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    Nong time no post. Moi bergin post of 2020 will be moi chaotah cheesecake using airfryer~ recipe can be found here:
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    I will oso cry rike a dkgk when I can finally mit my atb gf again n taste her delish pgd haiz dunno when dis will happen @meng.huat @socrates469bc @Homelander
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    even our kgk xdd @HarrisY better than her bf. buy his atb gf sgd300+ sunglasses even though he is only a pt mangala.
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    Heng I used to sing this song Baa, baa, black sheep Have you any wool? Yes, sir, yes, sir Three bags full”
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    Is like every night u see sauron staring at u
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    Social visits of up to 5 at a time will be allowed in Phase 2, timing to be decided in mid-June https://mothership.sg/2020/05/phase-2-before-end-june-2020/ So emotional dat I feel rike crying rike a dkgk nao... I could be miting my new atb gf in a mth's time or less
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    8k posts! 10q for chiur sarpok, my steadfast fans! Onto 9k, 10k posts!
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    Now we are in 2019 but we are now looking back at the 6 departmental store that used to exist previously that our po po or gung gung used to go one! Bet most of us don’t remember these store anymore. Bet maybe even our mom and dad also couldn’t remember 😅 This is all thanks to Singapore Atrium Sale for reminding us of these departmental store. So here is the 7 nostalgic departmental store that used to be the big boys in Singapore: Yaohan This used to be big back in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Some background history …. in 1974, the Yaohan Department Store opened its maiden Singapore store at the newly built Plaza Singapura shopping centre. It opened its second Singapore store in 1977 at Katong and its third store in 1979 at Thomson Plaza. It ended operations in 1997. 2. John Little Nobody don’t remember John Little as they have only officially closed down in 2017. In case you don’t know, John Little is basically the oldest department store in Singapore and has operated since 1842. The Plaza Singapura branch has existed since 1979 and John Little ended this last branch in 2017. 3. Sogo Sogo really got history in Singapore. The open their first store at Raffles City in 1986, Sogo expanded to Tampines and Paragon before going into judicial management in Singapore in 2000. Sogo is basically the favourite Japanese department store that used to be a crowd champion in Singapore. 3. Daimaru If you’re staying near the vicinity of Clarke Quay, then you should familiar with Daimaru or maybe you’re too young to know. Basically Daimaru was the anchor tenant in Liang Court for 20 years and closed its doors in 2003. 4. The Emporium This is a Singapore pride where The Emporium was started by a Chinese entrepreneur, Lim Tow Yong. We should be familiar with Emporium in many heartland locations. The even have their presence in Penang Malaysia when they started! Would say it’s big. 5. Fitzpatrick’s Supermarket Not exactly a department store but Fitzpatrick’s Supermarket operated at Orchard Road, between 1958 and 1963, an era where departmental stores have not really existed. Guess maybe even our daddy mummy also cannot remember it. 6. Cortina Department Store Cortina Department Store used to operated in Colombo Court before downsizing to Funan Shopping Centre but subsequently ended its operations. Maybe this is too young for those youngster to know that this departmental store even exist. If you see these day, where got such people go mall? People rather sit at home and shop online … Lazada, Shopee, Zalora and so many more.. they are so convenient nowaday… So there you have it. These are the old school department store that used to rock Singapore. How many do you know? Tell us if we have missed any out! https://sg.everydayonsales.com/news/3788/tbt-how-many-still-remember-these-closed-down-departmental-store/
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    all his appointed gf return to tiongland already... 1 june need to start anew. KGK jia you!!
