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  1. at least uncle still got happy memories which he is proud of. 老了没有回忆 不要紧 留下一大堆后悔 就惨了
  2. if walk to her house drenched from head to underwear... will be jin loser sia... she will know u dont drive your own car and talk to u less... looks very keyi... from where? sic location bky... use meitu fixed photo still so chuiz.... real person will send xdd into coma. if i am tomy, i will be glad. at least my dear son not the ultimate kg... he knows how to find pgd to jiak... i prefer a tiko son than a kgk who only knows how to jiak cai png kay png.
  3. hahaha.... tomy didnt know his kim kia so satki... every week jiak ATB PGD 2-3 times.
  4. jin kg sia... at least i can drive my own satki vezel
  5. Goood morning! Looking forward to see my atb gf tonight!
  6. $6 for this is expensive. is there something i missed? this WTM looks like dabao from somewhere. quickly eat it, if not will be not nice.
  7. jin kumgong leh... how to watch j drama discreetly?
  8. r u on diet? eat so little? egg ko lo yok kar lee cai kar lee kway $4.50 only shuai ge. dont know where. not enough data why u snipe muscular man? Mai CAG rah!!!
  9. if jiak the cockroach, then is non vegan wor... green peace will hunt u down.
  10. was the peanut ice karchng still open when u went? tg pager market got good and affordable food. in b4 @HarrisY come in to claim his turf
  11. he last time went everton park mah... that time still got business. now he hang out golen mao
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