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  1. The buyer gpgt receipt mah .. is 916 gold Necklace, etc things with uneven surfaces best is put in those small ultrasonic cleaner regularly to clean. Clean glasses at home, just throw the jewelery in liao
  2. Good mah .. Sinkland got so many choices .. Gold with zinc, nickel, palladium, silver, platinum alloy. Add large amount of copper then got change go dark dark
  3. The plate with the takeaway soup damn obiang
  4. Want buy have to know what to check mah .. Investment, buy from bank with proper mint letter and documentation Jewelery for family heirloom types like they buy in India/Pakistan/UAE is those 22 carat gold only for occasional wear but rest of time store - this type need buy from jeweler with authentication documentation Regular wear jewelery need buy alloy gold - again buy from reputable jewelers with documentation (these like those 18carat types) Best is don't wear - just buy brick, coins, etc keep in storage
  5. Buy gold will disclose the carats .. if lower carat jewelery like for necklaces and clasps usually will become darker la. Even with 14-18K jewelery, if know the stuff added to make the alloy will know whether turn dark or not. Buy jewelery keep the jeweler's declaration about the grade/carat used - then can bring back ask them fix. If got copper ofc will turn dark :s
  6. WTF .. man wants to shoot wife who was arriving at KLIA. Couldn't have picked a worse place to kill someone with the number of cameras around End up guard tio
  7. This group got many many in Oz .. but think most of them are not the peaceful variety In before Mia Khalifa
  8. Finished watching Made in Abyss Season 2 after rewatching S1 and then Movie 3 Dunno what animu to start next
  9. Some report say is druggie amdk high on drugs go on rampage till tio shot by blonde police zz with 1 shot to his chest Maybe tml will get more details
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2024/apr/13/major-police-incident-at-bondi-after-reports-of-man-with-knife Reading between the lines, seems like not peaceful related activity .. so anything else will be considered "not terrorism related". Such a narrow definition of "terrorism"
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