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  1. tiongland cannot ban tsmc or ban american soybeans so ban pineapples. Emperor Xi macam like 5 yr old bully, cannot bully big boys, so go bully helpless pineapple farmers. sibei throw face.
  2. hypocrites many many. https://www.euronews.com/2020/11/27/sins-of-the-fathers-ireland-s-sex-abuse-survivors https://www.reuters.com/article/us-ireland-church-abuses-factbox-idUSKBN29H1JJ https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-54889520
  3. a local bolehsian academic perspective on the colonial malayan economy, uncolored by race or nationalism.
  4. limpeh bo mba but limpeh running a trading business. wahahahahhahahahha
  5. now liming this daily to get my uric acid lower.
  6. surprisingly i only find siam bus and pinay bus offering pgd sex.
  7. this is an understatement. democrat men like shemales or dinobus.
  8. tiagong ur atb gf also moan like a dkgb when her other bfs service her cp or pgd as well. wahahahahahhaha
  9. it is still beyond my comprehension as to why Ah Kong allows his oxbridge ginna to allow casino. this is one of the greatest mystery of sgp's economic policy.
  10. the world is full of kgks. sakti kias like me is go work here. wahahahhahahhaha
  11. if after gym go jiak dim sum with yoga aunty instructor is jin song!!!!!! this is what sakti kia will do. not follow tony ard like a kgk xdd on saturday afternoon one. wahahahahahhahahha
  12. when pgd sex is more important than freedom of speech, u know the the millennials no hope liao.
  13. mai naive abt strategic interests liao. Lord Palmerston is rite. besides, if corrupt biden smart like mad Trump, he will be using the indians to play against the tiongs in burma or using the saudis against the iranians in syria. what for get hands dirty???????
  14. then use the sgd30k or so foc from ocbc every yr to go bkk 3 mths be emperor. wahahahhahahahha
  15. now is really govts asking the kumgong borderline retarded masses to go die. i find it unbelievable that there r so many kumgong boderline retards in the world believe in the propaganda when the overwhelming scientific evidence r signaling caution that the vaccine is not as effective and safe as claimed.
  16. and more to come for the next few yrs if history is any guide. every metal rat yr heralds history changing events which takes yrs to manifests. a recent tiongland example of 1960, the great chinese famine which planted the seeds of the cultural revolution. a recent bee kok example of 1960, the over-rated kennedy being elected and resulted in an escalation of the cold war. nb, this over-rated kennedy basically set bee kok onto the path of budget deficits.
  17. sakti kia like me is use sgd1m this way. easy easy collect at least sgd30k tax free from them every yr. wahahahahhahahah
  18. she is a well-known attention seeker, so i discount 50% of what she said.
  19. alrdy disproved this morning by ur in-house lao tiko bizman gao gao liao. just to add in, the most important statistical test, testing for causality, is not revealed in the study is alrdy big signal of biasness since there is a significant event of lockdown during the vaccination rollout liao. so is it the vaccine or the lockdown that contributed to this efficacy since the lockdown and vaccination rollout were almost in tandem??????? really think whole world bo study statistics.
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