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  1. @[email protected] @CannotTahanLiao @classyNfabulous check out close up view of her armpit!!!!! can see lines and pores!!!!!
  2. moi will rick her armpits hard after her workout!!!
  3. fwah rao this type of armpit meat protruding with lines ish the best to jiaks riaos!!!! can taste the salty and sour sweat
  4. rooks jin smelly after sweating in this hot weather
  5. moi will rick her sweaty armpits while she perform zumba and go ah ah ah
  6. fwah ish jin swee!!!! if only ghibby airs her armpits like her
  7. hou mai.....the grey patches pruss her sweat after jumping and cheering for her country sure jin smell huans
  8. moi will rick her sweat dry from the top half of her body!!1
  9. moi will attack her white armpit meat!!!!!
  10. nice clean and white armpit with some brown lines..... must have been stained by her seksi sweat
  11. hou mai.....her sweat sure jin smelly huans
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