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  1. Jin emose... feel rike crying rike a dkgk haiz
  2. Rooks rike Retarded Sai Bin Dog @The_King wahaha song boh
  3. Diam diam rah kgk, mai gong jiao wei rah Chiu oso nid to see eye doctor, juz rike @The_King wahaha
  4. Haiz, nv mit atb gf today so stay at home watch jdrama rike a dkgk @HomelanderDis jdrama aunty same face shape as my atb gf boh? wahaha
  5. If ish nice aunty, I dun mind being punished rike her pgd-sucking dkg slave dog wahaha
  6. Tomolo when I pang sai n rook at the toilet bowl, I noe I will be reminded of Blainless Sai Bin Ong @The_King wahaha song boh
  7. Jin emose, atb gf celerating 人日 wif her frens cannot mit... So cum here lim amdk kopi to feel rike a skk instead haiz At least got 1 nice aunty OL here wahaha @socrates469bc cum here lim amdk kopi b4?
  8. Juz nao got peepur cum jiak dis ani of my loyal kgk fans oso lo hei dis wkend?
  9. Tomolo morn I oso werk rike a dkgk for Tomy Lunchtime book out from dkg mangala werk camp den chant: WERK ISH FOR DKGKS WAHAHA!
  10. @The_King tomolo going to werk rike a dkgk again? wahaha
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