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  1. XianGe

    New Flat Nightmare

    But highest bidder wins for the project... Then internally sure lowest subcontractor wins
  2. XianGe

    New Flat Nightmare

    Wow.. rubbish level of building... Is dbss? Erection time.... Tell her mp ..
  3. Abit late... Cos amdk $$$ already flowed to tiongland pocket... Giving them power... Only way is amdk sexport porn the tiongland
  4. Bkok needs tiongland tourism $$$ so they wun flex muscle like bro xi..
  5. The amdk kept feeding the dragon in slumber so they r the ones who created the monster... Now monster woke and play risk with real world map liao lo... Songbo..
  6. https://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/ Play in Portugal
  7. iB FB page... Reading their post will eye roll 360degrees Another one is fabrication of pp
  8. Need a wall to prevent ppl from Juslum infecting other ppl
  9. So is bcos of bad treatment or need $$$? If ish $$$ then still can solve by up $$$ like they always do to prevent corluption...
  10. Recently standchart credit card promo giving Jabra 75t free for new sign up...
  11. Ippudo tanjong pagar got branch oso
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