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  1. jialat .. low ses bky meal. bo lang sappork .
  2. this meal is kyky. kum gong kia jiak kum gong simpur meal. not everyday jiak big fish big meat oso mah wahahahha
  3. tomy cut ur payday liao wkend bo bling u jiak dongbei dishes ah ??
  4. hahahahaah jjww rah herro shiny white knight!
  5. why reminding urself u bcum kgk aka ah soh riaos ??
  6. deh u dun neh here neh there rike ah pu neh neh rah... learn some common sinkie language rah chao agua yeah homelander is right !
  7. chiu dun so giam gu narrowed minded rah. ppl teaching u the art of ordering food be satki gentleman. u go ginseng chicken him. throw tomy face siol
  8. got 2 pair chopsticks ... knn u so stingy ah jiak so little for 2 person. no wonder even KGB Hiew oso bo Hiew u. Why bo learn from tomy be satki kia order like a boss mah
  9. chao kumbing dun jjww la go cousin hse jiak kumgong neo garden loh nth impressive. chiu got bling new gf let tomy c boh ? wahahha
  10. wahahha chao agua jjww. dun lidat rah i know chiu today nid be good son stay at home wahhahaa
  11. dun act sissy rah ask tis ask that u tink u pickup artist ah ??? arbo u praise me afew phrases i song riao i tell u wahahha jin KG siol
  12. so u can pew pew when ppl touch ur leg ? jin kinky siol pew liao go find atb will last longer rite ?
  13. later jin awkward those atb c tomy dun wan talk to kgk riaos
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