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  1. Beo nice aunty OLs den go home for sista Juz woke up, wassup my avid kgk followers?
  2. My atb gf moan rike a dkgb when I service her pgd wahaha jin song sia
  3. wahaha chiu jiak nasi lomak-flavored pgd b4?
  4. Not as ho jiak as my atb gf pgd juz nao wahah Nao jiaking dessert wahaha
  5. Watching dis new aunty teacher jdrama nao Xdd discover empty classroom after sch hrs He motion to someone to cum in, who's that? Turns out its his aunty teacher She close the door, how cum she rike a bit suspicious in her body language Aunty teacher rook emose Ani huan noe y aunty teacher rook so stressed here? Hw cum they wearing back clothes? Which brings us to
  6. Toa Payoh stall has been selling S$1 nasi lemak with rice, egg & fish for 34 years https://mothership.sg/2021/02/toa-payoh-nasi-lemak-s1/ @ManOfTheHour dis chiur turf?
  7. Hannar hannar dua satki bu rah Juz dun jjww so much until rike market ah soh wahaha
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