lodge a police report and called POSB. So fast forward they ask us to wait and around last month Posb called my husband saying Coda Payments will like to settle with us and that we will probably get our money back. They provide us with coda email. So we emailed coda with the police report and everything then Coda replied to us saying that Coda will only fulfil the transaction after PayNow has completed the authentication process and it’s successfully verified. Then they ask us to contact back Paynow if the transaction is not done by us. We tried reaching back to POSB but still we receive no reply from them until now. So right now we really didn’t know what else to do in order to get the money back. It was really unfortunate for us because my husband just received his pay that month (he is the sole breadwinner for our family). Luckily we already settled our bills and that money was supposed to be our money to spend for the next month so $657 is not a small amount of money for us. It shook me that your money can just be taken away just like that from your bank account without you authorised it. I truly understand that pay now transfer transactions will only be authorised by us, but we didn’t receive any QR codes or text or any sort of authorisation. Coda payments were also not in the paynow transfer list (if you want to payNow need to save phone number or UEN number right). Maybe it is just not our luck. Until now i’m sort of traumatised even tho we changed all of our cards and make a new ibanking. I just hope that this thing won’t happen to anyone else. https://singaporeuncensored.com/mans-posb-account-wipe-out-after-unauthorized-paynow
  12. A bloke who ended up in a fight with another man after drinking too much has sued the bar where he got drunk for a whopping $5.5 million (£4,014,862). Daniel Rawls filed a civil suit against La Fogata Mexican Grill in Odessa, Texas, claiming the restaurant had been negligent after continuing to serve him booze while he was intoxicated. Rawls visited the restaurant and bar in May 2019, got drunk and ended up in an altercation with fellow customer Robert Henrickson in the venue's car park, the Houston Chronicle reports. Rawls claimed to have sustained a head injury during the altercation with Henrickson, who had also been drinking. Daniel Rawls. Credit: Andrews County Court Records The lawsuit claimed that La Fogata Mexican Grill, its owner Lourdes Galindo and a bartender who was not named in the suit, were responsible for Rawls' injury as they allowed both him and Henrickson to drink excessively and leave together. The suit also claimed the restaurant was negligent as an ambulance wasn't called after Rawls was injured. It went on to allege that the bartender had not been properly trained to notice when customers had had too much to drink, and that Galindo had not made sure the car park was free from obstacles 'that would pose a tripping or falling hazard to intoxicated patrons'. Rawls claimed to have sustained a 'serious and debilitating' injury after he was hit by Henrickson and fell over in the 'uneven parking lot'. In total, Rawls made five claims against La Fogata Mexican Grill including premises liability, negligence and damages arising from foreseeable criminal conduct. The Andrews County 109th District Court ruled in Rawls' favour in a default judgement - which means Galindo did not respond to the suit or attend the hearing. Credit: ink_lee0/Pixabay The hearing did not make a judgement on whether Rawls' claims were true. La Fogata Mexican Grill now has 30 days to file a notice of appeal, if they want to go for a new trial. According to the Houston Chronicle, Rawls is alleged to have a history of being drunk - jail records show he was arrested twice on charges of publication intoxication once in February last year and then again in May this year. The Midland Reporter Telegram, Rawls was also arrested and charged with drunk driving earlier this month.
  13. not my style, i pefer to eat chicken wing without making hand dirty
  14. https://www.facebook.com/LADbible/videos/396160385398538
  15. Diam diam rah kgk, if chiu dun tok, no bardie will say chiu mute rah
  16. ur atb friend looking forward to u paying and leaving so that she can serve the next kgk. wahahahahaha
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