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Qxpress Delivery Courier Allegedly Behaves Rudely To Customer


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Qxpress Delivery Courier Allegedly Behaves Rudely To Customer

A Qxpress customer has alleged that a delivery courier treated her rudely and that there was no responsibility from his superior to take the matter seriously.

After an altercation during a delivery, where the courier placed a parcel down in a rude manner and shouted at her, the customer became unhappy with his behaviour.

She has asked what the company will do to settle the matter, as she felt the driver’s behaviour was unacceptable.
Qxpress delivery fails to arrive

Christina told MS News that she ordered a parcel from Qxpress, which was supposed to be delivered on 22 May. However, the driver failed to deliver it, claiming that no one was at home.

This confused Christina, who had not heard the doorbell ring. When she called up a supervisor to check what happened, she was allegedly accused of lying to him and the driver.

When she pointed out that she has a CCTV recording that’d show whether anyone had rung the doorbell, the supervisor allegedly said, “Come, give me lah, send it to me and show me who is right!”

The supervisor then insisted that the driver had called and knocked on the door, as well as pressed the bell, but none of these three occurred, according to Christina.

“There was no call, nothing. Even normal calling, SMS, or WhatsApp. Nothing at all.”

She was subsequently told that the parcel would be delivered again at around 9am on 23 May and that the supervisor would personally oversee it.
Qxpress courier allegedly drops parcel in front of customer

Christina shared with MS News a CCTV clip of the delivery that occurred on 23 May at a little past 8.20am.

The clip begins with the doorbell ringing.

A woman, identified as Christina sister, opens the door, and after the delivery courier takes a picture of the doorstep, he wheels the trolley over without removing the parcel. At this point, Christina approaches and stands beside her sister.

Source: YouTube

Tension builds as Christina’s sister and the courier stare at each other, the former waiting for the latter to put the parcel down. However, the courier does nothing, seemingly anticipating for her to take the item herself.

Christina’s sister then asks him to place the box down, upon which he lifts it up and promptly lets go. A loud ‘thud’ can be heard.

“Luckily, I pulled my sister away, or else the heavy parcel would have hit her, not sure what would have happened,” Christina said.

“Give you already ah,” the courier audibly says in Mandarin. “Don’t say you didn’t receive it.”

Source: YouTube

He makes to leave, but Christina’s sister appears unhappy with how he acted.

“Is this the way you were trained?” she asks, while questioning the courier’s attitude.

The pair then get into a brief shouting match.

The sister asks the driver if this is the proper way of handling the parcel. In turn, he remarks that it’s not a throw, but “properly handling to customer”.

Recounting the exchange, Christina told MS News that the driver shouted his name and told her sister to go ahead and complain.
Police report filed

Christina said she made a police report the same day.

According to her, the same supervisor called her again later and said that he was the area manager in charge of Sengkang. She said that the supervisor apologised and said that he would talk to the driver.

But when she asked the supervisor how he would settle this matter, he allegedly could not answer.

However, he did “guarantee” that he’d arrange for another driver to handle the next delivery.

The supervisor apparently promised to call her back on 24 May after informing higher management, but did not.

Christina thus questions the supervisor’s management skills and wonders if this is how Qxpress trained their staff. In light of what happened, she expressed her anger and disappointment with Qxpress and their service.

She now asks what the company will do to settle the matter.

MS News has reached out to Qxpress for comments. We’ll update the article if they get back.



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sometimes i wonder how come so zhun got camera pointing at the main door before she open the door? 

On 6/4/2023 at 5:35 PM, The_King said:

Christina said she made a police report the same day.

i wonder what offense did the delivery guy did that warrant a police report filed? abuse your parcel? LOL

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