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  1. I don't mind going offline entirely. I enjoy my work and family time haha. You've been fun to chat with bro.
  2. Slowly plan ba. In the meantime continue to slave for your overlords like me
  3. In all honesty, I've benefitted a lot from PAP's policies and made most of my fortune thanks to them. I just felt irked because people like you are still getting bullied. I guess you deserve it. PAP wansui
  4. That upset you didn't it? You can't afford to do anything to him because he contributes 10k replies. I get it. I don't appreciate threats, and SG Talks is more active than this place, so
  5. it's possible to be sarcastic and witty without resorting to insults. you were just raised poorly
  6. but the dog pic is labelled as you I'm afraid PAP never saw any use for you, not even as a slave...
  7. i don't care man. u ok with him constantly calling you kumgong? I'm not. you all seem strangely tolerant of him. let's see how tolerant of me he can get lol.
  8. blah blah blah just a retard barking you are the one who started the insults, now cannot tahan already? go cry can liao don't go jump building hor do ppl inconvenient
  9. Maybe let's try to be adults here for a moment do your realize you can make a point without being a rude cunt? maybe harvard isn't as well regarded as the past. I don't know or care, didn't click on your link. but I can accept your point. but your constant labelling people as "kumgong pappy serf" is fucking annoying. let me know if that makes any sense to you. or you're just a retarded troll and I can double down on insulting you without wasting my time to reason.
  10. You must be the biggest pap dog around if you feel the need to attack me for going after the lees. Believe your parents were dogs of them too. Khaw boon wan would have executed you all 😌
  11. U disturb her? Why she also pit conscious now
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