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  1. Tokyo-style subway malls at Woodlands North MRT At least 3 swanky Woodlands MRT shopping complexes that invoke Tokyo’s famous subway malls are in the works — a potential draw for travellers. Thanks to JR East’s successful bid in Aug, Woodlands North MRT looks set to be a shopping haven for commuters who want to grab a quick bite or get in line for a cup of bubble tea. Source We expect the new connection to JB’s line to be similarly linked to Woodlands North MRT’s offerings, for seamless commutes. Train fares still up for discussion Ticket prices are still up for debate. An initial proposed one-way fare of S$4.90 (RM15) was deemed too expensive for daily commutes. Considering an average Malaysian working in Singapore requires a 2-way trip, that does seem unattainable on a reasonable budget. Hopefully, fair pricing will be settled within the next 2 weeks so the project can be approved by 31 Oct.
  2. Singapore-Johor Bahru Train Line Via Woodlands North MRT May Be Green-Lit Soon Singaporeans collectively heaved a sigh of disappointment when the long-anticipated Singapore to Kuala Lumpur high-speed rail plans were derailed. Source This resulted in a messy compensation situation with Singapore, as the project was postponed till 2020. In a miraculous turnaround, Prime Minister (PM) Mahathir recently confirmed that Malaysia “will proceed” with a more achievable rail project, requesting for 2 more weeks to iron out the details by Thursday (31 Oct), reports The Straits Times. If all goes well, here’s what we know so far about the upcoming train link between Woodlands North and Johor Bahru. RTS links Woodlands North MRT to Johor Bahru The line will be dubbed, Rapid Transit System (RTS), acting as a direct link to Woodlands North MRT from Bukit Chagar Station in Johor Bahru. Source With an alternative mode of transport, both countries hope to ease congestion across the Causeway & JB checkpoints. Long-term way to ease Causeway jams more here: https://mustsharenews.com/woodlands-north-mrt-johor/
  3. either double fried or oil not hot enough
  4. underground good or bad, just follow where the ultra rich and elite stay . i am pretty sure they will stay above ground
  5. Six people have been sentenced to prison time in China’s southern region of Guangxi in a parable of the perils of using middlemen. Back in 2013, a local real estate company owner named Tan Youhui in the provincial capital of Nanning decided that he wanted to bump off a competitor, surnamed Wei, who had filed a civil court case against his enterprises. Tan sought out the services of a man named Xi Guangan, paying him 2 million yuan ($282,000) in cash to do the deed and providing him with a copy of Wei’s identity card as well as his cell phone and license plate numbers. Xi took that money and handed half of it over to another man named Mo Tianxiang, telling him to kill Wei and passing along the relevant materials. Xi then went back to Tan and asked for an additional 1 million yuan. Tan agreed but said he would only give him the money after Wei was dead. Meanwhile, Mo went out and hired a man named Yang Kangsheng to carry out the killing, giving him 270,000 yuan and promising another 500,000 yuan after the job was done. Yang, however, turned around and handed off the assignment to yet another man named Yang Guangsheng, giving him 200,000 yuan upfront and promising an additional 500,000 yuan once he murdered Wei. Continuing the change, Yang Guangsheng hired a man named Ling Xiansi to kill Wei, telling him that he would be paid 100,000 yuan ($14,000) after the deed was done. If you had trouble keeping track of all that, here’s a chart: Ling, however, thought that earning 100,000 yuan wasn’t really worth murdering someone. Instead, he hatched a plan, contacting Wei and meeting his “victim” at a coffee shop in April 2014 where he tried to convince him to help fake his own death. Rather than go through all that trouble, Wei appears to have gone to the cops. The court case against the six people involved in the murder plot wrapped up on Friday with the final judgment in the case being as follows: Tan: 5 years in prison, Xi: 3 years and six months, both Yangs: 3 years and 3 months, Mo: 3 years, Ling: 2 years and 7 months. It really just goes to show you, if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. https://shanghai.ist/2019/10/19/man-pays-hitman-2-million-yuan-to-kill-competitor-gets-busted-after-job-is-passed-along-four-times/
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