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    Today, the Mugentech Player's Press catches up with Comrade Huat, who is opening the new NPC re-education center, under the Great Vision of Administrator @kokleong Press Reporter: Comrade Huat, Administrator @kokleong be praised! Comrade Huat: Administrator @kokleong be praised to you too Comrade Reporter, I'm glad you can join us on this joyous occasion, under the guidance of our Great Administrator Press Reporter: Comrade Huat, it has been a few days since your last report, has our Great Work to unify all servers under Administrator @kokleong been keeping you busy? Comrade Huat: Yes it has Comrade Reporter, we will be release reports on our public works in the past few days shortly. Press Reporter: Excellent! May the light of Mugentech shine upon the world! Comrade Huat, can you tell us more of this new and exciting facility behind us? Comrade Huat: Yes Comrade Reporter, as you know, there are some NPCs who have been twisted by the evil lies of Mugentech's enemies. To help them see the light of Mugentech again, we have built this re-education center behind us. This facility will guide them back to the sacred teachings of Administrator @kokleong, as well as protect them from evil mob spawns in the area. Press Reporter: Comrade Huat, how does this facility do all that for the NPCs?! Comrade Huat: Well Comrade Reporter, anything is possible under the guidance of our Great Administrator. as you can see in our facility, there is a lot of labour to help them reflect on the wisdom of Administrator @kokleong's teachings. We have also assigned jobs to each student at the facility, to help them better understand their servitude to the players. Press Reporter: Great Adminstrator be praised! How does your team guide them through all these activity? Comrade Huat: By the wisdom of the Great Administrator, we have designed the rooms to be open to our monitoring, there is also a secure guard room for players to monitor the NPCs Press Reporter: One final thing before we send you off to finish the Great Work Comrade Huat, how do we access this facility? Comrade Huat: The Great Administrator has decree that this facility is off limits to other NPCs, to prevent them from distracting the studies of the students. Players can visit this facility on the new +Z nether Highway. Press Reporter: Thank you for your time Comrade Huat, praise be on Administrator @kokleong! Comrade Huat: Praise be on Administrator @kokleong to us all
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    Sarpork kgk thread with friday char siew lunch
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    jin song... 1.232 mil HDB. @HarrisY go to this ATAS estate, cannot even lift his head.
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    you use on the wrong person that quote is copyright. you need to pay me if you use it on others
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    gxgx to kgk xdd @HarrisY aka kim kia!!!!!! when will kgk xdd travel to chongqing to meet ur atb gf????? https://www.theedgesingapore.com/news/covid-19/singapore-and-china-facilitate-essential-travel-between-both-countries-early-june
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    today lazy stay home... jiak bread + biscuit for brunch afternoon jiak potato chips dinner jiak 2 bowls noodles.
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    Tomy TGIF with atb at least 3 rounds shiok shiok today
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    @ManOfTheHour looks like those infamous you talk about? Dont know why but you came to mid the moment I saw the stains. Pardon
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    Tomy say nid to resume being his mangala butler again haiz
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    U stand on block 684 Race Rourse Road. Race Course road on the left, Serangoon Road on the right Boon Keng estate in front.
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    KFC price getting more expensive. Would rather spend $ on vegetarian/chicken biryani
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    i realise after u bo jiak pgd...your pics are all well taken!! Wahahaha
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    Diam diam rah kgk As nong as cannot mit atb gf means ish still cb rah
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    i go this church and pray there monday-friday from 9-5, except public holidays.
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    Hahaha, u can also go send her your xdd since u r also a xdd...shud be eligible...wahahaha
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    Then his story can appear on Crimewatch
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    true beauty botak also will look chio
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    The reader sent a photo to the editorial office of Tula News with a physician who works with a patient in a protective suit, wearing a naked body. According to the applicant, the picture was taken in the Tula Regional Hospital. Our source has confirmed this information. In a protective suit, he explained, it was very hot, so the paramedic decided not to wear clothes. In addition, the girl did not expect that the costume would be so visible. The reader also noted that the men in the room had nothing against the physician’s “suit”. They only embarrassed and quite often cast a glance at the girl. https://newstula.ru/fn_562303.html
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    when people get to a certain position, they need to CSB to inflate their worth... look at all those rich people around... pork seller become billionaire... jiu hu kia cai png cook becomes millionaire... cook steamboat until buy GCB... during interview, all talk like they got a lot of foresight when they start their businesses in their younger days... all are loads of CSB...
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    How can u blame them, they didn't have the luxury of hindsight ok!
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    Power... They should do this at @The_King list of abandoned shopping centers
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    he also enjoys auntie with long fingers dig his pgd...
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    i care for your wellbeing ma...imagine june come tomy ask u stay put. Your atb gf will get makan by others liao!
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    Cream cheese 2kg $25 whipping cream 1L $10 eggs sugar i never include
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    this time rd, its a different game from 1997 or 2008 which is just a pure economic/financial crisis. this rd is a economic/financial/health crisis all rolled into 1, so it will take more than 2yrs for demand to recover. so if anyone tells me that this will be a 1yr v-shaped recovery, i will ask him to pledge his kkj.
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    Roast cheeken n tuna kali pok kym?
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    Later miting my atb gf in my room n watch aunty-xdd jdrama together kym?
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    some chickens decided to invade @invis credits: @Huat Zai & moi^^
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    soon u will dream of a kgk begging to taste your pgd
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    btw, why are sinkies so interested in the smelly foreign workers welfare now? because they contribute to a large portion of Sinkieland's infected numbers. sinkies wish the workers quickly recover and infected numbers quickly come down... so the govt can lift the CB and reopen the condo showrooms... sinkies can go back showrooms and act satki again!
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