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  1. So disappointing yet not surprised
  2. There are a few nkers who see it. Got kbw ears and face shape especially i think she is that fugly
  3. Im happy tcb is getting youngsters interested in voting by doing social media etc.
  4. Xmm? All i see is khaw boon wan wearing a wig
  5. I had a slice of chocolate pie for dessert. I try not to overeat
  6. India? Simple! Come to Singapore! Citizenship, condo and 5 figure jobs easy to get! while Singaporeans average pay is only $4,500 and struggle to afford BTO in Slumkang
  7. No. I dont rook rike siaolang or go to Clementi MRT
  8. But the price more ex so like macham no 15% off
  9. Feminist Carrie Tan purposely use the word aware on her candidate speech? Lol
  10. I bought other food so share with wife. I pre order so no need queue
  11. Yucks look like Kurt Tay my fave is Foo Mee Har
  12. Me too. Until reach 27 then metabolism failed me. I very heng not buibui now
  13. I think by 35 you will be BBFA once your metabolism slows down 😂😂😂
  14. Wonder if @HarrisY regards the cai png aunty as his gf too?
  15. Sadly he is serious. Gahmen shouldnt allow such ppl to reproduce anymore
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