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M1 subscriber unable to contact customer support for 1 hour says “What’s the point of upgrading… service standards not there!”


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SINGAPORE — A subscriber of telecommunications company M1 took to social media to ask for advice after failing to connect to a customer support agent regarding billing matters. A Facebook group Complaint Singapore member posted on Sunday (Jan 16) that he needed to speak to a customer service agent but had to wait for over an hour.

“What’s the point of upgrading to my M1 bespoke apps when the service standards are not there!” said the frustrated subscriber. “I regret to sign my new plan with them, but definitely, I’m out when the contract is finished,” he added.

He attached a photo of the ongoing phone call almost at the 53-minute mark.

325667762_491612763135472_35571595055415 Photo: FB screengrab

The subscriber decided to try his luck through the chat function but also failed through this option. “Still no response in the queue, and the line can be cut away.”

Screenshot-2023-01-16-at-11.31.19-AM.png Photo: FB screengrab

It appears that others have experienced issues with connecting to M1, noting the call time “is terribly long.”

“Ya, I waited for about 2 hours, and I got pissed off, so when the first thing it got through, I blasted at them,” shared Facebook user Ong Kianwee.

“Everywhere the same la, Starhub and Singtel, takes more than two hours to pick up calls,” added Facebook user Joebez Seah DeYao.

Meanwhile, Facebook user Bernard Toh advised heading over to the M1 outlet at Tampines. “They will help you,” he noted. /TISG

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2 hours ago, ManOfTheHour said:

I have not come across a telco that provides good services or products in sg


banks also damn annoying esp DBS. 

They have the same type of FT boss


Anyway if you got problem with m1 lines likes billing, even if you go m1 shop, they will ask you call hotlines



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4 minutes ago, classyNfabulous said:

shld be msia ones or indon? dun think sinkies. accent quite stronk.  plus yeen dear pple oso have

Were you the type only have chinese friends? We are around same age but you seem ignorant about other races 🤔

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