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  1. Price are cheaper than the ones near my RC
  2. Actual bike riding video of that road. Looks kind of creepy and dangerous.
  3. Can see the above link? Mr.Mythos channel. Video title : Demonology explained in obsessive detail.
  4. Others might laugh why i don't use online banking. Not that i'm outdated just that i don't trust in the website security. Me and @The_King is doing the same thing. Only top up my debit card amount when going to do purchases online (i use the atm to manually put $) My steam/razor account all use top-up card purchased from 7-11/game shop/cheers. I even don't have paylah,paynow,etc app. I prefer cold hard cash....
  5. Not engineer level. Used to be just junior level that all..... No longer in engineering field but still miss doing those stuff and getting hands dirty. I'm more of a tomboy so gal's stuff don't applied to me.
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