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  1. Who determine what is questionable material? PAP? no thanks. Moreover why ask an old fark who dun even know WTF is the modern technology? if you ask someone from govtech, maybe i can believe than an old guy 1 leg in coffin liao. its just like asking Mark Zuckerberg how to cook bak chor mee. KNN
  2. i support this. one reason is to prevent those PR fuckers to jake up resale market price. another reason is to prevent chao sinkies from buying and sell for profit. HDB is to stay not for invest and make profit. want to invest and make profit go and buy private. period.
  3. SMLJ is % and % of the % of the % of the ICU % KNN as usual cannot convince try to confuse????
  4. they alresdy lost it lah. dunno what the fuck they wanna do also. all those jiak liao bee only knows how to listen to commands like a dog last time while taking in millions every year. now ask they to decide on something, they have no idea liao lah. just look at recents problems with those qurrantine at home, it clearly shows that diff govt agencies do not know WTF the other is doing. this has been happenings for ages. ppl just realised now only.
  5. i think now even if winnie kena cancer or terminal illness, he will create a cybory to transfer his brain over and rule for life LOL
  6. Actually its china stupid cos their biggest bill is $100 only.
  7. KNN got say like no say. as usual flip flop to cover own asses. try to be on both sides of the fence as usual
  8. how come what he says. i just need to change a few words and it becomes what happens here? LOL
  9. KNN they jolly well know that its selling at $9 but only offer to buy back at $6??? Cheapo company. should check this company belongs to who sia maybe another $2 setup out to make a quick buck and MIA after pandemic is over
  10. this vid only proves that it is true for msian to be PR in singapore earning SGD and spend/invest property in malaysia. Which put sinkies at an disadvantage. I would like the vid creator to create a vid to compare retiring in singapore and other countries instead.
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