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  1. Rip. Reach out to others if in need of someone to talk to. Take good care of oneself's mental state
  2. The cai png at isle cafe nice and good to eat.
  3. Not that company. The company delisted from stock exchange already.
  4. Sg should had put in more effort in the semicon manufacturing. The whole process from wafer to final product machines are very profitable. The company which i used to work in for making back-end machines can start from a sme to a listed company. That's how much those machines are worth on the market and the demand for them was huge until company had to open office in china to cope with production.
  5. Aiyo.... this old auntie video u also watch. I shake my head thought u go for those early 30s woman.
  6. Sengkang hospital the doctors seems junor. Every time i go for apointment there kena those attached doctor who is learning on the job with other senior doctor from sgh. Just like sengkang polyclinic too. I only met a senior doctor once after going there every few months for my medicine top up.
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