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  1. The body fap...jippun mm all like very bubbly
  2. Multiple police reports made Yahoo News Singapore has seen police reports filed by five female ex-students – filed between 13 July and 29 August this year – which detail alleged incidents dating back to November last year. All five women, aged in their 20s and 30s, reported that the male instructor had touched their private parts while assisting them with yoga positions. One woman felt his hand on her crotch as she was performing a handstand while another claimed that the man had smacked her on her buttocks while she was performing an inversion. Most said that they were uncomfortable with the touches but had brushed them off – they said they were not experienced yoga practitioners and had trusted the instructor. The man also apparently acted as if nothing untoward had happened after the alleged acts. It was only after one of the alleged victims took to social media to air her grievances that the other women started to think that the man’s actions could have been deliberate. The first alleged victim took to Instagram to detail two acts of sexual harassment that occurred during a class on 11 July this year. While in a forward fold, she said the teacher had smacked her left buttock. Later, as she did an inversion, the teacher allegedly stroked her buttocks and crotch area. The woman said she was stunned by the teacher’s actions and experienced bad anxiety thereafter. The following day, when she confronted the studio owners, the latter allegedly deflected the accusations by claiming that the teacher was a good instructor with a strong base of followers. On 3 August, the studio published a statement on its Facebook page, saying that it took the sexual misconduct allegations seriously and that the teacher had been placed on a leave of absence pending internal investigations. The statement added that the studio would “further strengthen internal reporting mechanisms to ensure optimal learning environment for our students”. In a second statement on 25 August, the studio said that it had added more CCTVs on its premises and refined its standard operating procedures on reporting and complaint resolution. It also raised concerns about the way staff members and a student was “publicly attacked online for speaking up for the accused (teacher)” in a Facebook post. Source: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/trust-yoga-instructor-sues-exstudent-claims-harassment-in-wake-of-alleged-sexual-misconduct-saga-134539089.html
  3. SINGAPORE — A co-founder of Trust Yoga has begun legal proceedings against a former student in the latest development following molest allegations against one of the yoga studio’s male instructors. Yoga instructor Wong Shiou An, who co-owns the business with fellow instructor Manoj Kumar Deshwal, has accused Judy Ni Chia Min of harassing her in the aftermath of allegations that Trust had mishandled sexual misconduct complaints involving one of its teachers. The allegations and complaints were made public on social media, where it subsequently went viral, in late July. The male yoga teacher at the centre of the molest allegations has been placed on a leave of absence. When contacted, Ni told Yahoo News Singapore that Wong commenced legal proceedings against her under the Protection from Harassment Act. According to her, the suit referred to a Facebook post and Google review she made after her request for a refund of membership fees was denied. Ni stopped attending classes at Trust after the sexual conduct allegations came to light. Students unable to get refunds Like Ni, a number of students have tried unsuccessfully to get refunds from Trust following the allegations of sexual misconduct. When contacted, Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) executive director Loy York Jiun said that from 13 July to 23 September, a total of 11 complaints were filed against Trust. Consumers reported that they were unable to terminate their arrangements with Trust or get a refund for unused sessions, Loy said. The complaints include how their contractual agreement did not have a refund policy. The students had wanted to terminate their memberships because of the sexual misconduct allegations, Loy added. CASE advises consumers to understand and agree with the terms of any contract before signing a package. A 29-year-old female former member, who made a police report alleging that she too was a victim of molest by the same instructor at the centre of the saga, said that she messaged Wong on 6 August to demand a refund of her membership fees. However, Wong had asked her to sign a termination form which included the sentence: “She requests to terminate the membership after an allegation on one of our instructors was reported by other [sic] member.” The woman has an unused package worth $1,782 that was supposed to have begun in mid-August. When she questioned Wong about the clause, Wong allegedly stopped replying to her texts. The woman, who works in the financial industry, then turned to CASE for help but that too proved futile. She has since lodged a case with the Small Claims Tribunal. “To be honest it’s not about the money at this point... it’s about fighting for what is right. If I don’t do something about it, it means I condone (it)... I’m willing to pay the money or whatever it takes to fight (this),” she said. She added that “it’s not just about me anymore”. “Besides myself, I think I’m also speaking up for... people who have been through this but may not be able to come forward.” She said that the instructor had smacked her buttocks during a class in mid-November last year.
