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5 Malaysia Day Trip Destinations That Are Two Hours Or Less From Singapore

It’s known that many people residing in Singapore love travelling to Malaysia to shop and dine. This is evident from the tourist arrival data collected which showed that nine million foreign tourists arrived in Johor in 2022, with Singaporeans making up around 70% of the arrivals at seven million.   

As the countries share similar cultures, it’s easy for Singaporeans to find items and food that they’re used to or enjoy and at a bargain at that with the currency difference. At the time of writing, the Singapore Dollar (SGD) to Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) ratio stands at 1 to 3.43.  

From the Woodlands Checkpoint, Singaporeans need only to drive for less than an hour to reach the capital city of Johor, the nearest state in Malaysia. With that, Johor makes the perfect day trip destination for Singaporean travelers.  

We explore the many destinations in Johor that include Legoland and Desaru. 

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#1 Legoland Malaysia Resort (55 Minutes By Car Or Bus)   



Before the digital age, Lego bricks were synonymous with many of our childhoods – putting them together and taking them apart to form castles and forts. Now, imagine playing in a massive theme park filled with life-size models made entirely of Lego bricks.  

The Legoland Malaysia Resort spans an area equal to 50 full-size football pitches and boasts 15,000 impressive models made of more than 60 million Lego bricks. Over here, you can enjoy more than 40 rides and shows as well as visit a water park and an aquarium.   

If you didn’t know, Legoland Malaysia Resort is part of the global franchise, Legoland Parks that is managed by the same company that brings us famous attractions such as Madame Tussauds, London Eye and Sea Life. 

At first glance, the annual passes seem to be more value-for-money compared to day passes as you will get unlimited access to the park/s a year and other benefits.  

Annual pass members get a 10% discount on retail products, photo imaging products and when they dine at food and beverage outlets within any of the parks. In addition, triple park annual pass holders also get to enjoy free parking and 30% off rental strollers. 

Day Pass  Theme Park  Water Park   Aquarium/ 


Sea Life 

Adult Price  Child/ 


Senior Price 

SEA Life   –  –  S$25.96 (RM89)  S$20.12 (RM69) 
Water Park  –  –  S$43.46 (RM149)  S$37.62 (RM129) 
Theme Park  –  –  S$58.04 (RM199)  S$49.29 (RM169) 
Double Park  –  S$81.37 (RM279)  S$63.87 (RM219) 
Triple Park  S$98.87 (RM339)  S$81.37 (RM279) 

Free admission for children under three years old. 


Annual Pass  Theme Park  Water Park   Aquarium/ 


Sea Life 

Adult Price  Child/ 


Senior Price 

Single Park  Unlimited access  –  –  S$58.04 (RM199)  S$49.29 (RM169) 
Double Park  Unlimited access  –  Unlimited access  S$81.37  


(RM 279) 

S$63.87 (RM219) 
Triple  Unlimited access  Unlimited access  Unlimited access  S$98.87 (RM339)  S$81.37 (RM279) 


#2 Johor Premium Outlets (One Hour By Car Or Bus) 



The Johor Premium Outlets are part of a joint venture company, Genting Simon Group, by Genting Plantations Berhad and US-based Simon Property Group.  

The Simon Property Group is known for its premium outlets scattered throughout the world in the US, Japan and South Korea. They also own the Genting Premium Outlets located in Genting Highlands, one of the biggest attractions in Malaysia.  

The premise of the Premium Outlets brings together designer and quality brands such as Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Calvin Klein and Godiva in a charming al-fresco set up. Shoppers enjoy shopping at Premium Outlets because they offer factory-direct prices that let you save up to 65% off even during non-sale seasons. 

During your trip, you can also recharge at the many eateries here such as Dome Café, Burger King and Absolute Thai as well as at amenities like a kids’ play area. 

#3 X Park Malaysia (One Hour By Car Or Bus) 



There are a total of eight X Parks throughout Malaysia including in Selangor, Port Dickson and Ipoh.  

The X Park in Iskandar Puteri, a booming township in Johor, offers adrenaline-filled activities for visitors of all ages such as go-kart, rock climbing, archery and paintball, ATV rides, flying fox and golf.  

