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  1. Simpur cook fry dishes at restoran cina wats for lunch my royer kgk fans whhh
  2. @CannotTahanLiao 阿中母的屁股洞真好吃哇哈哈!
  3. Kgb zz, wun b so stressed if chiu oso adopt my mantra of... WERK ISH 4 DKGK/B WHHH!
  4. Near 40yo aunty wear lo cut show perfume kym whhh
  5. Jalan from here To here kym @meng.huat gps can activate at nite?
  6. Says the one wif a spastic dog face dats y chiur wife see chiur spastic dog face cannot get wet but becum dryer den Sahara whhh
  7. Whhh jin kinky My atb gf rike jogging. I ask to mit her right after jogging so dat I can suck her sweaty armpits n pgd whhh kym
  8. Kgk, I prefer my atb to be sweaty n smelly den suck her pgd moar song
  9. Whhh jkg Aunty wear yoga gear jiak eyes krim kym
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