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  1. knn... today atb all full house... cannot find booking...
  2. 1 lonely boy go parklane jiak... met your atb after the meal?
  3. little young boy but use old people orbit handphone case... my grandma also hiam orbit.
  4. gone were the happy days where boys spend their days in HC...
  5. KGK where got full? you got request kitchen to add rice for you? or after this restoran, u go kopitiam jiak pork chop add rice?
  6. wow... u actually CSI @Homelander zodiac?? damn gay sia....
  7. i think he is 30... but dont bully him la... he is trying very hard to find a stable job after ORD.
  8. ok. we continue both sides... here and NK JYJ thread.
  9. too expensive for a plastic electronic watch. i cant afford.
  10. kurt also banned at the moment... whats up with that place? only want SJW posts?
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