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  1. limpeh go gym late morning and jiak finish dinner liao. but where is our kgk xdd @HarrisY1??????? kidney qi finally exhausted until must sista for 48hrs or emo until bo tears today??????
  2. at least his atbgf is next door, a dream for kgk xdd @HarrisY1 wahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  3. limpeh agree but limpeh really cannot fathom how the bui bui can watch all these avs non-stop and not have ed. wahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  4. lim kopi at mbs is waste of money. might as well go jiak dinner at boat quay. better value for money. wahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  5. this bui bui found his niche audience. wahahahahahahahahahahaha
  6. This led him to quit various jobs, and he could not hold on to a stable job for years, until 2011 when he decided to “go public” with his “persecution”. Then, the voices decreased in frequency, he claims. But Teo believes mental illness was “created by the government to punish and torture people”. He added that many of those like him do not live long, and they experience a host of medical issues, which we will go into next. Can’t sleep alone due to fear of ghosts Teo also admits to having phasmophobia — a fear of ghosts — he is unable to sleep alone at night. Hence, since his father passed away in 2020, he’s moved to a stay-in care centre where he can stay with others in the same room. Where most people would choose a private ward, a Class C ward suits Teo’s needs more. Although Teo’s vision is ‘fine’, he has recently experienced brief moments when he is unable to see — most recently, last Monday. He also presents with knee pains that prevent him from standing for long periods, as well as “atypical chest pains” that are apparently not heart-related. All of these, he believes, are side effects of being a Targeted Individual. In the past week alone, Teo has had to visit an eye specialist, and he now has an appointment for an MRI scan. Ultimately, his goal is to live to the age of 50. Then 60, then 70, and so on. His role model? Former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, who, at the ripe age of 98, can still get around most places on his own. Most people when they turn 60 or 70, they are either bed-ridden or wheelchair-bound already. . . so I really admire him a lot because he’s so healthy, alive and kicking even in his 90s. And if his eye issues are resolved, he might try his hand at submitting applications to be an actor in the JAV industry again. Takes pictures with pretty girls in Singapore to further his goal of becoming famous Worldwide fame still eludes Teo despite his best efforts to spread the word that he’s being ‘persecuted’. But in our little island city, he is known as an EDMW legend for a good reason — he’s taken pictures with almost every female celebrity in Singapore. In his free time, he attends car shows, exhibitions, and various events where celebrities are present, to “see pretty girls”. “Many guys like to take pictures of pretty girls, I mean, most guys,” he states matter-of-factly. But that’s not his sole aim. Besides being part of his hobby, his pictures and videos are also to further his goal of becoming famous. To that end, Teo makes it a point to ask for as many selfies as he can with various celebrities, both local and overseas. “More people can get to know me when they watch my YouTube videos or see my Instagram photos,” he claims. In his mind, selfies with celebrities are also a platform for him to get noticed. As such, he attends events practically every day, even conventional ones like new Charles & Keith outlet openings. Even though Teo isn’t picky with who he snaps shots of, he does have his favourites — two of them being MediaCorp actresses Hong Ling and He Ying Ying. Source: Teo En Ming on Instagram And yes, he does pay models to do photoshoots with them, although he says this is standard industry practice. Though Teo can hardly afford to do photoshoots too often, he is still proud that he managed to do one with Jayley Woo in 2014 before she became a MediaCorp actress. A man who wishes to live out his dreams despite his challenges Whether Teo’s plan has worked is anyone’s guess, as he currently has 1,554 followers on Instagram after making 1,544 posts over the years. But it’s certainly true that his celebrity selfie posts garner more ‘likes’ than those he posts of food, so maybe he’s on to something there. While many may laugh at Teo, with some even shunning him at events, he still pursues his goals day by day and hopes to save up enough money to live out his dreams. Behind Teo’s schizophrenia which affects his grasp of reality, is a relatively ordinary man who’d like to make a living and live out his dreams of being extraordinary. His main priority, however, is to spread the word about his “persecution”. To that end, he has to “become world famous”. Taking pictures with pretty girls is simply a means to an end — to share his story with users from as many places as he can online. You name the platform, and he’s on it. You’d think someone who has, in his own words, “never had a happy moment” in his life, wouldn’t want to live long. Yet, like his immortal jellyfish namesake, he wishes to live forever and live on in history. Whether he succeeds is another question entirely, of course. But one can’t help but appreciate the grind, as many lesser beings would have given up by now with the circumstances he has. https://mustsharenews.com/teo-en-ming/ same bui bui but different life. wahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  7. rise for the past 3yrs on average 3% per quarter or so and now only drop by 5.4% song bo, kumgong pappy serfs?????????? wahahahahahahahahahahaha
  8. kgk xdd @HarrisY1, u ok or not today?????? why bo sound bo pic b4 ur dkg weekend???????? wahahahahahahahahahahaha
  9. ur office workers jin kumgong. they dont know virus spread more easily in confined spaces meh????? unless u have super huge well-ventilated office like this. wahahahahahahahahahahaha
  10. diam diam lah, kumgong pappy serfs!!!!!!!! zheng hu alrdy ask u to update ur wuhan vaccines liao but u all dont listen. so u all kumgong pappy serfs get sick is all ur fault, ok???????? wahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
  11. tiagong sissy boys can be invited to white house hor.
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