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  1. U hit the nail... They've been test balloon for a while... Basically sb61 will still foot the bill even though all their food increase price bcos of these taxes
  2. Means they gave wrong data to cover their tracks... It's weird they r in jb.. even amateurs will know to go somewhere quiet n hide .. plus the wife is a pro conwoman... She knows the to do n not to... come jb n get caught looks more like putting on a show ... Can guarantee majority of the $$$ gone...
  3. They already planned liao... Now ish see how many yrs they nid seat in Changi chalet
  4. And coke no sugar in sinkieland is fugging sexpensive.... If garment wan ppl reduce sugar this ish notch encouraging...
  5. They don't need population.... They r tiongland's wasteland
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