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  1. I went TOG at PS the other day and saw some pre owned ones
  2. You usually buy from which shop? Which of the games can play offline? I thinking of second hand cartridge bcps jus games only no need brandnew
  3. Does the cartridge nintendo game need wifi or internet or only those dl from the eshop?
  4. Some switch games doesnt work offline. I looking for the ones that can play offline. And i notice it keep getting disconnected if far from wifi
  5. I just bought a Switch Lite yesterday at Popular bookstore. Have sales for member
  6. Got one scene Joel chan character bite Shaun lips but they cut off that scene and didnt broadcast it. After that, show Shaun tam holding his lips and in tears
  7. Who watch this drama? @ODACHEK got watch ma? Now i always look at Shaun tam 😍😍
  8. Cheh. Drive helicopter more satki
  9. Lao uncle drive simi car? Why don't sit helicopter leh?
  10. No la. They performing caterpillar dance for their class lesson
  11. I not so sure how to order from Taobao Aliexpress go or not?
  12. No la. The xdd student give her one la
  13. She very happy bcos her student say she is a very good teacher and gave her the watch as a thank you gift
  14. The student is uni student is it? Or mid career student?
  15. Where is this plqce? Have office kor kor inside
  16. Ok. I get it When you sneeze, you use her photo and blow your pisai on it ah?
  17. Print out on glossy paper and bring to school on teacher day to ask for her autograph
  18. My current watch is this Keyima? I got it from Lazada last year during 11.11
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