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  1. this is the easy part. the tough part is convincing them that sgp economy is facing a tough challenge of pappy's own making and pappy by itself is not capable of solving it. https://www.theedgesingapore.com/news/tourism/staycations-may-not-be-enough-fully-revive-singapores-tourism-industry and the best part is that the original bloomberg heading is Singapore’s Staycations Can’t Fill $20 Billion Tourism Gap
  2. thats why tiong is trying to push for the internationalization of the yuan without opening the capital account, which is impossible as an international currency requires a free flowing capital account. reshoring and supply chain diversification have been quietly going on since 2010, but has been given more urgency in the past 3yrs. no matter who wins the white house in november, this course will not change. like i told a bolehsian friend who is anti-Trump, if this uncle didnt win, ur bolehsian usd billions will most likely disappeared forever since obama had taken campaign money from fatty low. he diam diam afterwards.
  3. getting them interested is one thing, but having them make the rite decision is another and why this decision is more important. by looking at the taiwanese example, i m not too certain.
  4. tiong has always been an asian giant even b4 the birth of christ. however, the difference now is that there is another giant in the pacific called bee kok.
  5. unfortunately, the masses on the st has been brainwashed into thinking that pappy is all mighty. many a times, u can vomit blood even though u pointed out the obvious to them.
  6. russia used to sell their state of the art to the tiongs b4 2005 due to a lack of money. but they stopped selling after their financials stabilize when the urals went to usd100/bbl and when they realize the tiongs can successfully replicate many of their technologies. now, they will not sell their latest al jet engines thus constraining the tiongs' fighter development
  7. bee kok used the tiongs to destroy ussr in the 1980s. now they r using the same playbook again but this time the ruskies to constrain the tiongs. and the ruskies more than happy to oblige since they do not want too strong a tiong on their doorstep.
  8. valdivostok was once part of greater manchuria until tsarist russia annexation in 1860. however, the present northeast china only legally became part of china after the qing dynasty. b4 then, it was a separate domain of the manchu emperor. so it is not totally wrong for present china to claim valdivostok as a successor state to qing china.
  9. it is quite amazing to see how easily the masses can be brainwashed.
  10. this sammi song is a must for ah lians in ktvs back then.
  11. lim yogurt or jiak oranges, then when pang sai will be very smooth de.
  12. i order only kopi bean or fastfood. so is ok.
  13. nowadays, i order pickup from foodpanda since have 15% off.
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