  4. https://www.ifvod.tv/detail?id=9LaUkR67LID 叶秋 is back...pkpkpkpkpk
  5. Siam disco only been to New York Hotel one...i am innocent one leh...hahaha
  6. Yeah i was also thinking about it...how short the shirt have to be to take from under? and how big the boobs to push the shirt out?
  7. SINGAPORE — A Nanyang Technological University (NTU) undergraduate who took illicit videos of 335 women over six months was jailed for nine months and three weeks on Wednesday (23 September). When Shaun Ho Yan Liang, 26, was caught filming under the shirt of a woman, he was later found to have 459 other videos of a similar nature in his phone. He had targeted women both on and off his school campus, including a laboratory of the National Institute of Education’s School of Science, and an overhead bridge located at the North Spine of Nanyang Technological University. A psychology student at NTU, Ho would also film his classmates during lessons. Addressing the court on Wednesday, Ho, who has been diagnosed with deviancy associated with voyeurism, said that he felt much fear when he was arrested two years ago. “But also at that moment of time, for that moment, I felt a very huge sense of relief as well that I don’t have to commit these offences (again),” he said. Ho said he owed an apology to all those he had hurt, including his loved ones. “My apology now can’t undo many of the things I had done…(I) will continue with my treatment to ensure this doesn’t happen again.” His lawyer Kalaithasan Karuppaya also amended his mitigation. While he told the court at the last hearing that his client had only attended five sessions of counselling, Ho corrected him to say that he had attended at least 27 counselling sessions and nine consultations. In sentencing Ho, District Judge (DJ) Adam Nakhoda said he agreed with the prosecution’s description of the aggravating factors. Ho was a persistent and habitual offender who also took a brazen approach to his offences. He accepted that Ho had pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity and fully cooperated with the authorities. He agreed with the prosecution that there was no link drawn between Ho’s scholastic excellence and his potential to be rehabilitated, even though Kalaithasan had previously pointed out that Ho was a “bright individual”. DJ Nakhoda also noted that Ho had sought to mend his ways and continued to attend counselling sessions, but gave little weight to his psychiatric condition. Facts of the case Ho previously pleaded guilty to one charge of insulting the modesty of a woman by taking five illicit videos of her at NTUC Fairprice in EastPoint Mall, one charge of intruding the privacy of 334 unidentified women by capturing 459 videos of them, and one charge of possessing 106 obscene films under the Films Act. A charge of possessing 158 pirated films was taken into consideration. Between 2 February and 22 July 2018, Ho would look out for attractive women dressed in shorts or skirts. He would then approach them and either squat or stand close, with his mobile phone camera aimed towards her private parts. To conceal his actions, he would use an application that made the screen blank while he was recording. At times, he would trail his victim for a while. After taking the videos, he would derive pleasure from viewing them privately. Ho was caught on 22 July 2018 when a victim noticed him pacing around her and her boyfriend while at the NTUC supermarket at Eastpoint mall. She told her boyfriend that Ho was following them and they kept an eye on him. From 8.40pm to 8.55pm, Ho followed the victim and filmed 10 videos under her shirt and of her buttocks. At one point, the victim’s boyfriend caught Ho in the act and detained him. He reported the offence to the store’s security officer, who lodged a police report. After Ho was arrested, his laptop was seized and 106 pornographic videos were found. He admitted to downloading them in 2018. Ho will be subject to NTU’s disciplinary proceedings following the conclusion of his court case.
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