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  1. theres a thin line between contrarian and plain stupidity. ho jinx is the latter. wahahahahahahahahahahaha
  2. if a former gic official, especially a senior one, start voicing his doubts, that means there is definitely something not rite in zheng hu finances liao. and using pofma to silence a former senior establishment figure will only deepen suspicions abt the true state of zheng hu finances. wahahahahahahahahahahah
  3. kumgong pappy serfs jiu shi kumgong pappy serfs. pappy lord wants u all kumgong pappy serfs to learn from this amdk, ok?????? wahahahahahahahahaha
  4. theres even a more puzzling question to ask. u mean all his previous companies never tested him on his technical knowledge??????? song bo, kumgong pappy serfs??????? wahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  5. many-a-times, limpeh can spot the mistakes of my kumgong previous lawyer b4 his big boss decided to handle my account personally. and limpeh only has a smelly smelly econ degree. u all kumgong pappy serfs says lawyers r kumgong or not???????? wahahahahahahahahahaha
  6. when limpeh look at bolehsia of the past 25yrs from 1995 onwards, this is what happen when the decay has been going on for so long b4 realizing. now question is whether bolehsia will somewhat recover from the damages in 5 yrs or is the damage irreparable?????? limpeh think the damage is irreparable liao. wahahahahahahahahahaha
  7. can cad also open investigation into why temasek invest in this company?????? limpeh's monkeys alrdy determined it to be con job liao, but why temasek scholars still stupid stupid invest?????? song bo, kumgong pappy serfs???????? now u all kumgong pappy serfs know why has to pay 9% gst in 2024 liao.
  8. ............. open betting on how long this new bolehsian zheng hu will last. wahahahahahahahahahaha
  9. limpeh's monkeys r predicting 20yrs of shut-down lai, shut-down qu. song bo, planet xi serfs??????? wahahahahahahahahahahaha
  10. after all the euphoria, how to solve the damage done over the past 40yrs, courtesy of old horse and his cronies????? will anwar's 1 term be enough to mend the damage?????? wahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  11. if limpeh's monkeys still dont understand crypto, confirm is a con job liao. song bo, kumgong pappy serfs???????? limpeh's monkeys smarter than temasek president's scholars!!!!!!! wahahahahahahahahahahaha
  12. stupid planet xi serfs, they dont know they r on planet xi meh????? wahahahahahahahahahaha
  13. swamp murkier but clearer since everyone realised that their vested interests will be disrupted in a PN-led zheng hu. in the end, everyone looks for their best interests. wahahahahahahahahahahaha
  14. lucky he not engaging in pgd sex in airbase. or else limpeh really worry liao. wahahahahahahahahahha
  15. extra time until tomorrow. but the dice has been cast and the rubicon has been crossed in perak at 5.30pm by state ph-bn. tomorrow will be pahang and then federal barring any sudden changes. now is state bn and senior umno leaders all dont listen to small boss zahid or the division warlords liao. https://www.nst.com.my/news/politics/2022/11/853485/saraani-explains-why-bn-chose-ph-not-pn-form-perak-coalition-government Saraani explains why BN chose PH, not PN to form Perak coalition government even the east bolehsians also preparing to jump ship liao. https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2022/11/21/pas-link-splits-gps-over-teaming-up-with-pn/ PAS link splits GPS over teaming up with PN thats why until today PN still cannot get a coalition. thats why limpeh says today bolehsia sure no new zheng hu. wahahahahahahahahahaha
  16. if anwar is pm, limpeh can huat gao gao by investing in bolehsia palm companies. if lao sai din is pm, limpeh can buy bolehsian palm companies cheap cheap. either way, limpeh is still the winner. song bo, kumgong bolehsian serfs???????? wahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  17. ............ ask limpeh's monkeys to start a betting on when bolehsia will have a zheng hu. @kokleong kor kor, maybe u can consider setting up a shell gaming company in malta. https://www.mga.org.mt/regulatory/mga-licensee-register/fees-taxation/ limpeh take care of operations and we can huat gao gao!!!!!! wahahahahahahahahahahaha
  18. just extend until tomorrow, thats why limpeh say bolehsia is monday sure bo zheng hu. wahahahahahahahahahahaha
  19. becos the sarawakians and sabahans dont like PAS, so if not lao sai din, they will not support. now is the question of cabinet allocation and since the nego is so long drawn-out, limpeh believe lao sai din might not even make it to pmo's toilet to lao sai liao. kl news now is that many umno leaders, particularly those with no baggage like caretaker pm, r jumping ship all ard to get best deals and not listening to small boss zahid liao. limpeh wouldnt be surprised that a situation of same party mps sitting on opposite aisle. nb, limpeh alrdy said theres a reason why the brits never wrote a no-party hopping clause in the 1957 federal constitution but the kumgong bolehsians write it in. wahahahahahahahahahaha
  20. kumgong pappy serf sure this is the only deep pocket fool on the block?????? wahahahahahahahahaha
  21. the sarawakians hate DAP more than PAS, so it is hard for them with PH. now is the interesting part, becos of the no party hopping rule, party discipline among a PN-led coalition will be weaker than a PH-led coalition. so now, mps can song song vote against the party instructions and face no consequences, resulting in more conflicts of interests. theres a reason why the brits didnt write a party defection clause into the 1957 federal constitution and the kumgong bolehsians song song act smart write it in. the brits has more than 700 yrs of parliamentary experience and how long do the kumgong bolehsians have??????? wahahahahahahahahaha
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