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  1. Hello, He's repenting level 42 for putting the clown as PM! People says for Family business, its game over by 3 gens. Sg is over in 1 Gen!
  2. Wow...! this is fabulous! I also like to drive this around the world, but i am sure i will be rob of my vehicle. Just need 1 more item to mount this on top Then i can go lah lah lah.....
  3. When AMDK come SH, and speak with LAH, LOH, ..... SInkies so happy and classify them Sinkie & welcome them to their home and gifted their daughters! When i go ENGLAND and speaks Queens English, no AMDK call me Dua KI! KNN! Sinkie really Pinkerton Syndrome!
  4. I think the F&B need to apply for outside sitting. Its not just PG or MG, its people young & old who are generally inconsiderate. Those young learned from their parents and bring along this kuai lan-ness to their old age! They call it their "rights"! There's 1 report a few yrs ago, a pinay got turn back at ICQ in SG, and she complaints its her human right to come into SG! Fascinating!
  5. U need more then paper qualification & smart talking when selling $5-8 food. I think he's has taken a big risk staking his marketing theories to actually livelihood. Good quality food is in itself -self marketing. Hope he really can cook good food. He's competing with a lot of big boys in Hong lim FC! May go and try someday!
  6. Taiwan has 1 way to "fight" back. Keep launching fireworks as a guise for national celelbration in those areas! This will push back the PLA aircrafts! But if kanna suck in the PLA plane air intake, then WW3 liao! ps i also luv twmm!
  7. I am sure the walkway is not their property! This lady is as kwai lan as the jaguar driver!
  8. Am sure the complainant, knows about this claims/police report ! I am sure the TP knows about this video by now.
  9. Sinkies are too pampered here liao. They need to learn the hard way! Or just stay in SG. Mai Sia Xuey! Thats because many of those taokay go KTV throw money, so that when they walk the wind is strong! ATB also say, SG street all gold aka stupid sinkies! That's why they feel Sinkies are "all" rich! Thats why i have to say i am from Malaysia/Indon/Thai/etc when i travel. I work as mama shop storeman! All the chiobu will siam me far far! Sometime aunty pity me ask me dance & give me tips!
  10. I ate from this stall before. Many old people queue to buy from this stall! Its taste like home cooked food. I believe the stall owner charge lesser for food to those old people living there. Next time when i old liao, i know where to buy food liao!
  11. I already kanna on the 1st day liao. Ashes in my food at hawker center.
  12. Most of our neighbors are more hiong then Sinkies. Even girls are more hiong then our guys! Yes the Vietbu are more Man then their men!
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