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  1. @socrates469bc, y so shy to sic chiur atb gf ad wif me leh? Mai selfish rah after dat we can compare notes whhh
  2. Less den 24 owls b4 becuming a dskk again whhh Blainless leetarded dog @The_King excite to go to school again?
  3. Ddr kgk, if chiu dun tok, no bardie will say chiu mute rah whhh @The_King
  4. Simpur cook fry dinn Wat did my royal kgk sarpokers jiak?
  5. Juz woke up from 2 owl sista Jin emose dat the dkg wkend ish here again, feel rike crying rike a dkgk
  6. kgb ah soh @socrates469bc pls take note
  7. Whhh jsk gps Going home for 3 owls sista after dis coz WERK ISH 4 DKGKS WHHH!
  8. Wassup my royal kgk fans on dis hot Fri morleng? Whhh Cum here lim amdk kopi peng kym? Ani huan noe where?
  9. Repetition in people with dementia Key messages Memory problems in dementia often cause people to repeat themselves. This may test our patience, but there are various things we can do to help. Memories that are shared frequently are often very significant for the person. People with dementia often repeat words or actions, and this is because of problems with short-term memory caused by dementia. Although this can be difficult, we can respond more effectively if we take notice of the feelings and needs behind the repetition. https://www.scie.org.uk/dementia/living-with-dementia/difficult-situations/repetition.asp Kgb ah soh @socrates469bc, mabbe chiu shd go for medical juz in case whhh
  10. kgb ah soh, chiu press chiur calf against chiur hamstring when chiu sit rike dis chiur leg oso will becum 'muscular' leh chiu trying to vie for whos the most wif chiur kgk buddy ? @The_King
  11. What to Do When a Senior Repeats the Same Things Over and Over One sign of the aging brain is repeating things more often, especially stories and questions. There are reasons for this that are not related to progressive conditions like dementia, but in either case, repetition can get old very quickly. Even the most experienced and patient family caregivers occasionally struggle to hide their frustration. While there is no easy fix for this trying side effect of aging, a change in attitude and some proven strategies can help you keep your cool and preserve your loved one’s dignity. https://www.agingcare.com/articles/elders-repeating-the-same-story-146023.htm kgb ah soh @socrates469bc pls take care, hope itz not dementia whhh
  12. Whhh dis kgk jin weak, jiak 2 dishes nia, guy jiak so little rike cag liddat Dskk jiak cai png ish at least 4 dishes huan whhh
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