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  1. Amdk still better... They will still take part in these clubs.. sinkies will jz say these no value.. they rather watch TT or play crypto
  2. Maybe most guys watch alot shows so wan gentle but sexpect them to be wild ..
  3. He former prosecutor so probably used alot more foul words
  4. Daily pewpewpew .. chiu notch gng die tomorrow so jz keep n go range lo
  5. Gxgx can book cheekon pewpewpew...
  6. Yup... It's obvious case of bad customer service.... Tis company still can be so guailan.... If they don't provide tis type of service can simply just reply they don't rather than act smart asking ppl read their website...
  7. To solve this he can jz move to the coldest place in mother larssia.... But his rationale of multi Aircon + wear thick clothes logic abit hard to add up...
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