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  1. Finally took the plunge on jabra elite active 75t took forever to deliver even from jabra singapore also bought airpod pro and 2 so now family all on wireless pocket pain
  2. so it is dried jiao sai that they use I can see wife did not eat but hubbie whack so will lao sai later
  3. Instant noodle goreng i think this couple dont know where to go
  4. Chance to vote nicole +4 votes on the table
  5. Will lim kopi or not. Small gas you know
  6. And there lies the irony
  7. Like the court jester the wife must be damn sianz hey hubby when will you be a minister love - soon. I still need to make a bigger fool of myself first
  8. i am not sure what turn this guy on. surely people there sees him as a clown
  9. Q What will happen if it takes place suddenly? Mr Lee If it is sudden, well, you're landed with an emergency. In that emergency I think the people will just take somebody like me and a few of those friends and say look, let's make a bid and stop this from going down the drain. Is this implying to roll out the tanks and hold on to power like the South American countries?
  10. money laundering cannot be an economic strategy they want to challenge the Carribean?
  11. I meant well I think you have reached the next level and can see the pointlessness of being Anyone read the LKY quote in 2009 where he says it is inevitable that oppos will be more significant 10 or at most 15 years from then? Looks like prescient to me
  12. Many are still enamored with the Uvoucher, 600+600+100 payout, etc I never under estimated the power of money, no matter how small. In fact, the quantum is subjective. If you are OK then it is pittance. If you are hand to mouth then it is a saviour. PAP, more appropriately LKY, is a an expert of that as I believe he is a strong believer of Karl Marx or people of that genre. There are a lot of lessons to learn from that to control the hearts and minds of peasants. I think the 4G are also spending time immersing in that kind of knowledge. They just dont have the same presence of a real leader. Imagine Heng talking to Trump. LHL already look so pathetic but imagine Heng. I think we are not going to get a lot of respect, regardless how much money we are willing to throw at them. I guess if no significant increase of Oppos this time round, I think we should just forget about justice or equality or any of those ideals and just find a corner and live life as we please like @The_King cheers
  13. spoke to one chio bu MILF type her comment nothing exciting this election results will be the same how to tell this people that the reason is because you keep voting the farkers in? I think she speaks for a lot of those 30+ to 40+ females I also see another group of males 30+ to 40+ (some even older) are actually quite satisfied with PHV and Food Delivery. Those Ninjavan, RedMart deliverers are all of this age group. Are these people contented with life like @The_King? I wonder. But I guess the world is made up of a lot of types of people. Actually making money in politics is quite easy once you have invested enough time. I see people like Victor is so hard at it because he knows that once he is in then life will be a bed of roses. Desiderata
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