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  1. can resist that pg? https://www.instagram.com/reel/C7MIXb-SH8Z/
  2. let's just hope as things in general gets worse and worse, it will not ghost to the point whereby life ish threatened
  3. ya sometimes the link will keep jumping. for moi it's ok thus no mention b4.
  4. pep waiting for the 115 charges to conclude
  5. bought this cheap also from factory sale last time...
  6. BM sia suay to the max lol lost 4-2 when leading 2-0 on final game and ish 3rd!!! gxgx again leverkuku!
  7. as usual, the defence from sleague ish lol but yes nice game with many goals, watching the youtube live game comment window ish most entertaining
  8. after beo a while, looks like a man. 'insert man man man gif'
  9. this tay ish never chio for moi eye since young, thus the ang moh for moi
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