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  1. If chiu r a xdd, den dis aunty teacher teach chiu kym? ani huan noe y aunty teacher feeling cold yet she take off her outer wear? Why feeling cold still take off clothes? Aunty teacher walking out after the lesson Ani kgk noe wat happened sia? wahaha @meng.huat @Homelander @socrates469bc
  2. I slum kia wanna feel rike satki kia mah wahaha
  3. @Homelander chiur fav type in NK! https://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drink-man-woman-16/[gpgt]-joesefyn-zeh-zeh-look-like-trustworthy-approachable-financial-consultant-prudential-6419154.html
  4. Chiu say ky ish not impt Chiur new atb gf say ky ish most impt
  5. Diam diam rah kgks wahaha Nao watching dis aunty teacher jdrama kym Or dis moar ky? @meng.huat @Homelander
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