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    I find that buying a packet of chilli and some herbs like rosemary just for cooking a 2 person meal to be wasteful. Usually open the packet, use a handful of it and the rest were left to rot in fridge. Chilli is incredibly hard to plant but if you do well, it will give you a steady harvest. Perhaps like 5 chilli a week. Enough for a small family. Also planted 2 pots of asparagus. Needs 1 more year to start harvesting. Then over CB i moved over to hydroponics planting. Thought we will run out of food supplies lol. Anyway cilantro is growing, my 奶白 flowered. Waiting for it to dry to collect the seeds for replanting.
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    Not sure if u have seen this.
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    Try the highly recommend hokkien mee
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    Min-Ling sounded arrogant and condescending. Credits to Charles for replying with courtesy. Now, I am inspired by Charles to boycott Razer as well.
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    I read somewhere a long while ago. I am not an expert on this but it resonates with "Imperialistic" rule! There are many benefits for the G0v to keep the as many as possible the population at below to average means of living (wealth)! So the average citizens will worry more about bread and butter issues then who is running the cuntry! There was another article recently during GE2020 election about "Voters are more concerned about bread & butter issues over voting right" (title is something like that & i didnt read it yet), which i cant find it anymore! Anyone read this? All these issues about FTs & not priortizing Sinkies (extending CPF withdrawal timeline) makes sense on the strategy to keep its minions in check! Can u imaging sinkies all so rich and have nothing to do, will think of how to kachow the G0v! Work till death for a living, helps to tame the sinkies & "put sinkies in their places"! Maybe our more learned friends here can help to decipher the Xiaxuay mentality of [email protected]!
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    Most likely is to cry like a dkgk
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    Going home nao for sista. After sista ish.... jiak Maria PGD wahaha cant wait
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    Simple dinner tonai...tmr friday!
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    I just ask my corlick and i got yi ba zhang...now my face look like bazhang...haizzz jin emo
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    the french fries looks terrible...like dog food
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    https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-53534941 Singapore man admits being Chinese spy in US 23 minutes ago A Singaporean man has pleaded guilty in the US to working as an agent of China, the latest incident in a growing stand-off between Washington and Beijing. Jun Wei Yeo was charged with using his political consultancy in America as a front to collect information for Chinese intelligence, US officials say. Separately, the US said a Chinese researcher accused of hiding her ties to China's military was detained. China earlier ordered the closure of the US consulate in Chengdu. The move to shut down the diplomatic mission in the south-western city was in response to the US closing China's consulate in Houston. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the decision was taken because China was "stealing" intellectual property. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin responded by saying that the US move was based on "a hodgepodge of anti-Chinese lies". What is known about the Singaporean national? Jun Wei Yeo, also known as Dickson Yeo, on Friday pleaded guilty in a federal court to working as an illegal agent of the Chinese government in 2015-19, the US Department of Justice said in a statement. He was earlier charged with using his political consultancy in the country as a front to collect valuable, non-public information for Chinese intelligence. In his guilty plea, he admitted to scouting for Americans with high-level security clearance and getting them to write reports for fake clients. Mr Yeo was arrested as he flew in to the US in 2019. And what about the arrested Chinese researcher? The researcher was named by US officials as Juan Tang, aged 37. She was among four Chinese nationals charged earlier this week with visa fraud for allegedly lying about serving in China's People's Liberations Army. Juan Tang was the last of the four to be detained in California, after the US had accused the Chinese consulate in San Francisco of harbouring her. It was not immediately clear how she was arrested. FBI agents have found pictures of Juan Tang dressed in military uniform and reviewed articles in China identifying her military affiliation, the Associated Press reports. It is quoting the University of California Davis as saying that she left her job as a visiting researcher in the Department of Radiation Oncology in June. There are a number of factors in play. US officials have blamed China for the global spread of Covid-19. More specifically, President Donald Trump has alleged, without evidence, that the virus originated from a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan. And, in unsubstantiated remarks, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said in March that the US military might have brought the virus to Wuhan. The US and China have also been locked in a tariff war since 2018. Mr Trump has long accused China of unfair trading practices and intellectual property theft, but in Beijing there is a perception that the US is trying to curb its rise as a global economic power. The US has also imposed sanctions on Chinese politicians who it says are responsible for human rights violations against Muslim minorities in Xinjiang. China is accused of mass detentions, religious persecution and forced sterilisation of Uighurs and others. Beijing denies the allegations and has accused the US of "gross interference" in its domestic affairs. What about Hong Kong? China's imposition of a sweeping security law there is also a source of tension in relations with the US and the UK, which administered the territory until 1997. In response, the US last week revoked Hong Kong's special trading status, which allowed it to avoid tariffs imposed on Chinese goods by the US. The US and UK see the security law as a threat to the freedoms Hong Kong has enjoyed under a 1984 agreement between China and the UK - before sovereignty reverted to Beijing. The UK has angered China by outlining a route to UK citizenship for nearly three million Hong Kong residents. China responded by threatening to stop recognising a type of British passport - BNO - held by many of those living in Hong Kong.
