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  1. u not missing much. overpriced local food which even my ah moh clients dont want to go. they rather i bring them to jiak buffet at oscar's or ginger followed by 1 nite in orchard towers.
  2. nb, limpeh Towkay me know this since 1997 liao. now dbs then tell me. sibei kumgong to the max.
  3. nb, the health minister never hear of comorbidities meh???? if a person with comorbidities tio wuhan-19, the person vaxxed or unvaxxed will still uplorry depending on his/her health conditions. most studies released b4 aug stated that vaccination prevent deaths but the study was using data b4 jul when vaccination rate were still low and most r using overall statistics instead of segregating by age and health conditions. a more accurate study will be segregating by age, health conditions and by events per 100k population to obtain a more accurate outcome. i still waiting for someone to do a real professional analysis.
  4. moh really pcc to the max to feel good. nb, using ratio of community cases doesnt reflect how wide-spread the infections r. rather, it only shows whether the speed of infections r increasing or decreasing. expecting moh to pcc when the ratio is at 0.9 really trying all sort of methodologies to blur the picture.
  5. on the bright side, at least kgk xdd bo burn singapore economy or spend sgd1.9bln kim chua for atks to jiak his pgd. so Towkay Tony shld be happy.
  6. limpeh Towkay me has to agree with kgk xdd. STARDEE ISH FOR DKGKS WAHAHA! nb, uni never teach me how to consistently win the market. i learnt after working as a smelly office boy. wahahahahahah
  7. jin kumgong overpriced place. so nothing to miss. another stb failure. wahahahahahahaha
  8. hope u feeling better. hard to say as aorta clogging has no symptoms. thats why limpeh me thinking of going for aorta electric cardio graph end yr when not too busy. i worry i may have irregular heartbeat.
  9. most likely the bolehsians will do what the pappies r doing. delay and delay until nobody remember. until now, i hear nothing more abt the unfortunate 16yo boy boy liao.
  10. most likely when the cases dropped below 3k, u can see Pappies coming out to pcc with each other.
  11. shld be in terms of recorded adverse events. tiong vaccines so far havent recorded any heart attacks, autoimmune response etc in overseas use thus far. and not surprising since tiong vaccines r using inactivated virus in poultry-based lipids.
  12. kgk xdd today go esplanade pretend be cag artist didi to attract cag kor kor????? omg, dont tell me kgk xdd and @The_King kor kor go there together to pak tor?????? gxgx to both of u coming out of the closet liao.
  13. kgk xdd must have pcc too much until handshaking and eyes blur blur to double post. really is jin kelian.
  14. means kgk xdd stays at home and snipe bits of jdrama to post here. kgk xdd jin kelian. now Towkay Tony cut ur daily wage gao gao until must stay at home to pcc.
  15. after jiak pork chop rice, kgk xdd go home lim milo and jiak lee cream crackers for tehtime????
  16. rip and may u find peace in Heaven. https://www.edgeprop.my/content/1900726/autopsy-girl-who-died-after-vaccination-shows-growth-ovaries-heart-anomaly JOHOR BAHRU (Oct 24): The autopsy on a 14-year-old teenager who died on Oct 8 after receiving a first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, shows the girl had growth on her ovaries and heart anomaly. ......... Elaborating further, Dr Aman said on Oct 3, Noor Hayati Nabila had received the first dose of Comirnaty Pfizer vaccine and her health status after the vaccination was said to be good, with no fever, flu, joint aches or difficulty in breathing.
  17. thats why i only jiak this band of biscuit now. however, i do indulge in cheapo oreo once in a while. wahahahahaha
  18. mai kumgong liao. all cheap processed biscuits contained these substances becos of refined edible oils used during the mixing process. the only biscuits that dont contain these substances r either those from small bakers or this danish butter cookies.
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