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  1. ur atb friend looking forward to u paying and leaving so that she can serve the next kgk. wahahahahaha
  2. u see what happened in june at tan tock seng is alrdy warning liao. nb, use my pigu think also know if there is outbreak in hospital means there is serious issue with vaccine effectiveness liao. zheng hu jin kumgong. wahahahahahhahah
  3. jin kumgong. the crux of the problem is the short duration of the vaccines' effectiveness. the human body is not going to magically produce longer-lasting immunity just becos of boaster shot.
  4. jin kumgong. use my pigu think also know the vaccines sure will have alot of issues one. nb, i alrdy said last nov that efficacy most likely severely overestimated liao becos of flaws in the clinical trials and limitation of short-duration data. wahahahahahah
  5. tiongland also has a manufacturing problem. their metallurgy technology is at least 3 generations behind us, russia and germany. thats why cannot build jet turbine blade, composite armor or high tensile grade a military steel. wahhahahahahhahaha
  6. how much murukku can sell now since its an impulse food???? maybe the mother shld sell kueh instead at the morning market, sure will have better business.
  7. jin kumgong. i alrdy said that there is a need to tighten monetary policy since 2013 liao to prevent asset inflation and breakdown of transmission mechanism. now see what happen when u dont listen to Milton Friedman and keep on using Keynesian quantitative easing. wahahahahahahah
  8. means time to look for bones to pick liao. wahahahahhahahhaha
  9. alrdy said that construction industry needs to do more mechanization and automation since 2000 liao but zheng hu no listen. wahahahahahaha https://www.researchgate.net/publication/221786461_Trends_in_Robotics_and_Automation_in_Construction
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