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  1. Watching this Luxembourg show, Capitani, on Netflix About a 15yo girl found dead in the woods and her sister missing in this sleepy town. The detective assigned to it uncovers more with each episode...so far half way thru the season...still quite engaging
  2. Where to watch this? Syfy is the company that always produce ott monster flicks haha
  3. SINGAPORE: About 1,700 flats were surrendered to the Housing and Development Board (HDB) in the past five years, with most being short-lease flats, said Senior Minister of State for National Development Sim Ann on Tuesday (Mar 2). She was responding to a Parliamentary question by MP Gan Thiam Poh (PAP-Ang Mo Kio) during the Ministry of National Development's Committee of Supply debate. Mr Gan had asked for the number of flats resold to HDB, the reason why the flats were resold, and if HDB would consider offering these flats on its open booking system. Half
  4. Got this urban legend bo? Sneeze once - someone thinking of u Sneeze twice - someone talking bad about you Sneeze many times - u r sick, go see doc
  5. U song sia...i still serve 10 cycles of reservist...i take it as catch up with my army frens and get away from work
  6. 406 Tampines St 41, the lontong $3 nia...the zhup is good...recommend u to try Semi warrior lor
  7. This one at 400+. The cherry tomatoes i add one. Got a lot, need to finish.
  8. Got smell can apply already ma...the deodorant can last a few days depending on the weather
  9. Use deodorant lor...SG humid country...the smell from sweat and lack of airing sure have
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