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  1. i BBFA dun think i can fit into his toilet and shower area
  2. knn so young become boss no use brains. cb got money go call chicken lah. can work out all your fucking fantasies with money
  3. i nvr like eating chicken rice. knn just few cucumbers and few pieces of chicken cost same price as cai png with 2 vege and 1 meat. i rather eat cai png since more dishes than only chicken. moreover if its white chicken, its easy to cook oursleves at home.
  4. as if they give a fuck. you should thank them and bow to them for buidling "affordable" HDB for you. LOL
  5. knn attack police only kena fine??? so she still can remain in singapore???
  6. what LKY said is true. low ses and uneducated people should not breed. please lock this whole family up in jail or IMH.
  7. what they doing standing at the road side?
  8. its all about considerate or not lah. i do agree that singapore as a society is shit now.
  9. If the walkway is not their property likewise the restaurants will not have outdoor dining liao. but i do agree that those PG and MG when comes to 7th month damn buay zhidong
  10. actually they burn in front of their shop is nothing wrong. wrong is that jalan kayu there no space for them to burn "responsibly" cos of the limite space.
  11. LOL kumlan kia. should charge him super high medical fees for wasting medical resources on this kind of shit
  12. this CB kia tiong or korean? KNN only chao ah gua wear white pants. 穿白裤的都不是什么好人
  13. I will never choose to live there. go holiday and stay there is entirely different.
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