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Harris sit bas n jiak ATB/cai png journeys


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3 hours ago, Homelander said:


Outside PLQ lor...u go there see bangalahs?


2 hours ago, xsianx said:


why this KGK keep jiak angmoh/german lupcheong.  ownself 香肠 cannot make it sibo. 


yuan lai kgk xdd @HarrisY1 is so 'majulah' de.


so did kgk xdd attend pink dot this yr??????


Thousands attend Pink Dot LGBTQ rally, as physical event resumes after  2-year hiatus - TODAY

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3 hours ago, HarrisY1 said:

All my loyal fans nao slugging it out at werk rike dkg slave dogs?  N barking 'yes sir, no mdm?'





leg:  8/10. 

feet: BKY


15 hours ago, HarrisY1 said:

Chao ah gua @xsianx, want mi intro nice atb to chiu boh? See if chiu can go back onto the straight path from the crooked chiu r nao walking


wahahahhaha KGK intro atb siol. u dun csb moi leh u keep go test water all the cmi 1 u give away.

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On 6/22/2022 at 4:31 PM, HarrisY1 said:

Whhh jkg


Dis new aunty teacher jdrama cover kym?


@Huat Zai @Homelander



5 hours ago, Homelander said:


See le wanna faint coz horse face...pls qc before tagging me wahaha



yuan lai kgk xdd like CAG face de.


just proves kor kor's reaction is normal straight after seeing CAG-lookalike.



Edited by socrates469bc
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