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  1. i think we need uncle lam's expertise if kgk xdd @HarrisY dont turn up after his 6th day of awol.
  2. see this to ease ur sorrows then.
  3. cb2.0 coming liao!!!!! Ah Gong, where r u?????? ur loong loong is bringing sgp to fishing village.
  4. usually means duplications in operation which result in wastage. this sort of cleanup very easy to do one. the most sakti wastage i seen recently is the bolehsia navy shipbuilding program. pay almost myr6bln liao but not a single ship commissioned. https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/turkey-year-more-delays-costly-combat-ship-programme
  5. now is the world of streaming liao yet still have kgk buying into a sunset biz. even for a shrewd bizman like robert, he also make wrong move into want to double down a losing bet. market rumors was that a south korean concern and a chinese concern were bidding and were willing to pay usd400m but someone told robert not to let go for less than usd500m in 2016. https://www.nst.com.my/news/2016/09/172948/kuok-seeking-buyer-cinema-chain-deal-may-hit-us500m https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/ppb-plans-cinema-business-expansion-not-selling-gsc
  6. if kor kor cannot go airport, can always follow kgk xdd @HarrisY to mount sophia for exercise. there is a very good park nearby. https://www.littledayout.com/mount-emily-park-hilltop-greenery-city/ after that both of u can go to nearby curious palette lim kopi and pretend to be a pair of sakti drama directors. if want to discuss jdrama project in detail, nearby got hotel bencoolen behind, very convenient one. the two of u will be very happy together de.
  7. kor kor see General umbrage bui bui ng no up???? send him there is big wood small use. the next glc to send him to fix is this one. tiagong he is super good at setting up reits so keppel is a good fit for him.
  8. i think this one is most apt for sgp now.
  9. mass media likes to make sensational statements and have so-called experts tcss. this, they learnt from CCP who in turn learnt from Ah Gong. at least Ah Gong did a better job in social re-engineering but those were pre-internet time where info can only be gleaned from printed media or tv. nowadays, if one is not lazy, do simple internet search can debunked alot of those so-called experts liao. no need even to attend sakti political economics classes in lumber 1 uni nus liao.
  10. peasants, mai panic!!!!!! Ah Gong promises that he will arise if sgp is in trouble. where r u, Ah Gong??????
  11. maybe the mall manager watch too much contact tracers so want to be sakti contact trace irl.
  12. thats why i find the numbers released by stats sgp to be highly unrealistic. nb, i see shops closing down on weekly basis but stats sgp still can tell me retail sales r rising. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/singapore-retail-sales-index-grow-6-2-per-cent-march-2021-14747754 if u tell me internet sales r rising, that i believe but not brick-and-mortar or overall retail sales. i talked to a friend who do traditional malay fashion sales and he told me this yr is goner liao. only console is that he didnt order much stock l
  13. now here comes the best part, tiongland also have no antidote. the tiong scientist who gmoed the origin virus apparently did such a good job that the virus is now more powerful than superbugs.
  14. tiagong he just appointed chair of new sph's new arm. so u peasants better diam diam and listen to his wisdoms. he is pappy's lumber 1 fixer, ok????
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