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  1. They scare of trump and trump will win
  2. nice, the most American thing ever
  3. We all have that one comfort place that is a no-brainer, a default option for when we’re around the area. For many, Koufu at Millenia Walk, which houses the internet-famous Hup Lee Claypot Rice, is one of those places. Known for serving delectable delicacies such as Gongbao Chicken Rice, Claypot Curry Chicken, and Hotplate Ee-Mee, this stall has amassed a cult following over the years. However, netizens across the nation have taken their dismay online after discovering that the famed claypot rice stall, along with the entire Koufu branch at Millenia Walk, ceased operations and shut down permanently on 27 Jun 2024. Speculations suggest that the cause of the closure is due to an increase in rent at Millenia Walk. One netizen even shared that “her curry chicken remains the best one I’ve ever had, and the broth in that hotplate ee-mee is something special.” We have yet to find out anything about the new owners or who will take over the space where Koufu was, but you’ll be happy to know that the claypot rice stall has been relocated to Gourmet Paradise at Marina Square under new ownership. However, if you have any other cult favourites from Millenia Walk, our sincere apologies as we currently do not know where they have relocated to or if they are still operating. For those of you wanting to give the new place a try to see if it lives up to their old standards, head on over – who knows, we might also head down to review the new place and see if their standards have been maintained.
  4. A man sparked concern after he was seen lying down in his own waste with his trousers down. Stomper Lee spotted the man on a pavement along Lorong 9 Geylang on July 9, at around 8.08am. The man, who appeared to be asleep, had his pants down, exposing his buttocks. His bottom and trousers, as well as the ground, was soiled with fecal matter. The disturbing sight was particularly frustrating for Lee, who had earlier voiced concerns about unsavoury activities in Geylang after he saw a man use a syringe to inject himself on June 4. Lee told Stomp on July 12: "You know, I’ve stayed in the Geylang area for 10 years now. It’s close to my work and the rowdiness never really bothered me. But recently, it seems to have gotten worse. "There was a really good opportunity to weed out the some of the bad elements post-Covid-19, but these seem to have returned en masse. "On the night of July 10, I was walking home when I came across a big pool of blood on the pavement. Someone had their face cut open. "Then earlier in the week when leaving for work, I see this guy. I mean, he was right under a police sign about alcohol consumption. "I think is time to move." In response to a Stomp query, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said it received a call for assistance along Lorong 9 Geylang on July 9, at around 8am. SCDF's assistance was not required. Stomp understands that the police were also called. The man was advised to go home and he left the scene.
  5. Durian as a weapon? Three men were arrested after a fracas in the midst of crates of durians for sale near Block 964 Jurong West Street 91 on July 11 evening. Stomper Michael alerted Stomp to a video of the incident, which shows a shirtless man arguing with a man in a white shirt and another man in an orange shirt. It escalated when the orange-shirt man pushed the shirtless man, who lost his balance and fell backwards. That was when he started throwing punches and the white-shirt man retaliated in kind as others tried to break up the fight. The orange-shirt man then picked up a small durian from a crate and threw it at the shirtless man's head while the latter was still being assailed by the white-shirt man. After throwing his last punch at the white-shirt man, the shirtless man walked away to pick up a large knife from a stack of crates and headed back towards his opponents but was stopped by three other men, who convinced him to turn back. The shirtless man can later be seen sitting on a chair recovering from the fight. In response to a Stomp query, the police said they received a call for assistance at the location at about 7.45pm.. Two of the men, aged 52 and 58, were conscious when taken to the hospital. They, along with the third man, 30, were arrested for affray. The argument may have started because the shirtless man, who owned a fruit and vegetable stall, was unhappy that the queue for a durian stall was blocking the way to his stall, reported Shin Min Daily News. The orange-shirt man and the white-shirt man were the father-and-son owners of the durian stall. Police investigations are ongoing.
  6. Government cannot make it la. PMD case many many. Recently a 18 run red light as hit 2 ppl. All this chemical by right long ago should have law and enforce it Just look at tray return, I dont see anyone enforcing it, where those in white uni
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