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    Nong time no post. Moi bergin post of 2020 will be moi chaotah cheesecake using airfryer~ recipe can be found here:
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    Of all people u ask a KGK... he dont spend his own money... And he dont cook his own meals. U think he knows how much vegetables cost?
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    You know who went science park recently???
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    I was stunted like veg when i saw these stunning pics... for much less than $3k a mth, i can get better quality, quantity, variety. Go ahead and judge me.
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    The interaction and bantering lor, thats the main thing. This is what a forum should be about...members of the community coming together and engaging with one another. Secondly, the cai png pics.
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    @HarrisY my buibui lunch kym? honey bbq chicken with mash and potato salad
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    Sounds good, think season 1 is about kgk discovering his sexual preference...some convenient plot have kgk fell down and his tongue stuck in a atb pigu...then cause an awakening...this is his higher calling in life! Pigu dong!!! Here i cum!!!! AAAAAAAhhhhh!!!!
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    Wahaha Cai Png Ong ish back! Juz nao Tomy bring us to jiak restoran Diam diam rah my loyal kgk followers mai small ting nia jjww rah
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    knn all these kgk and kgb where are the atb and cai png ? so off topic ! @HarrisY why ur kg army lidat 1 . still want recruit ppl !!
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    KGK @HarrisY fantasy is to suck his math teacher PGD like an industrial vacuum cleaner.
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    either your air kon dirty, not cold liao or maria bui ba a lot...keep u sibei warm until dun nid blanket...wahaha
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    i never find cheekon, dont know what talking about. my mama say to keep my virginity for my wife.
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    I will oso cry rike a dkgk when I can finally mit my atb gf again n taste her delish pgd haiz dunno when dis will happen @meng.huat @socrates469bc @Homelander
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    Like tht also cry. Not as if the beancurd house close down for good
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    Tomolo moi will be standing at the window waiting for 7:55pm becos moi neighbor always shower at this time, free show.
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    Not the young. Not the old. Not the athletes. Not the healthy eaters. It's the nerds, the social misfits, socially awkward colleagues whom you don't even remember their names. The otakus, the tinder swiped lefts, the society rejects. Yea that's right. They are the ones you won't even stand close to on the bus, the ones you won't share a lift with. They have no place to go except stay alone in their rented room, or their parents basement where even the virus shun. They got no parties to attend, no high school get-togethers to be at; their soulmate is only solitude. Yet these are the ones who will survive this pandemic with ease with just a computer and working internet. Food is merely calories in some form. They don't even need to weigh in the macronutrients or whether it's roasted, baked or stewed. ...... So yeah we watching you socialites from afar, from a safe social distance, and we wait. We wait however long it takes. We alone, but we survive. One day, just one day, introverts and social distancing will be the norm. We be waiting.
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    Jiak Ice cream on rainy day... Spotted a newly opened place that sells gelato. Wide selections made in-house. Got the soursop mint... Refreshing... Go try it before it gets crowded. 802 North Bridge Rd, #01-01, Singapore 198770
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    Scots monument and sights along the way to Edinburgh castle
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    Teach proper foreplay in sexual education and not "BAM BAM BAM! Look how huge I am!" and that percentage will increase greatly.
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    Kgk has been mia for 4 hours. Let's hope he is safe #pray4harris
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    got my good friend wayne in the show.
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    Ok guys dont think you are hooking atb on wechat now. Could be your wife trying to hook up with men but acting like atb. @socrates469bc maybe can confirm.
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