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  1. kgk xdd jiu shi na mo kumgong de. allow limpeh to give kgk xdd a short history on inverse etf. inverse etf used to be only shorting vanilla futures. then in 2005, some sakti maths sexpert decided to package a bundle of put options, futures and short selling into an etf to sell to public. maybe if kgk xdd tell Towkay Tony abt using inverse etf, he might increase ur allowance by sgd10/day. wahahahahahahaha
  2. kgk xdd jiu shi kgk xdd. never hear of inverse etf meh????? wahahahahahahaha
  3. thats why no way can fight against streaming networks or independent utubers. only a matter of time b4 cinemas go to jurassic park. wahahahahahahahahaha
  4. neh neh is even flatter than limpeh's chest. so must be transformer gao gao. yuan lai kgk xdd now into cag transformer liao. but limpeh can understand since kgk xdd now is still on the rebound, so is ok to relieve urself as long as u happy. gxgx on liberating kgk xdd's sexual orientation.
  5. diam diam lah, pappy serfs!!!!!! this is only once-every-3-months ponding, ok?????? if 3 months no ponding somewhere in pappyland, then limpeh worry.
  6. no wonder kgb aka kimbo @Chestnut mm left our kgk xdd @HarrisY1. she found a real life oppa liao. gxgx on ur new-found happiness, chestnut mm.
  7. limpeh also hand itchy, feel like buy msi on shopee. but limpeh's asus just reach 2 yrs 3mths only. not very old but still to new to replace. wahahahahahahahahaha
  8. limpeh see toshiba demo jin sakti, can use steam, bake and roast.
  9. warranty only 1 yr starting at point of purchase. so no point delay until 1.5 yrs later. kor kor waiting to use with partner kgk xdd @HarrisY1 in ur new bto????? gxgx on getting together.
  10. smlj finance pro can lose money to scam. no wonder be hawker also lose money. wahahahahahahahahaha
  11. waste of money to subscribe. limpeh rather spend my money to buy jbl earbuds.
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