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  1. Long time bo jiak milo....yeah think need 1-2hrs sista, sunday rest day...tmr back to work
  2. Body clock issue...auto wake up around this 8...think later afternoon need to take a nap Yeah ate one prata egg...how about u?
  3. What is akk? I assume u dun like muay chee and mochi too?
  4. The flop of the season. Harry Potter goes down at home to Good Ebening.
  5. https://youtu.be/a4RWBkCU-mc Best game of the night. Brighton comes back 3 times to draw 3-3 with Brentford.
  6. New manager bounce for Palace with vital 2-1 win. Foxes slipped down into relegation zone.
  7. @XianGe Arsenal going stride to stride with MC
  8. Ow then i have to ask why...hahaha U dun like the glutinous surface?
  9. Outfit ky, face looks a bit blur blur or is it cock eyed
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