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7-11 staff use mop to clean mirowave oven


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MALAYSIA - A tweet posted on Sunday (22 January) featured four photos of a 7-Eleven employee using a floor mop to clean a microwave oven.

Posted by user @AshrafChek, the tweet has accumulated 2.2 million views and has been retweeted 14,300 times.

Tweet by @AshrafChak with four photos of 7-Eleven employee using floor mop to clean microwave
Tweet by @AshrafChak (Photo: Twitter)

According to MSN, the employee was working in an outlet in Kampung Attap, Kuala Lumpur, and has since been suspended.

Netizens were quick to respond with over 1,800 tweeted comments.

"Is this a staff with a disabled brain?' questioned Twitter user @nas_gunsmoke.

Another Twitter user also identified that the employee had also worked at an MRT station, where he allegedly mopped the floor once and used the same mop to wipe the seats.

MRT Corp has since apologised and is currently verifying with the particular station.

Tweet from Twitter user @fa_fart on 23 January.
Tweet from Twitter user @fa_fart on 23 January.

On Monday, 7-Eleven issued an official statement apologising for the employee's actions, and has also updated the actions taken in response to the incident via tweets posted on Tuesday.

"We at 7-Eleven Malaysia would like to offer our sincerest apologies for the actions of one of our employees who failed to comply with our strict sanitation protocols," the statement said.

"This is a clear violation and does not reflect the high standards we strive to maintain in all of our stores."

A brand new microwave oven has replaced the one which was being mopped by the employee, while the store is undergoing a thorough cleaning and sanitisation process.

7-Eleven Malaysia has assured that stricter measures will be implemented and will ensure that all their employees follow their hygiene protocols.

Official statement tweeted by 7-Eleven Malaysia on 24 January 2023, Tuesday.
Official statement tweeted by 7-Eleven Malaysia on 24 January 2023, Tuesday.
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