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  1. Last time no one wants to buy flats in jurong area. Too ulu.
  2. I read that website as i dun sex spa....😝
  3. Albert hawker centre nearby only. Why pay more to eat crap food when hawker centre offer more choices.
  4. Kgk, got happy ending after viet bu cut your hair? Why u eat plain congee and chee cheong fun? Where got full sinve u still growing up.... Tony cut your pocket money?
  5. The place is infested with pinoys and cecas and air quality not so good. I stay slumkang also can smell weird smell at times.can't imagine the smell intensity at punggol.
  6. What is a wandering spirit or entity decide to make home inside these dolls
  7. Laos already so poor how to pay back the debt.....
  8. http://sofra.sg/ Think last time they are located at shaw leisure gallery if i'm not wrong.
  9. It's still a pigeon hole on limited lease. Why some people fail to see this point.
  10. Why? The process unhygienic or products not worth the price?
  11. I felt that she is a chess piece to pull wp down. Just my own thoughts.
  12. I always ask how much it costs before ordering. Malay stall i will avoid those seafood,beef,mutton stuff sure to chop carrot.
  13. For malaysia market? If for sg market i will buy to try since i love to eat bread.
  14. Me bui bui love to eat these food. Very hard to cut down not eating them.
  15. Go indian food stall must ask properly before ordering or else kena chop carrot. Unless you know the boss well.
  16. Ah ma is tribal tattooist? Maybe she still like young fresh sausage.
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