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  1. ask cook dun talk cock lah. and why the fuck an asia country listen to a fucking ang mo talking cock?
  2. Nvr wear mask properly. fine $300 first then tok LOL
  3. thats why work safety is very important unless you have humans lives to spare.
  4. hmm from the redit name. seems like that person who complain are ah neh. maybe i am wrong. but if ah neh, hard to trust their words. since they like to twist the words in their favour.
  5. i see wrongly. i read as lim bei. Anyway whatever that A*hole touch will become sai lah. This photo reminds me of Asiatique in bangkok
  6. KUM GONG KIA. but as usual CASE is the fucking toothless tiger and that woman have to waste another $10 to pay to CASE to lodge a complain LOL
  7. wah like that means our govt can save the 225k promised if death caused by vaccine LOL
  8. Not true when the company HR come from the same village. Also some gain monetary gains when they get employed into the company. if you really want to make this work, make it mandatary that HR dept employ sinkies only.
  9. Yup std procedures. dunno why the aunties kick up a big fuss. and the son act pai kia also. damn bo liao
  10. I did not hear any sound from the 1st post. if they stays in HDB it will be even worse lo. I think the family downstairs are making a mountain out of a molehill
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