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  1. I missed the old school pasar malam! Our geyland serai always got cute minahs! There mutate, Sg import ah! Lai ah lai ah!!!!!
  2. I seen many co-working space, only 1 or 2 locally has a good ecosystem! Most are just office rentals like those that has been around for decades Wangs, Regus, Servcorp....... They are just categorizing themselves for higher valuation!
  3. Drink liao will glow! Cancer... primer! I feel sad, the seafood will will be screwed! Korea, china, HK, vietnam.... will be compromised!
  4. Bigbird

    Chiwit Thai

    They look like these 2.
  5. Wah... shiok lah! Pasar malam! Everyone is having C19 fatique liao! I also sian of talking about C19.
  6. Anyone have any experience in buying Gold or silver bullions? what are the other fees besides the weight of PM?
  7. AT least those guys have a choice!
  8. https://www.moh.gov.sg/news-highlights/ Credit NK seePyou
  9. Bigbird

    Chiwit Thai

    How's the malls managing? All open? Are the malls packed & people are happy mingling?
  10. Has Uber ever been profitable for investors? The founders definitely milk it big time!!!
  11. @The_King Thanks for this! So 21g is how many teaspoon?
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