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  1. means 1 chio bu think of you and then 1 bui bu also think of you
  2. Anyone watch it? I think all their females are chio versus the lau aj pohs over in the democrats side
  3. Wah dont know what to say so i better not say anything rip
  4. kena rape leow still dress low cut oh maybe need now
  5. Hope they send our troops and our generals there make our def spending worth it
  6. If wait for asean then will have to wait till oppo win Hee hee
  7. Awesome Now work on the abs and hope for new year draw then you are set
  8. Ok i reply Mine is orange one Pay 25 pm Cheapest in their offers but still too much due to work from home Performance laggy even when checking to building
  9. so you have six pack and gadzillion money now want some honey?
  10. I hope there is life maybe they should the Martian influencer there who knows @ManOfTheHour will learn to appreciate Martian farts And @The_King will find true love And @XianGe will win at S$201 And @socrates469bc can add Martians into his repertoire Cheers
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