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  1. can see her neh neh in this clip... why her Fendi top so jialat? total flat.
  2. almost lost control. need to clench my muscles...
  3. the last part when music stop, i steam abit... her face like going to hit orgasm... push harder...
  4. ya.... that irritating BTSS who wants to chat with every one and cant stop talking... sometimes u just need 5 mins alone... and he don't allow that.
  5. NK going woke... all chio bu neh neh deleted... welcome NK refugees !!
  6. @classyNfabulous kurt tay cut hair already... as i sayed earlier. 1 shot cut clean.
  7. his bian tai behaviour coming back... i guess he will go for neh neh implants soon...
  8. Edgar Davids neh neh looks big and solid... wesley sneijder is almost a BBFA...
  9. Edgar Davids on the bench... old uncle already....
  10. wonder will she still smile if she knows kurt masturbates 3x a day and eats all his semen.
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