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  1. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=802192524203607 FB cant embed or is it me Jiao brain? Cant find on youtube video.
  2. Reports: Qatar allegedly bribed eight Ecuadorian players $7.4 million to lose FIFA World Cup opener Qatar face Ecuador in the FIFA World Cup 2022 opening match on November 20. The tournament has received a slew of flak, from human rights violations to tight prohibitions on same-sex marriages. Qatar has faced a barrage of criticism, and now another rumour has given fans even more justification to despise this year’s FIFA World Cup and the host country. Qatar is not handling the World Cup very effectively, and the nations lack the assurance of bringing people together in a tournament that unites people and cultures. Another allegation has been levelled against the host nation, effectively making this the worst World Cup ever. According to Amjad Taha, a strategic political affairs expert and the regional director of the British Center in Saudi Arabia. He claimed that Qatar bribed eight Ecuadorian players $7.4 million in exchange for losing the match against Qatar. https://khelnow.com/football/2022-11-world-football-2022-fifa-world-cup-qatar-ecuador-bribe-allegations
  3. Hah!!!! Was going to bet Ecuador to win 2-0 tomorrow!
  4. I'm waiting for this years gals in WC jerseys!! Mamma Mai!!!!
  5. So TH annual profits is how much? How they going to recover this lost? If they ever bother to! Not forgetting the famous Ceca Fashion Startup investment of $???M TH knows Sinkies have short memory or demented!
  6. Any updates on the new products? Or any BF action cam sale?
  7. Any publicity is an opportunity for nationwide advertisement!
  8. I hope Arg wins for my own sake! Hah! Got such Grp exit bet meh??
  9. Even foreigners know the state of Sg! She too paiseh to mention Foreigners are of Preferred/Privilege Statues in SG over Sinkies ah! She should state the Ranking are as follows: 1. Poopies 2. Rich 3. Foreigners 4. Sinkies #songboh
  10. Anyone place WC championship bet liao? I bought South America. Brazil and Argentina liao!
  11. Sorry for saying this but She/he looks like some ladyboy in Thailand!
  12. You peeps Please leave the Chickens alone!! Maybe this is Xiaxuey Chan subtle approach to "SG Food Sucurity" woh!!
  13. Boss ask the contractor to shift the useless bomb shelter door to your main door lah!
  14. If starbuck uses robot or machines the its as good as buy from vending machine liao. Just like prata when the material cost is low, people pay a premium to "see" people flip prata when buying prata!
  15. The company founder or CEO will say "strike when the iron is hot"!
  16. Isnt this trend of self inflation common among all those cryptocurrency ? The collapse is not teh big surprise but who the investors are!
  17. You guys missed the "point"! Its not about the output! Its about SME gaming the system and kgkg sinkies! This is how the sme boss game the innovation grants! Gets grants and charge sinkies more for gimmick drinks so can charge more! Double bonus! Songboh!
  18. Only KG telcos keep out bidding each other. Fifa & EPl knows how stupid telcos are until ministry got to step in with this "shared Setup box" streaming. End also consumers pay. I go BKK and watch loh!
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