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  1. XiaXuay" many many... Same same but....
  2. Perhaps Xiaxuay was unhappy he didnt get to be president and have been waiting since 2018 for this opportunity to take a dig at her! #Sibehxiaxuay
  3. How this Xia Xuay guy become a scholar and a minster of Edu ah?? The whole world will think that all Sinkie IQ is at this level leh! Never fail to keep "xia-xuaying" Sinkies!!
  4. How different are these 2 pictures? OK. NK got 2 statues. SG also can have 2, 1 the father, the other for Son! Same same. #songboh p.s. Sinkies easy to control, use cpf! every day u bow, get gst voucher $1.
  5. Boss no hurry leh. i know u busy with your new home. Just prioritize your own activities. Please keep updating your new flat reno activities. I learn new things everyday and very interesting! jia yu! p.s. dont forget to roll xmm in pineapple cosplay. "8K" video please.
  6. You should know poopies pattern from history liao! Tio bo Mr Gan? NO BLAME CULTURE!
  7. When it comes to kids being bullied, its hard for any parents to take this lying down! i can say for me, 1. (option for me) is an eye for an eye! 2 refer to 1 please
  8. OK. Can KIV for now till pocket 3! Looking forward to see your GP rig!
  9. From your experience is TB > AE > Shoppii/LAz? ie Cheaper or more varieties
  10. i seen strawberry gen wear Balengciaga print big big walk around and aunties bring LV! Guess get rob also can not loose face one!
  11. Till now i cant figure out how to set to TB to english translate! so give up! Also need to use Alipay or china payment system? Too many "hoops" for me to navigate! So give up liao! AE if can pay by CNY then i can use youtrip to pay in CNY! This is what i thought loh.
  12. CT mall is kind of dark. Did he just "hang" the lens on the zipper head? If in outdoor and the lens are more reflective to sunlight and people are standing around with eyes looking for easy targets and the stuff they carry! like the gypsies in europe or the alibabas in Vietnam, etc
  13. Do you guys still buy from AliExpress or Laz or Shupee? AliExpress is China platform right? Paying in CNY/Rmb is better right? I cnat find CNY/RMB under currency drop down field. How do you pay by CNY/RMB?
  14. Cant hold in hand to film others! Too dangerous! Need to camo it well! So you getting GP ? I think this topic better chat in your thread! Paiseh TS!
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