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  1. People who work with this gen of kids can testify. Alot of them are pampered and entitled. Likely due to stupid parents, like in this case. Will grow up to be wimps. Crumble at the slightest adversity. Older generation, parents will hit and scold children instead of the children's boss/teacher. If complain to parent that teacher hit, parent will say orbi goot. Should hit u harder. :D
  2. what a joke. if he lost his job, she will be the first to leave. this kind will always relieve themselves of all responsibilities when shit happens.
  3. Nice trap muscles. Sure can lift heavy. Ask her which gym she goes to. Can beo her sweaty armpits.
  4. "After they left the toilet together, the victim offered to exchange numbers.." xdd needs counselling.
  5. i took my hand and covered her face. i saw a boy's body.
  6. how they look like nao ah? rhea current goth look quite fugly. not sure about bui en.
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