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GPGT - will you be her gym towel?


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3 minutes ago, coffeenut said:

Her mental health and patience is high cos she already got bf and patiently tahan his craziness .. liddat still okay mah

No leh last time she complained no bf at 30. wondering could this be the reason why she’s single ?

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1 hour ago, zendude said:


I was quite into her for a few months but her appeal diminished, not very 耐看


She remains fuckable tho and I wouldn't turn down a quick sweaty angry fuck with her out of convenience. Same goes for Lisa. 

I won’t turn down a free fuck if she poses like that in front of me


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58 minutes ago, Cybertan said:

Dawn dawn my sweetheart


A while back I saw a pretty good PS of her kena fuck by one lao unker calefare on sbf


From the property agent show where she always dresses like a slut



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