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  1. Book out from Tomy's dkg mangala werk camp n walk nearby to jiak simpur lunch @meng.huat gps kym
  2. Hannor hannor Those stardee mani mani... so wat, in the end still have to be someone's dkgk and say "yes sir, no sir" rike a slave dog at werk... Oso cannot mit atb gf at 10 am and sista at 2pm on a weekday wahaha STARDEE N WERK R FOR DKGKS WAHAHA!
  3. btw kg cai png kia, STARDEE ISH FOR DKGKS WAHAHA!
  4. @The_King chiur ownself cag go ahead pls, dun involve me rah
  5. I still growing xdd so nid to jiak moar png to grow taller rah wahaha
  6. Wahaha jkg Jiak amdk hee for dessert at dis dkg bo lang mall kym In b4 kgb ah soh @socrates469bc jjww and act Nigella Lawson wahaha
  7. Poly Halfway Dropout rah kg cai png kia haiz...
  8. Hard to find goot full time jod when chiu r PHD rah haiz...
  9. Wahaha if not, chiu tink I will share with all chiu kgks meh
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