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  1. Waste of money project. Should have ask them to see what items are been throw inside these big blue bins around sg. And come up with a better bin design or public edcation.
  2. Spain vs Germany Spain wins Spain 2 - 1 I really hope germany can win this match but it will be a uphill task for them.
  3. Croatia vs Canada Croatia wins 1st half draw Total goals 2
  4. Belgium vs Morocco Belgium wins. Total goals over 2.5
  5. Japan vs Costa rica Japan wins or draw
  6. Apply some vicks vaporub or mentholatum ointment. I tio covid only got stuffy nose and body aches. No other symptoms while my kid got stuffy nose,sore throat,bodyaches. Both of us kena at the same time. See doctor tomorrow to get some medicine.
  7. I feel argentina might struggle to score after losing to saudi. Team morale low.
  8. Argentina vs mexico 1st half argentine wins Total goals under 2.5
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