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    i m actually enjoying the fewer ppl ard during lunch time at raffles place. no need to wait so long for food. wahahahahhaha
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    Dont be another @meng.huat obsessed with ladyboy
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    Will he still like older women then? When he’s 50 he go find 75 yo cheekon?
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    You 20+ by the time you 50+ Some of us die already
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    The Pap are changing their tune every day. People are confused. Friends that are adamant not to wear mask earlier are now hunting for mask. I told them no point now. Just bear with it and hope for the best. Masks are not available anymore. Being kumgong they will not think bad of the policy because the FUD on oppos by the Pap is very strong.
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    slum kia jiu shi slum kia. u can take a kia out of the slum but u cannot take the slumness out of the kia. wahahahhahahah
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    i alrdy warned mid last mth that the containment measures r not effective based on the simple infection modeling but moh dont notice me. now, based on this newest development, the modeling now has to be based on giving a higher weighting to population density and traffic movement since infection reproduction rate is no longer the sole determining factor. my guesstimate will be at least 3k b4 there is any improvement.
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    Bky cos dun hv my nice unker
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    Tamp1, TM all can just walk in. Not very crowded or hit human quota. Itacho, LJS all no q. Previously always have ppl outside. Foodcourt around 35% occupied.
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    Diam diam rah kgks mai gong jiao wei rah
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    Chee Soon Juan dotter rooking fierce kym? @ManOfTheHour
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    if its ATB in cheongsam slicing the duck will be better.
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    AT-style duck kym by standards of Nigella Lawson wannabe kgbs? @socrates469bc @meng.huat @Homelander @The_King
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    Mask mask mask Don't cough out Don't breathe in Wash yo hands China , Taiwan and South Korea know best
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    hahaha if got grow bosom then is bui bui liao...man boobs...lol
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    And all my loyal kgk fans becum lao ah pehs liao wahaha
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    Then you will becum uncle looking for legal age MM Role reversal. Ahahahah
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    Wonder if still got pocket money then...
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    Also to add, after washing, use UVC light to disinfect
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    SINGAPORE - In the light of the evolving coronavirus situation in Singapore, the Government on Saturday (March 28) advised the public to avoid non-essential trips to malls and stay at home. Requesting the public to take safe distancing seriously, the advisory sent via the Gov.sg WhatsApp channel said the public should visit malls only for essential goods such as food, and keep at least a distance of one metre from others. Singaporeans are also advised to buy food and groceries online and reduce physical interaction, which is critical to curb local transmission of the virus. Malls and supermarkets have implemented safe distancing measures to regulate the flow of people and limit the spread of the virus. The public should also expect queues, especially during peak hours, the advisory said. Foreign workers and foreign domestic workers are advised to remain at their residence on their rest days and avoid gathering in public spaces or visiting crowded spaces during this period. The Ministry of Health announced 49 new confirmed Covid-19 cases in Singapore on Friday, including a new cluster involving three people working at a packet-processing facility at SingPost Centre in Eunos. The new cases bring the total number in Singapore to 732. A total of 183 have recovered, with another 11 being discharged on Friday. Of the 432 still in hospital, most are stable or improving, while 17 are in critical care. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/coronavirus-govt-advises-public-to-stay-home-avoid-going-to-malls-to-curb-local
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    its ok, kgk xdd. we r all very accepting in u coming out of the closet to embrace ur true sexuality.
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    It's really the masks that make a difference Taiwan and China know this
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    Still on track to hit 4 digit by march 31. Pap will come to their knees once that magic number is hit. Not only the number will spiral up but deaths wiĺl come fast. Too many in icu now and the indians have yet to return in force.
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    Those unlinked one very scary
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    Social distancing thai style
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    Singapore reports third death from COVID-19 SINGAPORE: A third patient has died in Singapore from complications due to COVID-19 infection on Sunday (Mar 29), the Ministry of Health (MOH) said in a press release. The patient, a 70 year-old male Singapore citizen with no recent travel history to affected countries and regions, died at 12.12pm. He was admitted to Singapore General Hospital (SGH) on Feb 29, and was confirmed to have COVID-19 infection on Mar 2. He had been cared for in the intensive care unit (ICU) since then, said MOH. The patient developed serious complications and eventually died due to the infection after 27 days in the ICU. He had a history of hypertension and hyperlipidaemia, the ministry added. SGH has reached out to his family and is extending assistance to them, said MOH. The patient's profile matches that of case 109, which was first reported by MOH on Mar 3. Case 109 had reported onset of symptoms on Feb 25 and sought treatment at a general practitioner (GP) clinic on Feb 27 and Feb 28. When he went to SGH on Feb 29, he was immediately isolated. Test results confirmed COVID-19 infection on Mar 2 afternoon. efore he was admitted, he had worked at Fish Mart Sakuraya at 154 West Coast Road, but had not served customers or handled food. He lived at Everton Park, MOH had said. Singapore had previously reported two deaths - a 75-year-old Singaporean woman and 64-year-old Indonesian man - from complications due to COVID-19 on Mar 21. On Saturday, 70 new cases of COVID-19 were reported, bringing the total number of cases to 802. At 11.59pm on Thursday, stricter regulations came into effect introducing jail terms and fines for individuals, event organisers and owners of premises who flout safe-distancing measures, as stipulated by the COVID-19 multi-ministry taskforce. Under the new measures, gatherings outside of work or school have to be limited to 10 people, who must maintain 1m distance from each other. On Saturday, authorities advised people to stay home and only head to a mall for essentials, such as food, adding that food and groceries can be purchased online. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/coronavirus-covid19-third-death-singapore-coronavirus-12587178 uncle RIP
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    Looks good...i dabao indian biryani jiak...
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    I rike atb, not atk, how can I be chao ah gua?
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    Dinner tonight fried rice with bacon and capsicum
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    Jiak at nearby slum kia amdk restoran kym Ani kgk oso jiak at dis slum kia amdk restoran b4?
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    Neighborhood kopitiam and shops still bustling with activities and life
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