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  1. Actually dis few days mata shushu bz liao
  2. Juz jiak Maria cooked cai png Dunno when to find my new atb gf designate wahaha
  3. Wahaha dis cheeken rook ky Chiu buying wat else
  4. Chiu weak mah, jiak so little rike a chao ah gua liddat I still growing xdd nid to jiak moar protein mah dats y jiak 3 meats 1 egg wahaha
  5. Too bad Aljunied aunty not werking in my slum
  6. Wahaha wait for chiur kgk fren to cum in @meng.huat
  7. wahaha xtra bowl of lice not insai photo guess hw much shuai ge?
  8. Haiz I slum kia wanna feel rike a satki kia by jiaking fish rah
  9. Beoing dis aunty professor again wahaha
  10. Diam diam rah kgb aunty mai gong jiao wei rah wahahaha
  11. So chiu r oso kgb aunty rike @chamfer?
  12. Haben develop to dat stage yet rah But shes in for a big surprise wahaha
  13. Nao we chatting wif my potential atb gf... jin song sia
  14. Diam diam rah chao kgk If chiu dun tok, no bardie will say chiu mute
  15. Jin cag sia Share 1/2 piece sum moar
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