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Singapore Daily New Reported Covid-19 Cases


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7 hours ago, aaur4man said:





the Great Leeder and Pappy dont even talk science now.


just ask the kumgong masses to jab without thinking of how to handle the recurring surges.


pai lai pai qu in the end still higher than pre-pai era of may 2020.


smlj 3g and 4g leeders r equally bo hope liao.


Singapore's upcoming leaders tested as COVID wave rattles public - Nikkei  Asia

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7 minutes ago, chamfer said:

Those who took ART test and is +ve but no take PCR test and is doing home recovery got include in the data or not....

Don't tink will report those who ownself do ownself diam diam stay home

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8 hours ago, aaur4man said:


furthermore these are the confirmed reported cases.


1 hour ago, XianGe said:

Don't tink will report those who ownself do ownself diam diam stay home


1 hour ago, chamfer said:

If that's the case, clever of them to massage more on the number.


diam diam lah, smelly peasants!!!!!


all this is part of the roadmap, ok?????


the roadmap was expecting the surging cases and the necessary steps  were alrdy implemented.


so the Great Leeder and Pappy r managing the situation well, ok?????





Tampines Bus Interchange staff



Boon Lay Bus Interchange staff



North Coast Lodge



Bugis Junction



Toa Payoh Bus Interchange staff



Clementi Bus Interchange staff



Punggol Bus Interchange staff



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3 hours ago, Homelander said:

Now 23 and 34yo also uplorry liao…


2 hours ago, aaur4man said:


"underlying conditions"


thats why when zheng hu says that full jab can prevent hospitalization or death based on statistics, i been asking if the data has been adjusted to take into account of comorbidities. but zheng hu no tell me.


once comorbidities r taken into account, highly likely that being fully or boaster jabbed doesnt really reduce the death event.


and this is even better, half of the deaths thus far were in the past mth when vaxxed rate is more than 80%,




The remaining 13 were aged between 60 and 89. Among them, eight were not vaccinated and five were fully vaccinated.

“All of them had various underlying medical conditions,” MOH said.


In total, 207 people here have died from complications after contracting the coronavirus, including 106 this month.

This means that more than half of all Covid-19-related deaths in Singapore occurred in the first two weeks of this month alone.


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11 hours ago, aaur4man said:




on average 3k every day means 21k per week liao.


and most likely this surge will not end without any cb.


alrdy got warning in early sep liao but moh sleeping on the job.


moh and lta, pls come clean!!!!!!




No evidence of Covid-19 clusters at bus interchanges spreading virus to commuters: Iswaran



Bus interchange Covid-19 clusters likely to be workplace transmission: Kenneth Mak




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