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GPGT - will you be her gym towel?


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3 hours ago, ManOfTheHour said:

@noobmaster what happen to her nose? Piercing or pisai?


@ExTreMisTxxx @classyNfabulous @canot_lidat_lah

Just watched the 9pm show. Surprised MediaCorp actually have such a storyline: Ferlyn’s character is actually in love with her. I steam a bit when I imagine them scissors 



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Wah wtf ...


Sniffing body odour is tested as an anxiety therapy



Sniffing other people's body odour might be useful in therapy for social anxiety, say Swedish researchers who have started tests with volunteers.

The scientists have been using armpit sweat in their experiments.

Their hunch is the smell activates brain pathways linked to emotions, offering a calming effect - but it is far too soon to say if they are right.

They are presenting some of their early findings at a medical conference in Paris this week.



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