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  1. yes this is a full sized mouse. i dislike compact ones i think it bears resemblance to the old school trackball mouse, even the battery cover style is like the trackball cover last time.
  2. cannot prevent transmission yes, hospitalisation not known, they still adopt zero covid policy unlike us
  3. u see the round button in the middle, when u press it has 2 colours - blue for Bluetooth, press again green for USB Laptop 1 - BT Laptop 2 - USB
  4. at $16.50 after discounts and everything, totally. its very well built for the price, Bluetooth connection works perfectly fine and saves me a USB port. it can toggle between BT and USB, so a second PC can just plug in the USB receiver without changing connection. the buttons and scroll wheel bery solid, and perfect for those who like silent mouse. for me i dont like silent so its personal preference. the clicks are firm feedback, but obviously feels "muted" or "absorbed" comes with 2 x AAA xiaomi batteries too lol
  5. Xiaomi Dual Bluetooth Silent Mouse
  6. i know i heavy, you too courteous
  7. i have a "gaming chair" after 3 years all the sponge softened liao so now gonna get mesh instead
  8. today my xiaomi blutoot mouse arriving lol
  9. where, i need ergo chair badly
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