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  1. will that means no more basic camp training until it is cleared of all hazards?
  2. It's happening. Soon the elites will be reminded of their fishing village heritage.
  3. I think the wise ones will say they are neutral and then play both sides. So many of the leecher countries, SG included, are doing this. They know China and US are trying to do the other in by getting more to side with them. But that is a dangerous game too as one wrong move, you will be pariah country. We do live in dangerous times.
  4. Sensible. Better be a Big Fish in a small pond rather than a Small Fish in a Big pond. The behaviour of USA lately shows its true colours. @socrates469bc what say you? or do you need to diam diam and be a good boy or else Biden will make your TW stocks worthless? MUAHAHAHAHA
  5. time to condemn those areas and make them a no-go zones. This would mean the only natural beach (in any case none of the affected areas are natural beaches) left in this country is Punggol! 2 million for a HDB BTO incoming. Add to that would be close proximity to the digital district.
  6. siao lang many. I think he must be one of those from NK that always talk about the cheat sheet of getting free food and lodging
  7. Punggol has better views than Sentosa Cove. Sometimes you can see luxury yacht from the Punggol Marina sail past. In Sentosa Cove, you see only cargo ships and container monsters
  8. Heng ah Punggol beach still in pristine condition. Time to make Punggol BTOs million dollar units!
  9. Looks like ownself check ownself is not working out as expected. Only could find their faults. What happened to the high pay to deter corruption axiom?
  10. CAG was hoping to get invited to a gang bang. No such luck. Ended up getting pounded in the face instead of in the a.
  11. I can imagine 10 years from now. I will squash. Probably need to borrow @The_King's iron bed.
  12. Looks like the winds of change are blowing. LKY's premonition is fast approaching. I see lorlan is a goner before he even begins. Looks like no more talent abounds in the white party. Guess we need to bring in some foreign talent. Sylvia Lim may be the unintended leader. So says the fortune teller wannabe.
  13. top looks dirty bottom looks fake any other "wood" choices? I might be looking for a couple of them soon for my new place.
  14. is the objective to kill the other guy? Sometimes I see such fights are pointless. Its more an ego thing.
  15. 2 vs 1 and I see the man is still very gentleman Awesome woman around the world surely will bring their trans man in to take revenge.
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