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  1. the hypocrisy that is the Ayatollahs. and what better way to consolidate their newly acquired power by playing on religious fanticism. has iran fared better after the 1979 overthrow of the shah??????
  2. majority of $$$$ confirmed gone but as long as not converted into crypto or onto bvi, still traceable as long as the cash is in the formal system. a likely scenario is that their money changer have taken the money and left them high and dry. thats why they didnt move beyond jb. if this is the scenario, then limpeh can only say they jin kumgong. wahahahahahahahaha
  3. but why all the way back to jb and not kl or some ulu place on west coast peninsular bolehsia?????? limpeh believe after reach jb the couple alrdy tracked and hounded liao. obviously the couple too kumgong in planning and paying for the exit. wahahahahahahahahahaha
  4. by 2030 bukit timah will change name to kolam timah.
  5. pappy serfs jin kumgong. so bo liao to argue abt sugar healthy or not limpeh lim atbcp juice twice a week the healthiest.
  6. at least having a well-trained economist running health care wont bankrupt the system. having a know-nothing woman wearing the pants and a clown r even worse.
  7. u all dont worry. kgt xdd @HarrisY1 is now............ playing with his favorite transformer toys.
  8. if amdk sell cai png in pappyland, confirm will have long queue de.
  9. dont know which scholar come up with this idea. use feeder bus more efficient. limpeh use my pigu also know. song bo, pappy serfs?????? wahahahahahahahahaha
  10. ......summoned limpeh again and tell limpeh pappyland is doing even better under loong loong so limpeh better dont simple simple say he only know....... and if limpeh still cb......... and limpeh can stay until limpeh repents!!!!!! limpeh woke up in pool of cold sweats and is morning 6am liao.
  11. diam diam lah and be obedient pappy serfs!!!!!! later Ah Gong send all of us to then we stay there until we repent!!!!!!
  12. nb, oppo really kumgong until limpeh bo words. go for debate also never prepare all info fully. limpeh just show this formula and then plug in the numbers in front of the House can liao. no need jjww so much with the ministar.
  13. limpeh alrdy say b4 liao. call taxi margin so low, how to earn money?????? wahahahahahahahaha
  14. tonite Ah Kong will summon him at 11pm liao. this disobedient pappy serf better wash his backside clean clean.
  15. summoned limpeh........... and told limpeh.......... and if ................ and limpeh can stay........... until limpeh repents. limpeh woke up in cold sweat and it was 8.30am liao.
  16. his investment philosophy is sec 3 express law of probabilities. and still so many kumgongs worship him.
  17. how dare u be disobedient pappy serf!!!!!! later Ah Kong ask his guards to drag u for 24hr special speech. if dont repent, detain u under isa until u repent.
  18. when limpeh heard his investment philosophy in 2019, limpeh faint.
  19. nb, all u disobedient pappy serfs!!!!!! later Ah Kong summon all of u for midnite rally @12am, then u all cry!!!!!!!!
  20. jin kumgong. 50yr bond to fund what infra also never state. only kumgongs will buy in rising interest rate environment. https://www.spglobal.com/marketintelligence/en/news-insights/latest-news-headlines/yellen-faces-major-hurdles-to-issue-of-50-year-bond-that-mnuchin-passed-over-62228383
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