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  1. https://scontent.fsin1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/s960x960/101158386_3296577690482937_605613603034234880_o.jpg?_nc_cat=1&_nc_sid=110474&_nc_ohc=FXYTcpJe39QAX8W_zWN&_nc_ht=scontent.fsin1-1.fna&_nc_tp=7&oh=d2697522ee509b537cedf7ecdcd2db55&oe=5EFB37C0
  2. To reduce server load, the boss @kokleong has decided ban elytra flight on the server. So with the troll powers vested in me, I present to you Mugentech Highway II : Keep left... There are boats in the chests beside the portals, please keep them topped up. The door beside the base camp portal leads to the ladder that connects the old highway, in case you miss it. There are some adjustments to the positions of the portals. My old base and some of the old farms are not connected in the new highway as there are plans for revamp. You can still connect to them in the old highway.
  3. Don't play play, one of the them worked as a banker by her own merits.
  4. Updates on our public works: New Wither Skeleton and Evoker farm: Standard mob farm config for the wither skellys Don't hit the evokers... you will regret it.... Let them die from the fire The Top Hat: This is for safely (...relatively....) spawning and killing withers. Do note that you are still in the blast radius of the wither for it's spawning explosion along the ridding path. After you spawn it, run for the hills (base camp) This is how you spawn the wither (yes I know you should be using soul sand, I ran out when I was taking the screenshot...), if you don't really understand, don't anyhow, you could nuke the whole base camp... Creeper gunpowder farm: That is all, post your questions in this thread.
  5. Any Siam cannot confirm is bu
  6. Really is JAV plot come to live
  7. Nowadays plastic surgery can fix, she never said it was original product.
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