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  1. Sit 15min kar to jiak dia amdk hee Kym by the standards of Gordon Ramsay wannabe kgks @The_King @meng.huat
  2. Amdl aunty teacher lion dance with her amdk xdd students jin kinky sia https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7587769/amp/Married-model-turned-teacher-affairs-boys-elite-South-Africa-school.html @meng.huat @beautifuldays
  3. Juz finished my mangala werk See so mani kgks queuing up at dis stall n wonder if its goot?
  4. Back to being a mangala for my dad haiz...
  5. Jin weak kgk I will treat her jiak creampie wahaha
  6. After dat jiak melayu kokorut cai png wahaha jin song Werk ish for dkgks! @meng.huat @beautifuldays
  7. Sit 1 bas to dis 'fitness centre' do 'workout' wif jiuhu bu kym?
  8. If I jdrama director, the xdds will mock the loser husband b4 walking out rike a boss Den the husband cry rike a dkgk wahaha
  9. Btw @meng.huat jiak dis cina loti planta b4?
  10. Wahaha jin kinky sia Best if the xdds nakadashi the aunty one after another right in front of her wedding photo
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