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  1. It showed the threads which I posted the offensive posts. So I recall those posts. The maid post was very mild lor. It was just "another sunday another low ses fight". Considered racist/discriminatory. Maybe the mod is a bangla with a maid gf lolol
  2. Wah. I think perm banned sia lol. Suddenly 18 points issued today. Wonder if someone targeted my posts or the bo liao admins and mods issuing to everyone. Commented about Wong lilin getting wet for ronaldo, german bratwurst and the maid fight at orchard LOL.
  3. Whoops. Banned from hwz again for something i don't remember. For a month this time. Lol.
  4. this week's fitspo looks hot. tall with meaty armpits.
  5. Fitspo auntie https://sg.news.yahoo.com/singapore-fitspo-of-the-week-jennifer-lee-005900009.html
  6. anyone else feel regret not going to chiropractor school? damn shiok get to poke girl's armpits. if me i'd probably find some way to position my face near their pits to sniff while adjusting their bodies.
  7. Looking forward to see Batmen and the Flashes. Supergirl not so much but ok fine.
  8. Meaty bu i rike. Can jiak her top to bottom.
  9. jessica alba. she seems to age quite well.
  10. this week's fitspo also got show armpit and pigu. but face abit manly https://sg.news.yahoo.com/singapore-fitspo-of-the-week-valerie-ng-000040794.html
  11. i wana see how long they can stay on the bar while i tickle and lick their pits
  12. i'll gei gei trip in front of her and plant my face in her pit
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