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  1. Guess Where Sinkie is Ranked????? Hint Below - Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia & India.... https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/democracy-index-by-country #songboh
  2. Democracy Index: conflict and polarisation drive a new low for global democracy Thu, 15th Feb 2024 https://www.eiu.com/n/democracy-ind...isation-drive-a-new-low-for-global-democracy/ https://www.eiu.com/n/campaigns/dem...medium=blog&utm_campaign=democracy-index-2023
  3. Thanks for the info. Wah you really love Vietnam.. You champion nah!! I went to some in HCM, interesting setup.. I dont even drink much and i dont smoke or take pills, Most 1 pint of beer niah. That's why i dont go KTV .... BUt i love women!!!! I find HCM is too CBD like. What you think (women and lifestyle) of Danang or central part of Vietnam? I think i must take tutorial on Vietnam from you! Gam meng!!
  4. This is evidence that our parliament is run by monkeys! Incompetent yet still want to lie! cheehongturd is just another variety of Perhaps 61% is so dumb that Poopies just keep going! This type of minister wont make it as a manager in Most MNCs especially those paper xia xuay generals! No accountability, No capability, No transparency! No Hope liao!
  5. I find this Bak chor mee better then the Geyland Lor 2X! The chili damn spicy! Shiok. Sinkies are damn Apple lah, not happy dont buy loh! Kao peh for what! Typical 69% poopies voter! Not happy still buy, no wonder poopies treat Sinkies as fools! ROD loh!!
  6. I seen her! Very hot lady. Want to ask Fandi Jr can share share a not?
  7. Wah you 👑 champion liao lah! HUAT AHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  8. I been to HCM only 2X, yet i still dont know where is beer garden leh! Pai seh... All those places you mentioned i have no idea where also! Went to this place call Apocalypse (i think) and another time a group of viet bu took me to disco place in some location where alot of disco open till morning. Dont know the name also., drink too much su su liao. I dont like to join tour group unless cant help it. I like OTOT, But if got F&E bike tour with rider then can try. But in vietnam, many con Kai/bu leh! See me like big target, can feed whole village eat 1 month or kidnap me put me in some remote village to servicing ah mah! BTW northern vietbus more fair skin and pretty right? Body also takbuleh tahan
  9. Also pay attention to the ongoing changes/new on "security" by-laws! Its all part of the whole "Command & control" strategy! Sinkies are clueless, cant join the dots and see the whole picture one!
  10. Yes i know. Thats why in my case i feel for now the insta Go2 is my sweet spot. Otherwise, google glass!
  11. This is just an excuse. Like i posted in my thread, is the Top down mentality! They just assume they can just force their way in expecting sinkies are sheeps! But sheeps blar blar too loud liao! So poopies worry loose votes! Poopies also know 40M also not their money, they also no need to Hari Kiri. Still get their Million $ pay! Just screw sinkies and increase GST some more loh! #songboh
  12. The disco there is like kind of 1970s! I prefer those chill place. Also not into KTV. HCM i only been to District 1 but i know is tourist area! Any easy to get around area? I actually no need tour guide, i can google and go F&E. I dont know and no guts to rent and ride motor bike there. So hope to find vietbu who can fetch me around loh! maybe can massage each other too!
  13. Yah but the button cam no wireless leh!
  14. Saw the thread in NK. Sinkies blaming IT for the Simply debacle and trying to solve the puzzle. When the issue is the Man on top NEVER Intended to have that feature (fare cost & Balance) available. This was already decided in the beginning. Aunty Jo from team poopies go Davos will mentioned Sg is on forefront with Blockchain, AI, AGI, cyber security,....... LTA's plan is: 1) Gov managed Central eWallet system (Probably self claim world 1st) 2) Push for 60% user rate (claim majority infavor for simply ) 3) Force balance ezlink users to transition to simply . (just like C19 vaccination, just like those who dont take vaccination, cant go to work. So those who dont use , do get to use MRT ). This is the Poopies mindset all along. Take it or ..... These elitist politician are too big headed to listen to daft sinkies! They know pay Millions to ministers so there will be no corruption (who the one got charged for it ah?), only fools will believe this and there are like 69% of sheeps! #songboh Haiz ya... Sg is doom liao! Quickly take cpf money and run!
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