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    stay at virgin is better then anyhow sleep around and kena STD
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    last time blame myself not study hard to be accountant. jail 10years get 4million... food and lodging get paid.....song boh
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    Diam diam rah kgk I dun nid to prove dat I m the Undisputed Cai Png Ong wahaha
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    Love Hainan Curry Rice at 116 Bukit Merah View coffeeshop Rice with meatball Chap chai Braised pork belly and fried tofu and egg Traditional swwet and sour pork-chop
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    @The_King Is this the correct link to buy? https://m.intl.taobao.com/detail/detail.html?id=43853073058&item_id=43853073058
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    Diam diam rah kgb aunty mai act Lin Zhiling rah
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    think i should take up golfing
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    Jin weak kgk I will treat her jiak creampie wahaha
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    please do more delivery and get a better phone to record video at night cos i cant see shit after it went up the void deck
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    If I jdrama director, the xdds will mock the loser husband b4 walking out rike a boss Den the husband cry rike a dkgk wahaha
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    DMAX is @stemcell specialty
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    Jiak mee near the roadside rike a dua slum kia Alwiz feel rike a dua slum kia whenever I cum to dis upscale area haiz @meng.huat gps kym?
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    Moi sad to see no future of young people, unless the parents are fucking rich.
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    Taxi driver's health is usually compromised in order to earn more money. Some chiong to earn more money while not drinking enough water(kidney problem) and not enough rest during shift. Govt will not care as taxi driver is consider as self employed.
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    The world is rapidly changing due to human activity, and that is evident in the climate changes that have led to unusual weather across the globe over the past few years. This has led to a conscious call on better environmental conservation efforts and reduced carbon emissions. At the individual level, concepts such as zero-waste grocery shopping will likely become a popular trend. What is zero waste grocery shopping? This is probably the first time you have come across the concept. Before diving into the meaning, it is first important to understand why the concept exists. Plastic waste is currently one of the major problems that many countries experience. Plastic has been one of the major pollutants of our oceans. In this era of changing global climate, it is important to solve these issues as early as possible. To combat the issue of plastic waste, one would have to reduce the use of plastics such as bottles and plastic paper bags. Zero waste grocery shopping refers to shopping practices that aim to reduce the negative environmental impacts that result from the consumer habits of humans. For example, Plastic paper bags have traditionally been a part of the shopping experience. However, zero waste shopping aims to eliminate or reduce the use of such bags, thus contributing to a cleaner environment. Every visit to the grocery store often involves a lot of plastic which is used for packaging the purchased products. Chances are that every visit to the grocery store is the same. New plastic papers are used, and that is their only purpose at that particular shopping trip. After that, they are usually discarded. Think about the number of people that make such trips to the grocery store every other day! It means that there are a lot of plastic paper bags discarded as trash. Zero waste grocery shopping exists to try and reduce the use of plastic paper bags and other types of plastics that are easily discarded as trash. Do zero-waste grocery shopping stores exist, and who are they for? There has been a notable increase in the number of stores that are embracing the zero waste grocery shopping approach. They are also bound to continue increasing as the push for environmental conservation practices intensifies. Such stores already exist in some major markets, including the U.S. Singapore is also one of the countries that have seen rise of zero waste grocery stores; examples Scoop Wholefoods and Unpackt, major grocery stores in the country. The approach used by these eco-friendly stores involves packaging products in clear bins rather than using plastic paper bags. Fortunately, the food prices are not so different from the regular supermarkets or grocery stores, meaning that they are just as accessible as their regular counterparts. Below is a comparison of the prices offered by Unpackt, The Source, and Scoop. Pricing is based on 100 grams or 100 ml of the indicated product. Zero waste grocery stores might be the future of the retail space as more countries join the push towards a cleaner environment. More grocery and retail stores will likely adopt similar measures in the future, especially when plastic paper bags become outlawed. Many might even go down the road to boost their appeal to customers; brands that are conscious about the preservation of environment. How to do zero waste grocery shopping It takes two to tangle, and in this case, zero-waste grocery shopping is something that both the stores and the consumers should plan for. What this means is that you as a consumer have to undertake various steps to align with the measures taken by the stores. Make your purchases in bulk– You should consider purchasing products at a zero-waste grocery store in bulk to maximize your convenience. For example, you can purchase, flour, nuts, sugar, beans, or grains that can last you an entire month before you need to shop again. The idea here is to utilize the bulk bins made available at such stores fully. Most of the stores that do the zero waste concept also happen to deal with bulk sales. Zero waste grocery shopping is also designed to allow shoppers to purchase just the right amount of products that they need. This means that you can control the amount you buy to the exact amount you need for a specific duration of time. Avoid buying too much to avoid wastage as a result of products going bad. Carry your own containers– The point of zero waste grocery shopping is to reduce the use of disposable plastics drastically. The plastics used in pre-packaged products are often thrown away, or even burned, thus contributing to environmental pollution. You should consider having your reusable