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  1. Yes but the person serving me siam bu…taiwan inspired thai operated foodie hah
  2. lok bak w tau kee, tau pok, mushroom and fungus...$5 from army market
  3. Sibei zhun, Japan did a Saudi. Dunno tmr the emperor will declare ph bo
  4. I tried once only and went back to my regular kopi. I find the coffee alright but for the price, not so worth it.
  5. I just bought Denmark 2-0 and 1-1. Good luck all.
  6. Good call for both. I picked up on holland 2-0 score. Usa i skip coz dunno how wales will play after 64 years absence.
  7. You are right. Yesterday like watching sleague match. Haha
  8. I think England will be sluggish in their performance...will struggle to post a narrow win
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