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  1. Finally my stuffy nose cleared up today. Think is recovered liao..... Still going to put on mask.
  2. @coffeenut My energy level still not back yet. Still can feel tired at times. So can only go for slow walk at short distance for excerise. Hope to recover by next week.(keeping my fingers crossed)
  3. I love to eat these differents kinds of dates that is selling during ramadan. Usually i don't wash them and just pop a few in my mouth. Really can chase away the hunger pangs.
  4. Mine started by headache and vomiting with slight feverish from 13 march and continue for 2 days. Then sore throat and feverish feeling for 3 days. After that sneezing started with running nose,watery eyes, feverish feeling on and off for 4 days. After that only stuffy nose until my voice changed and still like that today. Seen the doctor twice and finished all medicine. No antibiotics given. ART test -ve. I even take that 莲花清瘟 medicine for a few days and 感冒茶 too. All like no effect. I still wear my mask on public transport and public places even after mask off advice. But still kena dunno what kind of virus.
  5. Aiyo this is clean compared to the toilets i use in restricted area.
  6. Not in rural area. At night walking can encounter big bats flying from trees to trees. Daytime even saw big crows around the rubbish /recycle bins when bringing out rubbish. Stayed at St Lucia Queensland.
  7. Normal to encounter such wildlife inside home. Last time staying at aussie land, i always make it a habit to shake my shoes clothes to make sure no spider or snake. Even washing machine too.
  8. I don't think the worst is over with the current economic outlook.
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