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  2. kgks guess who's the moonface here? @Homelander Later I show the face pic wahaha
  3. Tuchel will be relieved cos at least better than take over from Sarri who won europa
  4. U go beo below page... U didnt qualify for UCL... only can play Thursday night Europa league... @The_King is the real deal... KGK is chasing him only... https://mugentech.net/index.php?/topmembers/
  5. 10q kgks @meng.huat @Homelander for chiur steadfast sarpok all dis ears. I will strive to improve my content as part of my vision to improve this Winning Team.
  6. he got the job because of his "Legends" status in CFC. I feel people use the "Legends" label too easily nowadays. Play a few seasons and score some goals, automatic qualified to be Legends...
  7. Lampard imo need reach Brendan Rodgers level before can chase all titles... Too early to jump to managerial job tat requires title every season
  8. Wahahaha when did this siao kia post this? Didn't even realise sia...next time i will call him harris kor kor liao
  9. @Homelander you see this satki post.... panties wet bo?? Posted like a 网络天王
  10. agree... roman wants chelsea to be challenging UCL & EPL title every year.... (like man utd of 1995 to 2000s) Lampard pace seemed like trying to survive in EPL only...
  11. Tink is Roman sexpectations(either UCL or EPL title)... Even he win FA cup and London derby he might still get the axe
  12. not me la... i am just a passerby... @HarrisY is the Top Internet Personality... @ManOfTheHour has a huge following in NK.
  13. How is the review? I just realized u r the 2nd top poster in kgk thread...always thot @meng.huat or @socrates469bc chat w him more
  14. Today
  15. It all about money, if I paying already then I should not be doing it myself and still pay for cleaning fee. just like if I eat at home, do I wash it and clean it yes I do cause it affect me. If I eat outside and if I don't clean, it don't matter, I know I paying parts of the cleaning fee for someone to clean it. At home I not paying anyone to clean. Period It a money society, money talk. Just like if I pay my road tax, ERP, Coe etc.. of course I can drive anywhere as long as I pay and follow the rules cause it belong to someone not mine, if mine then it my rules. Someone
  16. Frank lanpa gone... Klopp's successor at Dortmund taking over
  17. green socks... why dont u pass her your SAF number 4 socks? jin kinky sia...
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