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  1. the principal is her subscriber... every night fap to her... every morning see her send kids to school, BTH... balls pain
  2. i thought they say ear itchy is someone missing you?
  3. 406 tampines so far! next time if got trip to 10kkj, I try. U follow minah home is it?
  4. where is 400+? karli zhup looks good. R U warrior in real life?
  5. is it true they more fun loving and adventurous compared to the majority race?
  6. this looks jhj... u converting soon? need to cut kkb skin.
  7. soon siam kias will come back sg be construction workers.
  8. Thanks for the heads up... No wonder mnay elders around me been coughing...
  9. wood xuan is now a professional baker wor.... Aw, who completed patisserie courses from culinary school Le Cordon Bleu in Bangkok and Tokyo, https://cnalifestyle.channelnewsasia.com/trending/jeanette-aw-opening-own-patisserie-april-or-may-14286266 her copy of the viet bu slang quite good.
  10. nothing tragic. the father wasnt an angel.
  11. i notis many of these artistically talented people got issues... anger management, social behavior or sexual preference... and there are the "normal behaving" people who are less talented but pretend to be there, because they got pretty faces...
  12. this time really can shoot the rabbits on moon
  13. personally eaten their food before. i think it tasted quite average, maybe people hyped the brand because it has a long history. I observed that their business has been falling over the years. I think it is very challenging to recover the $1m in 3 years. The owner's children must be very satki to have no interest in the opportunity to profit 1m in 3 years. or maybe the children don't believe the 1m can be recovered in 3 years?
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