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  1. hey this 1 sure huat investment! Am sure she's uhnw is 9 digits $$. All your portfolio won't add up to hers right? If not what about
  2. https://www.usnews.com/news/health-news/articles/2021-09-17/fda-vaccine-advisory-committee-rejects-bidens-booster-shot-plan-for-general-population https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/key-fda-advisory-committee-rejects-covid-vaccine-boosters-for-the-general-population
  3. Pfizer COVID-19 third shot: FDA panel rejects boosters for general public https://www.cnet.com/health/pfizer-covid-third-shot-heres-the-latest-after-fda-panel-rejects-boosters-for-general-public/
  4. I hope the ahem dont keep pushing the vax agenda!!!
  5. A Singapore Government Agency Website Toggle navigation Ministry of Health News Highlights SANOTIZE'S NITRIC OXIDE NASAL SPRAY5TH JUL 2021 Name and Constituency of Member of Parliament Mr Leon Perera MP for Aljunied GRC Question No. 758 To ask the Minister for Health whether the Government is evaluating SanOtize's nitric oxide nasal spray (NONS) for use in Singapore and exploring supply agreements if assessed to be safe for use. Written Answer The Ministry of Health closely tracks the available data on the efficacy and safety of COVID-19 vaccine and therapeutics candidates under development globally, including nasal sprays. We take a portfolio approach and enter into agreements with pharmaceutical firms early, once we have identified promising candidates.
  6. Bigbird

    林襄 KYM

    I want to be like @socrates469bc! Have more xmm per session even when he has 1 penis! 💪🏽 my idol 🤟
  7. Zhenghu wants to pawn sinkies. Pass on the cost to sh1tizens! why cant Zhenghu control these fw who wants to job hob during crisis period. same case as domestic workers. pmet who are on contract to work here, should finish the contract like everyone in pmets or else pay compensation or send them back and ban them for the rest of the contract period. Overpriced parachute in "minitures" have no value in the real world.
  8. why no one dares to ask this question? if it can happened in Pfizer, it can also happen in healthcare institutions!
  9. Bigbird

    林襄 KYM

    oh lala... Taiwan girls are very yummy & better assets too.
  10. why cna? Aim higher! it will be better for u if HC notice u instead!
  11. You must be living in a gcb! hope u dont fall sick and cant spend your money! 💪🏽
  12. what they dont tell u!!! these few weeks with hundreds to 1xxx got infected. Among the 100k medical staffs, how many got infected after being vaccinated!
  13. Aussie & NZ have many cheap & good local produce. local wines, beef, lamb, dairies, fruits, vegs, real estates, cleaner air ....... I love it. Am "training" to cook my fav local, so that when I leave. I won't miss local food that much!! I want to be like @Yamato 🤞
  14. why I feel like this driver looks familiar?
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