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    Both in the middle are jokers that have idiot followers
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    this frame reminds me of this auntie.
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    Me too... Been thinking often about why i choose to get marry instead. Downside of been single is die or sick no one knows or cares.
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    u can join pinkdot. they every year also protesting with free love.
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    Juz nao Tomy treat amdk dinner kym?
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    Bird also know ......Coconut water is cooling! Steady boh?
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    woman ask man 'who more shiok when piak piak.' man said 'of cos man becos he pew pew.' woman said 'no, woman more shiok.' man said 'no, after pew pew very shiok, so is man.' woman then said 'when u poke ur ear with cotton bud to clean, is it ur cotton bud shiok or ur ear carnal shiok.' man said 'of cos is ear carnal shiok,' so woman ask 'so who more shiok???? carnal or kkj????'
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    I also saw couple happi happi and chiobu wear makeup and dress up nice nice n sexy sexy. But i be 帅气, 独立, 自信 like a satki kia n i walked past everyone stare at me
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    I thought u confessed U are "MIss Bedok"! We have Miss Chinatown leh, So u Miss Bedok har!
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    Whiskey comes from the Gaelic word uisce/uisge which means water. In Latin, distilled alcohol is “aqua vitae” (water of life), and translated into Gaelic/Irish, it is “usisge beatha”, also “Water of Life”. Auchentoshan Three Wood Triple Wood, Triple Distilled, Single Malt Nice texture. Slurps. #wateroflife
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    Wassup my loyal kgk followers? Dessert kym bitches? Going home for sista nao. Werk ish for dkgks wahaha!
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    getting self sustained. couple of egg bearing hen be next?
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    the mayo looks like its drawn by a childish person.
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    Funan? today I jiak golden mile chicken rice. Always long q
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    this picture reminds me of this classic painting.
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    The Herman Miller x Logitech G collection comprises a supportive chair, and an adjustable desk and monitor arm. — Picture courtesy of Herman Miller / Logitech via AFP SAN FRANCISCO, July 24 — A bargain compared to the US$5,498 (RM23,370) Eames Lounge Chair set. Luxury furnishings marque Herman Miller of Eames fame has collaborated with computer peripherals manufacturer Logitech for an update of the US$1,495 Embody high-backed chair, which debuted Wednesday via the company's online store. This enhancement of an existing Logitech design results in an additional layer of foam for the chair's seat and back, as well as a copper-infused seat intended to prevent heat buildup. Those details add to the design's existing spinal support and pressure distribution features, deemed necessary due to human physiology's natural preference for standing rather than seated positions. The Logitech Embody retains its pre-Herman Miller price. Although the manufacturing company is better known for its home and office furniture, two of its most famous products being the Eames Lounge Chair and the Aeron office chair, the Embody is oriented towards video game players through Logitech's Logitech G division. Just as the Eames is twinned with a matching ottoman, the Embody is likewise accompanied by a smudge-proof, anti-glare US$1,295 Motia Gaming Desk and a US$295 adjustable Ollin Monitor Arm with desk clamp. The corporate Motia Sit-to-Stand table begins at US$2,001, available in a variety of finishes. For Herman Miller, the Embody represents access to a new audience thanks to the widespread use of similar seating arrangement by highly visible portions of the content creation and livestreaming community. Logitech further boosts the profile and appeal of more affordable sections of its catalog. — AFP-Relaxnews
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    when i grow up, i want to be as sakti as this bkk uncle.
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    i thot heartwarming drama is climb into gf bedroom and piak piak...how come become strangle...lol
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    Juz nao jiak cai png @meng.huat cum here for pax recently? Nao on the way back to my slum for sista After sista will begin my normal Monday routine, ani kgk noe wat izzit? Wahaha
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    nus is now official training ground for next gen biantais if u no climb into ex-gf home, u cannot graduate with 1st class honors.
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    Better search for parasites...most probably below ground level.
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    simply put, the current thai dynasty started from King Rama I. King Rama I got the throne, after overthrowing King Taksin. Taksin and Rama I were good buddies when they were fighting foreign invaders. Taksin led an army, won the wars and finally unite Siam. Taksin became king and gave Rama I an important role in his court. But, 15 years into Taksin's reign, Rama I overthrew Takin in a coup, beheaded him and made himself King Rama I. Rumour was that the ghost of Taksin is very angry and cursed Rama's dynasty to not last beyond a certain time. The current problems (coups, protest, riots, martial law) in Thailand was started after the overthrowing of Thaksin as prime minister. so the superstitious thai people are now getting uneasy with the current thai dynasty.
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    Made breakfast
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    mai jelly uncle me can still pew pew 3x per 2hr session like a xdd. i know of a kgk xdd who after pew pew once is so tired must sleep 90minutes in atb's room. wahahahahha
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