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[Football] The Premier League thread


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27 minutes ago, ManOfTheHour said:

Surprised only 1-0

Pickford had a good day and they were better organised than earlier. Still, they cannot attack lol ..


If still awake, will watch the Real Madrid vs Sociedad match 


Edit - So fast 0-1 with Sociedad leading after a Kepa spill 

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1 hour ago, ManOfTheHour said:

arsenal were not fantastic too. 

Ya... Mylenko had Saka in da bag.. 

Saka/trossard didn't make any breakthrough.. 

DCL was terrible... Everton prob regretted not selling him long ago... 

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On 9/17/2023 at 12:50 PM, ManOfTheHour said:

Yah even Liverpool game til 100 min


Spurs really improve under Ange, he prove me wrong for now


Yeah i also thot he will not be able to imprint his style...turns out spurs need a more flexible manager than those rigid types mourinho n conte

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4 hours ago, pigpigoink said:

think the way arsenal play ish still not good enough, not enough good chances created although can see that they are trying hard.


saka ish like currently so so only if compare to last season when he ish flying.


Ya if they meet Mourinho type will die. If meet prime citeh/Madrid/bayern tis type will die also. 

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