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  2. Wahahaha not scrabby suay.. i think the problem is me. Barca 1 - 4 bayern as at 31 mins ๐Ÿคฃ
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  4. Whereas for me, lots of scenarios playing in my head. Thinking of ways on how to solve the scenario
  5. Hmm..i see I do feel that the people we grew up with may contribute to our self criticism behavior especially when they are passing very uncontructive criticism and being very conditional
  6. his pigu can win oppa or not? I watch until somalia got possess by spirit
  7. A show Des Tan acted @chamfer his pigu can ?
  8. Unless it's abnn company the amdk coy will hab to investigate... Otherwise they will treat it like nuttin happened
  9. unfortunately, most private companies in sgp r foreign-owned. so it is understandable for them to hire mostly their own countrymen. but what is ridiculous is when govt agencies hire foreigners with dubious academic credentials instead of qualified locals. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/ida-probes-claim-about-employee-said-to-have-fake-mba and the recent ivan lim saga is not a very re-assuring sign that all is well in the running of the civil service.
  10. But s pigu not nice. I watch Derek and there was a scene he bare it
  11. Just a small fun bet of $5 if really have no ๅ่ดข
  12. That's good...tonite weather very cooling and chill...shud drink some hot coco and get naked under the sheets...
  13. 2-1 got $9.50...rare to see barca as underdog...hahaha
  14. Kgb not feeling down today but sometimes this shadow just surface up.
  15. https://online.singaporepools.com/en/sports/event-details/34561/football/europe/ue-champions/barcelona-vs-bayern-munich Odds for barca - barca, draw - barca and 1x2 barca not bad leh ๐Ÿ˜…
  16. I have been following these 2 guys on facebook and youtube for a few years.
  17. yeah i go for fun prediction then...barca to win 2-1
  18. Yeah tmr morning we will know if barca wins ๐Ÿ˜
  19. Hahaha sometimes depend on the match...cannot ti ki just purposely go against for the sake of it
  20. Mass band display cock up moi think, mickey mouse display tat did not rook rike mickey mouse, commander also shout out wrong commands.
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