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  1. i automatic think of your hubby role play carnage with you... the slime, the overpowering strength... the long tongue...
  2. maybe uncle just want to exercise and keep fit... 88 years young, maybe next SEA games, he can represent SG.
  3. 2 community cases among 18 new COVID-19 infections in Singapore, including Changi Airport cleaner and NSF SINGAPORE: Two community cases were among the 18 new COVID-19 infections reported in Singapore as of noon on Thursday (May 6). The cases involve a cleaner deployed to Changi Airport Terminal 3 and a full-time national serviceman (NSF), said the Ministry of Health (MOH). One of the new community cases is an 88-year-old Singaporean who is employed by Ramky Cleantech Services as a cleaner and deployed at Changi Airport Terminal 3. He had not gone to work after the onset of symp
  4. China spies researchers working overtime now!
  5. kumgong to trust the corrupted snakes to distribute the aid equally... corruption is one thing... their honesty and trustworthiness are pit bottom
  6. there was a period, each share was less than $1... cheaper than Wanbao!!
  7. I take umbrage at her dancing! She is grooving much better than girls halff her age!!
  8. Champions league final become FA cup final
  9. maybe insecticide caused his heart attack? kumgong kia
  10. i think the 4 at the end hints of fantastic 4
  11. Why is it acceptable for CNA to report UK, Indian, South African, Brazilian variants? But some people make so much complains when someone brings up Wuhan? Hypocrites. 为啥可以把变种病毒的源头国 报出来,“英国,印度,南非, 巴西”? 可是又不能说病毒的源头地呢?? 这不就是双标吗?
  12. Too much pressure on him, with the "2nd gen" tag... This "2nd gen" tag is damn stupid. It should not have a place in meritocratic SG. Just let the youth do their own things la... But the 160th ranked media keep harping about this "2nd gen" as if it is something very hip... why didn't they dare to tag Lee Hsien Loong as 2nd gen Lee?
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