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  1. Then it would be hard for me to get to know them. I see them like gaining knowledge. prefer someone interesting.
  2. Yea i do. But one specky girl rather homebody, usually stays at home. Even during her uni days Another one is plump and not active person. For instance , I brought her out for a rock climbing date. Prefer somewhat active person
  3. You not so old right? Need to wear reading glasses meh?
  4. But 800 is seriously ex i have to say. Even if you buy better ones, 300 should be pretty decent
  5. Of course not during sleep lah! And not during shower. Other than that i prefer she wear specky
  6. How come so ex? 100/200 can get already mah
  7. True that. I only realised this once I entered the workforce.
  8. I will do it at the next time i see her. One thing I promised myself when I entered uni is to meet as many people as possible. Able to find a partner is a bonus
  9. I was busy bbqing food but i know she’s doing kayaking. I will hope to do some activities and maybe ask her out. i’m pretty bad at texting .
  10. I wish! Hahaha sadly the girl didn’t wear speck so i duno if she’s a specky or not.
  11. I tried playing app for fun in hk. I find myself having better chances of meeting girls during my uni bbq session. theres one girl who asked whats my love language while i offer myself to bbq food for my uni cca friends.
  12. @ManOfTheHour @noobmaster @coffeenut @CannotTahanLiao @ExTreMisTxxx
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