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    even our kgk xdd @HarrisY better than her bf. buy his atb gf sgd300+ sunglasses even though he is only a pt mangala.
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    Heng I used to sing this song Baa, baa, black sheep Have you any wool? Yes, sir, yes, sir Three bags full”
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    Is like every night u see sauron staring at u
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    Social visits of up to 5 at a time will be allowed in Phase 2, timing to be decided in mid-June https://mothership.sg/2020/05/phase-2-before-end-june-2020/ So emotional dat I feel rike crying rike a dkgk nao... I could be miting my new atb gf in a mth's time or less
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    you use on the wrong person that quote is copyright. you need to pay me if you use it on others
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    To reduce server load, the boss @kokleong has decided ban elytra flight on the server. So with the troll powers vested in me, I present to you Mugentech Highway II : Keep left... There are boats in the chests beside the portals, please keep them topped up. The door beside the base camp portal leads to the ladder that connects the old highway, in case you miss it. There are some adjustments to the positions of the portals. My old base and some of the old farms are not connected in the new highway as there are plans for revamp. You can still connect to them in the old highway.
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    gxgx to kgk xdd @HarrisY aka kim kia!!!!!! when will kgk xdd travel to chongqing to meet ur atb gf????? https://www.theedgesingapore.com/news/covid-19/singapore-and-china-facilitate-essential-travel-between-both-countries-early-june
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    today lazy stay home... jiak bread + biscuit for brunch afternoon jiak potato chips dinner jiak 2 bowls noodles.
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    Tomy TGIF with atb at least 3 rounds shiok shiok today
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    @ManOfTheHour looks like those infamous you talk about? Dont know why but you came to mid the moment I saw the stains. Pardon
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    Tomy say nid to resume being his mangala butler again haiz
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    U stand on block 684 Race Rourse Road. Race Course road on the left, Serangoon Road on the right Boon Keng estate in front.
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    KFC price getting more expensive. Would rather spend $ on vegetarian/chicken biryani
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    Toobiantai... watch too much jdrama? He tot the ger ish those curious of sex type? but his risk failed big time... sexchange jailtime for 6mths of free hj.. go geylang jiak cheekon more worth it... But tis guy oso bery free no need work type?
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    Wahaha last time I put my head insai atb's dress rike dis from behind
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    I dun really want to restrict you, and its not you that I am restricting. Its a global setting by the forum. Maybe you would like to continue the thread with new postings rather than editing the 1st post? In this case, people can regularly be updated if they subscribed to your thread. If the editing is done, they will not get notifications on postings being edited. I think its good for your fans, readers, and people interested in the thread. They do not need to go back to the 1st posts to be updated with the edits.
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    means something is wrong in the so-called gold standard vetting of pappy party. nb, smlj scholar and ex-ca. if trade minister dont even know cotton is from cotton tree, that means no hope for sgp economy liao.
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    Xiasuay means really xiasuay. Vote wisely
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    @meng.huat cum here for pax b4? Book out from mangala concentration camp loh! Werk ish for dkgks wahaha!
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    wow i know is near but i never knew it this near. really is air filter
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    gxgx to kim kia in resuming job as pt mangala. why dont kgk xdd be sakti ninjavan kia instead and deliver cai png from circuit rd hawker to the many atbs at nearby le cresendo???? i m sure the many atbs there r placing daily orders for cai png deliveries.
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    From your story...it would mean aunty teacher sibei buay song liao...if xdd dun buck up, his family jewels are going to get roasted by aunty...li zai bo!!!
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    tony bluff kgk xdd de. today friday means tony has to be kumgong errand kia to help atb gf with her grocery shopping.
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    The high cut bottom looks like those panties worn by ah ma.....
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    take bas to woodlands then change train to yew tee and walk in lor...every week got nights off but usually i stay in bunk n play we11, fatal frame or watch show on xbox then night time got ppl come back dabao nasi lemak for supper
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    Diam diam ah.. titi honey bear honey bear
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    ang pai atb usually keep more than 1 KGK in her collection it is jin DKG believe they are exclusive.
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    she bluff kgk xdd's feeling one. she 99.9% got sakti grab driver alrdy. wahahahahha
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    New thread... https://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drink-man-woman-16/dick-lee-wanna-feel-more-shiok-6295742.html#post127393240
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    KGK watch jdrama until late last night? fapped how many rounds? lost too much yang energy... and not enough rest to recover... thats why giddy now. will be better with a powerful supper and good sleep tonight...
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    If can help it, send to parents or in-law to help...WFH with kid is very difficult especially so tense and everyone trying to prove their worth Theres isnt a best balance right now since covid has no cure nor vaccine Tough times
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    New thread https://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drink-man-woman-16/so-guilty-using-cotton-buds-digging-my-ears-everyday-6300077.html#post127505505
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    Hard to tell who u r talking about...coz u always "that person", "this person"...have to second guess
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    depends on the education level of the tiongs u talk to. the usual fls/mls u meet here r usually read books until junior middle school, so they r the most easily brainwashed. those below 30 u meet in tiongland, no matter their education level, r mostly brainwashed by ccp since they were enjoying the rise of tiongland during their teenage. lastly, there is the very small group of intelligent tiongs from sakti tsinghua or liberal fudan who either voiced out as democracy rites activists or like many of my tiong friends from that elite level, decided just to focus on making money.
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    Made lontong today For friends too
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    nb, and loong loong is wanting to have election in july. absolute supermajority in parliament means absolute power, but kumgong sgp is too kumgong to realize it. https://www.scmp.com/week-asia/politics/article/3086833/no-better-window-will-singapores-prime-minister-lee-hsien-loong
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    I never believe them de, is they go so far as to claim it Ppl talk I just hear nia
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    ur tony not very sakti. kgk xdd's tony so sakti, can cook for his atb gf. haiz..........
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    Bet it enjoyed her farts mmmm
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    this weekend not sure yet. last weekend was kgk ninjavan driver cum errand kia.
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