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  1. hmm this one 50/50 cos i do not trust tiongs words also. maybe they slam the glass door and it shatters. its their words against developers words anyway since no one saw the incident.
  2. hmm based on the surname i assumed she is PRC? if thats the case she should get used to the quality of PRC liao ma LOL
  3. Oh no thoudsands will come singapore soon with uptron cert LOL This statement makes me LOL
  4. fuck off...no way am i gonna donate while nobody gives a fuck about the current inflation
  5. play too much fighting fish till they behaves the same way as the fish? LOL and who is the fucking idiot who record the video? if got this kind of friends who need enemies?
  6. near my house. but anyway good luck to them
  7. we are becoming more and more like a province of india. this is a transition period. sinkies pls be patience, we will eventually get used to it till the day we shower and poo and drink water from same canal drain Thank you pappy wan shui wan shui wan wan shui LOL
  8. I guess correctly. anyway really BBQ liao hahaha
  9. Hard to say. CECA Fts also like to wear sarong to air their lang pa and lang jiao. LOL
  10. look at those idiots in the comment sections even more funny.
  11. beloved FTs of our MIW? LOL i'm sure kena warning only lah. now need FWs leh now they r more precious than sinkies leh they only think sinkie precious every 5 years nia LOL
  12. Sorry hor. every sector also faces challenges not only constructions. the only sector not facing any challenges are those dumb fucks who only need to show face every 5 years. LOL
  13. waiting to hear those KGKs complain not enough charging points in singapore LOL Dont get me wrong, i'm not against EV but i find that infra in singapore is not ready yet. maybe need about 5 more years
  14. i dun understand what's so nice about fried rice. for tha cost i rather eat chai png
  15. sinkies dun complain lah. all these are pappy beloved foreign talents at work since most employed are from motherland, else why you can see more and more sinkie bo tak che lau beng driving merc and BMWs with foreign wives? LOL
  16. the part he said about monopolised the market reminds me of our beloved supermarket and social enterprise hawker center here. this is what i have been telling daft 61% dumb fuck. next time those few monopolised the hawker and supermarket, they increase prices you also LLST
  17. who the hell still watch SPL? seriously?? unless my relatives or siblings play in it else i cant be fucking bothers
  18. they should limit anyone below the age of 30 driving powerful car and limit them from 1000cc and please permanent ban once accident death occurs
  19. yup politicians election talk cannot be trusted. during elections all the politicians are big cannon fairy LOL
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