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  1. wonder if they offer choices crispy or original spicy
  2. what's up From farts to fats?
  3. no one cares anymore. OYK can have them all
  4. I think prawn mee always include but not sp for others
  5. @The_King need to borrow your iron bed
  6. one for each day and then weekend rest? you can choose all the $1 ones and then add 3 of the $2 ones. Perfect 7
  7. That would be FAS in another name. Just take the misery out of these young chaps. Let them get back to their full time job as food delivers. BTW I always tip 3 bucks.
  8. Ouch looks like they are trying to imply Biden is senile
  9. was watching on utube and see many SG diehards hoping for a win then it went to hope for equaliser then it went to fark fas and downhill So I guess these ong lai huaters did not huat that evening
  10. This one found in Kereta Api Tanah Melayu
  11. So will have adult FR unlike the other side that says 18+ but only allow teenage talk?
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