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  1. yes, indeed our kgk xdd @HarrisY is a jin sakti allowance boy. in fact, our kgk xdd is the 2nd most sakti allowance boy in sgp after this clown.
  2. how true this amdk loctor 2021 prediction came true. https://www.statnews.com/2021/02/10/vaccines-alone-wont-end-pandemic/ Do the math: Vaccines alone won’t get us out of this pandemic actually, limpeh me has a even better proof to show that vaccines r highly possibly not working. i m just surprised that no one use this simple maths to show loong loong that his strategies r not working.
  3. if cai png stall also close down means the mall really has no business. limpeh guarantee if not for tesco, ksl sure finish gao gao like holiday plaza. wahahahahahaha
  4. u peasants r all so kumgong. wahahahahahahahah
  5. of cos she jin happi see ur xdd becos it means sgd150 in 2mins. if u sleep at her place for another 2hrs this afternoon, this means an additional sgd100 liao. easy easy sgd250 from u. wahahahahahaha
  6. shops in ngee ang city this yr even more quiet than last. nb, no one buying new clothes. maybe all of these kgks like Towkay me buy online liao. Towkay me just bot another pair of tat sing slippers and hush puppies bermudas on lazada. wahahahahahah
  7. did kgk xdd bring any bak kwa for ur atbgf????? wahahahahaha
  8. u all really r jin kumgong. wait 1 more week and giant sure will have coca cola for 50cent per can. wahahahahahahaha
  9. CCP really is jin xia xuay. cannot even fight with a 3rd-rate nation. nb, their commerce ministry is even more kumgong than i thot. btw, many assembled bmw parts export to tiongland consists of lithuanian components. how tiong custom want to stop the importation???? strip the parts and ask r u from lithuania????? really is jin kumgong.
  10. bo Towkays bring clients there entertain, of cos close down. jin kumgong. wahahahahahaha
  11. unfortunately, all these personal tragedies will be repeated n infinite times due to imbecile political leaders. unless there is a change in health policy worldwide, personal tragedy such as this will strike someone near u or even urself sooner or later.
  12. kgk xdd lately sot sot becos bo lui to buy atbgf cny presents. its ok, kgk xdd. limpeh me is sure ur atbgf can understand that Towkay Tony not restoring ur full pay as of yet due to ongoing monthly budget deficit.
  13. Towkay Tony must be jin emo. miss his sichuan atbgf so much until must steam fish in sichuan style. and kgk xdd still stupid stupid think Towkay Tony is cook for pleasure.
  14. uob jin kumgong pay 1.1x book value for retail banking when can grow organically. if is include profitable institutional banking, then maybe worth the price of 1.1x
  15. u think sgp got so many vessel arrests or commercial disputes meh????? most lawyers, almost 80%, depend on either property or divorce cases to survive. wahahahahahaha
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