Activity    Price  Time/Unit 
Go Kart  Fast Kart  S$20.42 (RM70)  10 minutes 
Single Seater  S$13.12 (RM45)  10 minutes 



Double Seater  S$20.42 (RM70)  10 minutes 



Kiddie Kart  S$10.21 (RM35)  10 minutes 



Mini Race  Available upon booking 
Archery    S$5.83 (RM20)  20 arrows 
Futsal/Dodgeball  Peak (5pm – 12am)  S$35.00 (RM120)  Hour 
Off peak (12am – 5pm)  S$26.25 (RM90)  Hour 
Badminton  Peak (5pm – 12am) 



S$7.29 (RM25)  Hour 



Off peak (12am – 5pm)  S$5.83 (RM20)  Hour 



Golf    S$2.04 (RM7)  50 balls 
  S$4.08 (RM14)  100 balls 
Flying fox    S$16.04 (RM55)  Loop 
High rope  Level 1  S$13.12 (RM45)  Pax 
Level 2  S$18.96 (RM65)  Pax 



Level 1 & 2  S$24.79 (RM85)  Pax 



Watersports (10am – 7pm)    S$14.58 (RM50)  Entry 
Paintball  Target shooting  S$7.29 (RM25)  25 pellets 
Wargame  S$24.79 (RM85)  200 pellets 
S$30.62 (RM105)  300 pellets 
S$45.21 (RM155)  500 pellets 
ATV  250CC  S$17.50 (RM60)  20 minutes 
180CC  S$11.67 (RM40)  20 minutes 



ATV Advanced  250CC  S$52.50 (RM180)  75 minutes 
180CC  S$46.67 (RM160)  75 minutes 


#4 Johor Bharu Seafood Restaurants (One Hour 25 Minutes By Car Or Bus) 



If you search for the best seafood restaurants on the internet, the names Fat Fish JB, Ong Shun Seafood Restaurant and San Low Seafood would pop up. 

Having grown from a street stall to a full-fledge restaurant, San Low Seafood Restaurant has been serving staples like seafood noodles and sweet and sour sauce crabs since the 1990s. Meanwhile, halal-certified Ong Shun Seafood Restaurant is perfect for hosting your Malay friends with a sumptuous spread that consists of steamed fish, salted egg flavoured squid and other wok-fried dishes. 

Lastly, Fat Fish JB offers a more modern take on seafood dishes, hopping on the “mala” hotpot trend where an entire fish is cooked in a tongue-numbing and flavorful peppercorn soup base.   

#5 Zenxin Organic Park (Two Hours By Car Or Bus) 



Zenxin Organic Park provides visitors with a less common sight these days, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Zenxin Organic Park combines agriculture and tourism in an organic fruits and vegetable farm with fun activities that take you back to the simpler days. 

Among the activities you can do at the farm include harvesting your own vegetables, shopping fresh produce like aloe vera, papaya, mulberries, vegetables such as sweet potato leaf, choy sum, okra and herbs as well as farm-to-table dining. 

Aside from getting an accreditation from the Department of Agriculture in Malaysia to show that its produce is organic, Zenxin Organic Park is also a member of the International Federation of Organic Farm Movements. It has a completely organic production chain that is acknowledged by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia. 

List Of Activities At The Zenxin Organic Park And Pricing 

Activity  Features  Duration  Timing  Pricing 
Organic Farm Tour 



  • Organic Farm Tour 
  • Organic Welcome Drink 
  • Organic Potted Herbs Workshop 
  • Harvesting  
  • Simply Natural Organic Souvenir  


1.5 hrs  9.30am – 11am  S$15.17 (RM52) 
Back to Nature: Micro Green 



  • Organic Farm Tour 
  • Micro Green workshop 
  • DIY Healthy Salad 
  • Simply Natural Organic Souvenir  


2 hrs  Minimum 15 persons to start  S$16.92 (RM58) 
Noodle Master 



  • Organic Farm Tour 
  • Organic Welcome Drink 
  • Harvest Walk 
  • DIY Noodle Workshop (Make your own fresh puree, noodles, cook and eat the noodles  
  • Simply Natural Organic Noodle Souvenir  
2.5 – 3 hrs  Minimum 15 persons to start and not available on Sundays and public holidays  S$25.67 (RM88) 



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