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  1. Watch a bit here and there The previous army drama one i got watch. See 帅哥 inside
  2. The Dr got ask you to go for follow up?
  3. I domt have any issur with Jt express leh The lady who delivered my items is very responsible, she place my parcel safely
  4. Bky. But at least he can dance better than me
  5. Which zeh zeh inside here you think is kym?
  6. What symptoms u experience?
  7. pangsai in toilet la. But funny lor the window is opposit the porcelain throne leh
  8. Btw.. u previously say u got some heart issue is it?
  9. No contract. I wanted to resign then but boss ask me if can stay Yes. Pangsai in there
  10. No more Now another place. Wahhaah
  11. Jus a few months ago, i was given an advice because i been told i am lacking for my age, and i don't have a career. So i jus say" we need to know what we really want in life, need to figure out" . LOL.. it is pointless if you just wanna meet life achievement for the sake of meeting. I think that we shouldn't put "expiry" on certain matters, it will happen means it will happen
  12. I see i see Sometimes i do admire high achieving people, but at times i wonder is there anything they sacrifice to be at that level. And other times i will think that meaning of life is much more than just achievements, it will be totally pointless if whole life is all about achievements and you lost your inner meaning in life.
  13. I see i see But you achieve much because of your waifu right? Your waifu very driven kinda woman
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