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  1. If she show 1/2 ball I might watch finish the beedio
  2. Beijing capital international airport...
  3. "I only ever had experience from rentmen. Saw his profile and thought he was hot. Messaged him on WhatsApp to confirm price then he send me his hotel address. Met at lobby and brought me to his room. I placed money on the table then we got down to business" He gay?
  4. Not sure how real ish tis account but if real the mom ica should review his pass
  5. Now ish super sensitive super woke...
  6. Didn't exact sexplain but guess it drop from ceiling and hit the woman then half dead
  7. The sinkies pwn sinkies mentality lo.. anything also buay song
  8. There also hab boomers always talking abt same thing. Its like recorder kept repeating n pcw...
  9. Pwns those who has existing sea view cos they gave themselves option to build waterfront living Must thank those who voted for east coast plan
  10. Extreme.... Not his country care so much for wat...
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