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  1. Had quite a number of friends whom i met online never log on liao. Maybe they no longer interested in gaming anymore.
  2. Best keep all important bank accounts from having atm,online banking function. Old school banking is the best despite the trouble of going to bank for withdrawal/desposit.
  3. Portion looks small. Enough to fill your stomach ma????
  4. NZ same as aussie,only local produce is cheap. Eating outside and import food are way more expensive. That's why i cook simple food when staying at aussie land.
  5. Look like very fierce teacher.... your favourite. https://www.instagram.com/annettelee/
  6. I kena preseurized by my vax family members as me and my kid are the only unvax... I might go take that p vaccine....
  7. Go,brake a bit,stop,then repeat again.... No full solution to the problem.
  8. Going online instead of phyiscal shop?
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