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  1. New information on future EPYC Genoa. According to the tweet posted by ExecutableFix, AMD Genoa with Zen4 core architecture would feature up to 96 cores, 192 threads, and 12-channel DDR5 memory. The leaker confirmed that Genoa would utilize DDR5-5200 memory and PCI Gen5. For the time being, we learned new details on the EPYC Genoa’s SP5 socket. According to the information and pictures shared by ExecutableFix with us, the SP5 would be more square than the SP3 socket. All SP3 based EPYC CPUs were visibly rectangular (LGA4094). Based on
  2. Chrome on mobile for Android changed their tab layout recently, but I kinda prefer the ogiginal version. New versions of Chrome now show multiple tabs in a grid layout as such: What about those who prefer the conventionional tab layout? in your address bar, head over to chrome://flags and search for "grid": Under Tab Grid Layout, select "Disabled" and there will be a prompt to relaunch the app. Relaunch it AND kill it again using task manager, then launch it again. Now you will see the perfect layout as it al
  3. kindly be reminded this is a serious forum. off topic chatters, please go to the chit chat zone. Thank you.
  4. I will take if Cook and his whole extended family take and no problem
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