containers which you can use every time you visit the grocery store. This will allow you to cut down the use of disposable plastics. Also, consider having your containers weighed so that the grocery store attendants adjust for the right measure of the products that you are paying for. You can consider using glass or metal containers for products or even cloth bags for things like fruits. Expand your habit beyond zero-waste grocery stores– Once you get used to zero waste grocery shopping at zero waste stores, why not consider expanding that habit to other areas. Example, you can consider having a cloth back in your pocket, handbag, or backpack in case you find yourself near a shop and wish to purchase some things. That way you can put the products you purchase in that cloth bag. The farmers’ market is also an excellent place to extend the zero waste shopping habit. This way, you get to hit two birds with one stone by shopping without the use of disposable plastics while also supporting the local farmers. Your efforts compounded with those of others like you will surely go a long way in helping to reduce environmental pollution. https://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/zero-waste-grocery-shopping-reality-084600275.html
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    Couple Got Married In First Traditional Viking Wedding For Almost 1000 Years We all have our own dream wedding from becoming a Princess to anime theme. But a certain couple from Norwegia has decided to take their wedding up to the next level by reviving the Viking way of doing things. Yes, the first traditional Viking wedding of almost 1,000 years was recently held next to a beautiful Norwegian lake. Elisabeth and Rune Dalseth opted to ditch their conventional Christian upbringing in favour of a ceremony inspired by weddings that took place 1,000 years ago. Congratulations to Elisabeth Dalseth and Rune Dalseth for tying the knot on 25th of August! In order to hold the dream wedding of theirs, the couple had to plan a lot of things from preparing two longboats, finding a pagan priest to preparing blood offerings. Yes, they spilled the blood of an innocent pig, but no worries! Pig is enjoyed as part of the feast later. And the wedding went to quite a peaceful atmosphere. So how did meet and became a pagan themselves? 27-year-old Elisabeth Dalseth was a beautician. She met Rune back in May 2016 before she becomes a full-time stay-at-home mother to her 6-month-old son. She wasn't even a Viking enthusiast, to begin with! They met at a bar, fell in love and Rune introduced to her a whole new world. She slowly but surely began to fell in love with the Viking world and embraced the culture. Rune was already part of the revivalist for 2 years. There are 6,000 other revivalists interested to bring back the culture and traditions of Vikings. This wedding did not only became a special day for them - it marks a historic day of the first time a traditional Viking wedding was held in more than 9 centuries. They even have a gothi who acts as their priest to bless their marriage. Finding a gothi is not easy! That's because acting as a pagan priest requires dedication and remembering a set of ritual to be performed including holding dried roses and a real sword. "We had two longboats built. They were made by a local shipbuilder. The traditional dress is not easy to find, so another friend helped us with that. Finally, a man who we had met at a festival one year ago, agreed to be the gothi - the equivalent of a priest - for the ceremony." During a Viking Festival, Rune proposed to her and they both announced their dream wedding: Viking style! Along with everything else, a pig was sacrificed during the ceremony as well. The two of them weren't raised a pagan. They were born and taught as Christians, actually. Rune's mother had her doubts when her son has decided that he's getting married in a non-Christian way. But she has since changed her mind. "I think she has now come to accept it. She can see how happy paganism makes me and how it has helped me get my life together. Before I was a Viking, I didn't have a wife, a baby and a house - now look at me." The couple had 130 guests who enjoyed a party that lacked Spotify playlists, but enjoyed the old Norse songs. Elisabeth recalled the dance that day, “We had no Spotify. Instead, we danced to live music that our ancestors danced to over a millennium ago.” Not everyone was enthusiastic about the party. Some were even skeptical, but as it goes on, more and more began to enjoy the vibe. As dawn breaks, Rune arrives in a longboat with his 10 closest friends, beginning the procession of the wedding. Hunting horns were blown to signify it's time for the people to assemble and witness the holy matrimony. The gothi, while holding a branch of dried rose in one hand, chants blessings to officiate the wedding. He will use the blood sacrifice on his face and proceeds to hand a sword that both the man and woman must hold to signify harmonization and unification. Then comes the Brullaup, which is a race between two families who were unified through the wedding! Basically, the fun game time! Elisabeth loving her woolen cloak which is not a princess dress, but more of a Queen. The purpose of Viking revivalists were to prevent more people from stigmatizing this fascinating culture with rape, violence, and war. “Vikings were no more terrible than any other group of people living at that time. What people don’t mention is that Vikings were people who had a great appreciation for nature, for the land, and for animal life. We want people to be more aware of that," says Rune. And to the guests who did not look so amused in the beginning? “By the end, they could all feel the energy and the love that we generated," says Elisabeth. The family was blessed with a son and they adopted a puppy as well. They are now a small, happy (partly Viking?) family! They named their son, Ragnar. Here's a short clip of the gothi chanting his blessings! https://www.brighthumanity.me/videos/6_4674140808039109632156933130091b96f502976077be35e56080dae74b5.mp4 https://www.brighthumanity.me/story/2152/couple-got-married-in-first-traditional-viking-wedding-for-almost-1000-years/
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    https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/everything/home https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/metro-2033-redux/home
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    they attach the sand paper to this scrapper 1 lah no bruff u ... then stick to a pole stick for easy maneuver
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    4. ram tat person hard... make sure dead
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    You that you're old when you know both the has-been bands trying to recover their careers
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