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  1. Its cheap because it is basically coloring + flavor + sugar. You sure you want that in your system?
  2. If you think it is overpriced then you shouldn't patronize them in the first place and not sneak in food. They have to charge a certain price because they are running a business and have to pay rent and salaries
  3. Heng I am Aaron Kwok and earn 20k a month
  4. Thinking of getting this model https://shopee.sg/【FREE-Case】-Xiaomi-Powerbank-3-(PLM13ZM)-Dual-Input-Output-New-Dual-USB-Output-i.186022643.7519079359?sp_atk=17211c14-b707-446f-976c-a4cd8308fd34
  5. I wonder why people choose to eat Bak Kwa during CNY when you can eat during the rest of the 363 days at a much cheaper price
  6. Are you sure it is a shop and not a warehouse?
  7. If elderly people is cheated I can understand but young knowledgeable millennials clicking on links without even checking and even keying in their id and pw is really kumlan
  8. Obviously catering to SIA or airlines otaku but seriously why would you want to collect a used chair
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