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Fixture Discussion/Prediction - World Cup 2022


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40 minutes ago, ManOfTheHour said:

Go out see so many Argentina jersey. No one think France can win?

hope the injuries are just rumors cos I think France can win 


Tink it's in ESPN news they gotch cv19... Argentina will use same tactics they use against horlan... They will anyhow hamtam french players... 

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18 minutes ago, classyNfabulous said:

huat big big from football?


1 minute ago, ManOfTheHour said:

17.50 profit kym? I lost a lot at early stages

previous wc i made $9 profit 😂😂😂

I’m on 200 profit. Could have been more if not for Spain.


So thinking just all in my profit on France

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2 minutes ago, XianGe said:


Will sexpect Griezmann will get kicked around by Argentine players cos they know cannot let him hv the ball also... 



lol if Kante and Pogba were playing I would have all in France without doubt. Now still thinking what’s the best combi to buy 


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