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  1. if sinkies go buy tw pineapples, i wonder HK custom want to confiscate what items next....
  2. are there bonus points if u see skid marks when pull down the panties?
  3. the principal is her subscriber... every night fap to her... every morning see her send kids to school, BTH... balls pain
  4. i thought they say ear itchy is someone missing you?
  5. 406 tampines so far! next time if got trip to 10kkj, I try. U follow minah home is it?
  6. where is 400+? karli zhup looks good. R U warrior in real life?
  7. is it true they more fun loving and adventurous compared to the majority race?
  8. this looks jhj... u converting soon? need to cut kkb skin.
  9. soon siam kias will come back sg be construction workers.
  10. Thanks for the heads up... No wonder mnay elders around me been coughing...
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