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  1. Please lock down so i dont have to bao ang bao and see those bin chao chao ungrateful si ginnas 👍👍🙏
  2. I wanted to engage but they are fully booked and ikea low on stock for many materials at least till mid feb 2021. Next time ba 🙁 Good also because no more fishy contractors.
  3. Bunch of libtard clowns destroying their livelihood 😁
  4. Very messy this family. Last time the lao peh still around, go genting have the family feel. Like go sheng siong shopping. Now go genting is like going to NTUC. Bad. Very bad.
  5. Knn few years back i want to convert they say cannot. Now no business liao suddenly everything also can. Let them toh 😡
  6. Siao liao how to claim. Cant even go there and me chao peasant cant afford to gamble in sgd 😭
  7. Number 6 at whampoa is really good but long wait. The rest i never jiak before.
  8. You all so atas. I drink happy family brand kopi o kosong instant packs. 1 packet of 10bags of 10g is around $1. Sometimes promo $0.85.
  9. Heypi heypi cny for you first. After that up 8%, mark my word 😁
  10. The Cube Two for $59,000 is pretty sufficient for just my wife and I. The other room can be used for our gaming room. Just not sure if it is possible for sinkies to bid and pay for micro lands in SG. Pricing and link below. https://nestron.house/
  11. Lol it happens to most car drivers at some point in time. Or key insert and cannot turn to ignite engine. Pull and wriggle a bit then press the button lor.
  12. The customer also pattern. Tio cut liao never go see doctor immediately? Still waiting for towkay to come down lick their wounds?
  13. Mandate all silver serpants to take first. They bo dai ji then i take
  14. Haha no idea. This was an old meme from beginning year 2020. Aiya you know i know ceca > everyone else in sg 😡
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