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FT jogs dangerously along Pasir Panjang Road, this time blocking a bus


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Jogging in this weather? No wonder he did not have a shirt on.

But should he be running on the road?

Stomper Ganesz shared a video of a shirtless jogger on the road blocking a bus approaching a bus stop, forcing the double-decker to slow down behind him.

In the end, the bus captain decided not to stop at the bus stop and overtook the jogger.

The Stomper said: "You can see this guy at Pasir Panjang Road near the Pasir Panjang MRT station daily."

This is not the first time Stomp has reported about this jogger.

In April, another Stomper shared a video of the same shirtless man running on the same road in the bus lane near Labrador Park MRT station.



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3 hours ago, socrates469bc said:

jin kumgong amdk looking for bolehsian truck drivers to buang him.


really think he too long life liao.




48 hours in the life of a Malaysian truck driver: From Cameron Highlands to  Singapore - and back - YouTube


In sg they are big, in MY, they confirm scare to do this

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