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  1. Some context please, u collating all your cai png pic or what?
  2. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C35buFIvawA/?igsh=MTRndjh2Y2JtYmpneQ== Jiak kaya loti kym?
  3. FA CUP QUARTER-FINAL DRAW Wolves vs Coventry City Manchester United vs Liverpool Chelsea vs Leicester City Manchester City vs Newcastle United Wolves and Coventry sure happy...dodge all the big guns
  4. Yes sir. This weekend update once i try update.
  5. Today going to collect sim cards
  6. Veron also big flop...was so powerful and good at Parma and Lazio
  7. The kopitiam next to the macpherson zichar...i dunno the name haha
  8. hahaha yeah then they use pigu smash your face
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