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  1. Walk past never see anyting leh. Thanks for the sic, I will KIV if I go Hock Nam again next time. Ani kgk guess where I going after wantan mi? wahaha
  2. Those peepur (and their associates) who alwiz link every small ting wif pwning dis and dat, these peepur either ownself get pwned often or alwiz tinking of pwning others Either way ish no good for such peepur's mental health. I suggest https://www.betterhelp.com Best wishes and get well soon!.
  3. Wantan mi at Hock Nam @The_King go Hock Nam got jiak dis?
  4. Goot morning kgks, whu want to pwn mi today? Wahaha
  5. To add, @meng.huat probably interested in trying the snacks n saw online that its not open on Mon, so he asked to confirm. He's not trying to pwn anyone. Dunno y @xsianx can make an issue of dis non-issue and extrapolate dat @meng.huat ish trying to pwn me. Dis ish really worse than "small ting nia mai jjww rike a cag" coz it's not "small ting" but "nothing" at all...
  6. Hw old already still tok abt pwn dis pwn dat. Machiam rike kindergartem xdds comparing what toys they got from their parents All top Internet personalities not so kg to post everything in real time and I m no exception
  7. Ya yesterday jiak one forgot to post. Sit Tomy's slum kia BMW there.
  8. 5 small dishes nia a lot meh for ssfa Chiu bbfa den considered a lot
  9. Ani of my kgk fans cum here jiak simpur snack b4?
  10. Diam diam rah kgk mai ask us to chao ah guas rah wahaha
  11. Diam diam rah kgk mai ask us to chao ah guas rah wahaha
  12. I beo nia rah I slum kia no marnee to buy rah
  13. @Homelander wahaha chiu jiak meatless cheeken/gu/babi (sounds paradoxical I noe) b4?
  14. Tomy oso jiak zhey Dun tell me he oso feeling enlightened after going for spiritual healing session? Wahaha
  15. Feb. 2021 BTO launch expected to have 3,700 units in 4 estates, including Whampoa & Toa Payoh Dis location in my turf jin ky. Can walk opposite to jiak salt baked cheeken. Walk a bit more can go to the best mall in SG, Moosdafa. Also many friendly ATBs at those condos near Farrer Park mrt wahaha Or walk the other side can go Moon Keng
  16. Yeah would gladly be her pgd sucking slave dog
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