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  1. bottom right... is that a christian priest praying for them? can meh?? the christian boss no problem??
  2. why they like to make that ghey face with their lips and eyes?
  3. i told her to follow if she want to see jokes
  4. i volunteered to buy meals for my entire family... can walk on the empty streets balonglong... is jin song...
  5. oh yea... those food delivery HEROS!! as our MSM labelled them... if they dont deliver, many sinkies will starve.... like SG famine...
  6. there was a young driver late 20, early 30s i engaged to the airport. so we chatted a bit... he insist to me he is not driving full time, this is his side gig for the car... he got his own main business... then we continue chatting... then i found out his "main business". apparently his main business is selling siam amulet online... hmm... as long as he happy.
  7. the GCB guy is jhk... dont need do NS or reservist... those business partners need to go reservist without income.
  8. oh... paiseh... i tot is the traditional wok with 2 ear handles by the sides. I was referring to those black plastic handles https://shopee.sg/product/223216797/7216385896
  9. i notice the plastic insulation breaks the fastest. rivet or welded joints not the weakest point. if plastic broken, riveted joints allows for replacement with spare parts from ABC shop.
  10. the problem is some of them were told they are their own boss. they are business partners, not driving staff.
  11. so big shot, dont drive PHV lo... find your big shot job. change lane, cut queue no need signal one... still want to play brake game.
  12. very happy with her new butthole massager?
  13. Actually CCCP also one kind... TW tibet SCS they make so much noise... 一点都不能少 The face is they lost more land to russia, compared to Tw& tibet & SCS islands all total up. but they diam diam like kitten when facing Putin... now Russia offers to return a bit of the Chinese land, in exchange for money... they happy like bird... but 50 years down the road, Russia will try to claim the land back, by declaring the sale illegal... and threaten war. CCCP LLST lost money and lost land.
  14. not breaking new. A local company already doing it on commercial scale since before COVID https://www.lucence.com/
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