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  1. had this problem too, eventually fixed this by not wearing any
  2. unfortunately as of now the API is restricted by facebook, but I'm still keeping an eye out for any changes.
  3. ask Whatsapp users to join here instead
  4. pls check if you have hit the attachment quota..
  5. done. let me see you hit 1,000 a day btw this upgrade applies to all members
  6. official response: do not know how you managed to max out 100 reactions in a day, but I've doubled that for you. unofficial response: dunno wtf u do until burst quota smlj
  7. not sure how to help there as i cant replicate this on my non OPPO phone. perhaps there are some "data saver" settings on the browser app that might cause this issue?
  8. what mobile browser are you using? i have no issues with mobile Chrome / Firefox
  9. except it was cloudflare issue lol. server's fine and oversized
  10. let me know roughly what smiley you are looking at and I'll try to replace this
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