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  1. I think 230 realised friendly ties with China may not be what he thought it would be Who knows
  2. Till today still no initiative on providing mask Instead let private biz ownself organise Really not good if no sustainable quality assured mask supply
  3. If can help it, send to parents or in-law to help...WFH with kid is very difficult especially so tense and everyone trying to prove their worth Theres isnt a best balance right now since covid has no cure nor vaccine Tough times
  4. Also because of working parents...pre sch kid need Alot of attention. WFH is not really easy in such situation And I think phase 1 is also to test sch kids whether is ok given that density, and let student and teacher familiarise with the new norm . if ok then phase 2 increase back If one shot increase, real boom then hongkan...
  5. Referring to disposable "surgical" masks Reusable filtration dono good or not
  6. They testing the formula for phase 1 see how it goes since no hindsight what But at least can visit parents But till now still no steady supply of masks Errrrrrr........Taiwan can soon start to send masks out of the country to other ppl
  7. I never believe them de, is they go so far as to claim it Ppl talk I just hear nia
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